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Found 3 results

  1. Our 10 year old Greyhound River is healing from an amputation of her outer right toe on the front left leg. Her bandage got wet. More context is below. What do I do?! About seven nights ago, she came inside limping. I checked her and thought maybe she stepped on something but didn't notice anything aside the limp. We called the vets and despite greyhounds being notorious for cancer in their legs and paws, they told us to wait another day and come in if she was still limping. Her left front paw was swollen the next day. We took her to the vets last Wednesday and the outer right toe was broken. She has surgery on Thursday and came home a few hours after. A splint and bandage would take 6 to 8 weeks of miserable healing and the doctor suggested a toe amputation, which would heal much faster and be better for her in the long run due to her age and the fact that limping around in a splint for 8 weeks when we are moving to a property with 2 acres of land would torture her. They amputated the toe on Thursday and she has been wearing a thick bandage since. I woke up this morning to rain and put on a sandwich baggy as best as I could, but it fell off and now its wet. I called my mother, whose away at the moment, and she told me it would be fine. I asked her to call the vets since I'll be going to a doctors appointment at 10 am. She said it would be fine and I told her it wasn't suppose to get wet, that it could cause infection, make her more uncomfortable and miserable, etc. Its only been four days! She has been taking a pain pill once a day and an antibiotic twice a day. What should I do? I'm so scared! I feel like an idiot.
  2. Hello: We have had Karl home for 2 weeks now. He is a wonderful gentle dog, but his tail problems have become our biggest problem. When we picked him up his tail was bandaged and we were told to check the wound in a couple of days. And that was it. We removed the bandages in two days and rebandaged with supplies in the first aid kit. Of course the bandage came off and the blood baths started! We searched the internet and a couple of Greyhound forums for info, bought more first aid supplies, dermagel and vet wrap. But he keeps taking the bandage off. He will ignore it for hours, and then it's off. We have tried all kinds of bandaging tape on top of the vet wrap, but he still removes the dressings. We even tried duct taping the bandages to his tail, but her rips those off too. The cone will not work because he and his tail are too long. Does anyone know of anything that will keep the bandage on long enough for the wound to heal. He did not remove the tape that was on when we got him, but I don't know what type of tape that was. Maybe hockey tape will work, (the kind you use to wrap hockey sticks), maybe if I spray the bandage (outer layer) with something that tastes horrible?? Please any tips would be appreciated.
  3. I'm constantly amazed at all I've learned from GT. I'm able to interpret dog behavior (better than I used to, anyway) and I can discuss medication options with a new vet well enough that they wonder if I'm in a related field.... (then I had to admit to the crazy greyhound website I belong to and that I read A LOT of it). And today, I confirmed that I can handle my own when it comes to bandaging a boo-boo that a few years ago would probably have had me at the vet. I came home today to find that Robin had somehow managed to injure himself while I was gone at work. I didn't notice at first, but then I saw a smear of blood on a pillow on my bed. Closer inspection revealed that the dark fleece bedcover I use to keep Robin-grossness out of my bed is covered in blood. So I track down Robin and inspect him, and finally find it. A cut about an inch long, vertical, along the front of his leg right before it bends to be what is technically the foot. The whole leg is covered in smeared and dried blood, so it is obvious that it happened a while ago and he has been licking it all day. (I also found a little bit of pink vomit on the floor that supports this theory.) It's a bit deeper than his typical scrapes, and while I was pondering what to do, it started bleeding as he stood there--full drops of blood going all over my bedroom carpet, and even on Robin's white "socks". My rug looked like a murder scene for a little bit there.... I considered being lazy and heading to the vet so someone could clean it up and wrap it. But then my GT training kicked in and I decided I should at least try to do it myself before throwing away about $70, especially as it is in a spot that won't take to stitches or staples most likely, even if it were big enough for them. (It is on the front edge of the leg, going vertically down.) So I dug up a cloth and some water, neosporin, a non-adhesive pad, and some vet wrap, and took care of "the patient". I think I did a good job, and he seems okay with it. My only concern is that I think the nature of the cut, being on the front edge of the leg and all, means that it will be hard to heal. But I will give it a shot. I'm going to pick up some gauze pads (or maybe a roll) when I go out later, as the nonabsorbent pad was the only one I had--a random thing in the medicine cabinet. Anyway, I'm proud of my handiwork! Let's hope it heals....
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