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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I am struggling finding a dog bed for our 5 year old Greyhound. When we first got her, we got some dog beds from Petco that are the standard rectangle with fluffy stuff inside that she can dig and push around to make a little “hole”. Those lasted forever, but we were worried they weren’t the best for her from a support/orthotic standpoint. Since then we have tried others that are a bit more rigid or well formed, but she digs so heavily trying to dig a little “hole” to lie in that she tears them up super quickly. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I've recently adopted a spooked female, Laila, she's 2.5yo. I didn't start the training yet, cause she is not even a month at home and it's hard to take her for a walk, I have to drag her, because I live in a apartment and she doesn't pee/poo inside. I've tried the pads, but she didn't get what they are for. Last week she started with a habit of taking things to her bed, like sandals, socks, yoga strap, anything that she has access. We hide everything, but she always find something. She doesn't eat or chew the things, just like to have them in her bed. I wasn't so bothered about this fact, because she doesn't go out of her bed the whole day, she just stays in our bedroom and doesn't explore the rest of the house, so coming to the hall and taking shoes from our mud room was to me a progress, but my husband said it was a bad behavior cause it would lead her to chew our shoes or eat bad things. Is this a common behavior? We bought some toys and let a used shirt to her in the bed, but she seems to not care about it. I know it's too early to demand anything from her, as she is very scared of everything and is off racing track since January. What can I do to avoid this behavior? Do I have to buy more chewable toys? P.S. This forum has helped me so much with my first Grey! I love all the topics.
  3. I've had Trace now for just about a month. She suffers from a bit of Seperation Anxiety but I see it slowly getting better day by day. The week day usually consists of: Walk from 7:30-8am, I leave for work from 8:15 - 12, I come home to walk her 12-1, than back to work 1-4:30. If I leave anything in the crate with her and go to work, her anxiety gets the best of her and she rips it to shreds due to getting her mind off of me leaving (she would never do this with me home). Well I guess I left her new bed abit too close to her crate this morning (about a FOOT away) and she managed to due the unthinkable and get a hold of it. Well R.I.P to the new bed, enjoy- Edit- Funny thing is I didn't even get mad at her, but she seemed to know exactly what she did wrong! aha
  4. Hi! I'm having a bit of trouble with my 1st foster. He is great and easy in so many aspects! I really feel that he is already so well behaved, and he has such a great attitude. It's mostly the whole taking him out to potty thing. We go out in the morning at 7. I feed him at 7:30. We go out again at 8:30/9. Then again around 1. I feed him around 4:30/5. We go out again around 6:30. and then he refused to go out again after 8. I want to do one last potty break before bed, but he will not leave his dog bed for anything (treats, coaxing, leash, etc). If he doesn't out before bed, he wakes us up at 5 or earlier. How can I get him to leave his bed? He is a pretty big boy, and this being our first greyhound, we're a little unsure how to get him to stand up without stressing or scaring him. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!!!!
  5. Hello! I've had my greyhound for almost six months now. He has always been really good in his crate. He gets in it all by himself every morning when I leave for work. He used to just relax, and go right to sleep in it. However, about a month ago, Ziggy started to push his crate pad and blankets to the front of the crate, and he curls up in the back of the crate on no padding. I also used to keep the crate covered, as it felt much cozier. Around the same time he started pushing the bedding to the side, he started pulling the crate coverings through the bars of the crate and tearing up the crate cover. What could this change of behavior be from? Has he just gotten bored? We have had the same routine for six months now, and all of this started happening about a month ago. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks you! Lindsey
  6. Hello, My 5-yr old male greyhound has been with us for 2 1/2 years. Lately, he has started growling and snapping when he is alone in his bed. He snaps mostly at himself. This is new behaviour, and he doesn't do it all the time, either, which is odd. He is also growling for no apparent reason, no one is near him. (No, he is not sleeping -- We are aware of greyhounds sleeping with their eyes open and this is not the case.) His behaviour is causing our other greyhound (a 10-yr old female) to be afraid and reluctant to be in the same room with him. Has anyone seen this behaviour before or have any clue what may be bothering him? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks, GG Ontario, Canada
  7. Recently, I discovered that my greyhound Baron has been getting on my bed when I'm not home, and I'm not sure how to stop it. I have mild dog allergies, and although they rarely act up around Baron, they go nuts when I'm exposed to dog hair in the bed overnight. I've never allowed him on the bed, and he knows he's not supposed to be there (he won't get on the bed when I'm home, and on the few occasions I've caught him, I made him get down right away and let him know I disapproved). He has several dog beds throughout the house, including a giant fluffy one right next to my bed that he sleeps in at night. I don't want to block him out of the bedroom when I'm gone, because he recognized that as his den (I'm guessing, because it's where he hoards his favorite treasures). I just need a way to make the bed seem like an unattractive place to nap when I'm out. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Today is Biggie's second birthday and the BF and I decided to splurge and order a nice bolster bed for him. He'd previously commandeered the bolster bed of a tiny little lap dog and loved it- so we figured a normal sized one would be the perfect present . We measured his current beds and based our order of a "large bed" on those numbers. We even sprung to get his name monogrammed on it! Lo and behold - the bed arrives yesterday and we completely didn't factor in the bolsters taking up actual "bed space" in the measurements So he's got less bed space and more bolster - it doesn't look comfy to me. The kicker is that since his name is monogrammed on the bed we can't return it Spending around $100 on a dog bed was a big budget splurge for us - I can't spend more for a while. I know greyhounds are famous for curling up in little spaces - but I feel a little bad "forcing" him to curl up. He's sort of gotten used to laying in it today - this seems to be his main pose.....
  9. Hello everyone, So, Cora's first training session with my service dog trainer was Saturday, and she thought it would be a good idea to concentrate on the building blocks of task-training first - one of those is waking me up when a certain alarm tone goes off. The only thing I'm supposed to be doing this week to work towards that task is training her to pay attention to the alarm tone, shaping towards her making physical contact when she hears it, but when my trainer asked me if she sleeps with me, it got me thinking - she sleeps in her crate for now because she's only been home a week and I'm not confident in her house-training, but even when she's loose in my room she won't get up on the bed. Today, she put both paws up on it to try and get at a baked potato (mmm, bacon ), but when I lifted her back end up on it she just stood there, refusing to lie down, and eventually very gingerly stepped off it. She's a petite girl, 52lbs, but I'm sure that she can get on the bed - it's just that neither she or I know quite how to get her up there on her own. I would try steps of some sort, but my room's so small that there's only a few feet of space between my bed and her crate and that's used to put her bed there during the day, not to mention I've heard pretty bad things about accidents with them. I'd also try food, since that seems to motivate her, but if even a potato full of cheese and bacon couldn't make her get more than her front legs up on the bed, I'm not too confident that treats could either. Lowering the bed isn't an option either, due to space issues, plus the frame I've got currently is about the lowest you can get without plain putting the box springs and mattress on the floor. I'm going to be asking my trainer more about this in depth at our next session this coming Saturday, but in the meantime, anyone have any advice or suggestions?
  10. Guest

    Bed Wins!

    Hey All, i noticed there was a thread on Bed fails and how our grey's frequently sleep eith partially off thier beds or with thier heads hanging off. This morning i woke up and Al had got HIS WHOLE BODY ON THE BED! His first ever bed WIN! (Apart from on the sofa.) So i figured i'd start a thread for those hounds that had BED WINS!
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