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Found 2 results

  1. Wondering if anyone has done back surgery on on older greyhound? I’ve done three in the past on younger dachshunds, but am not sure what to do for my older hound should that be the recommendation on Monday. My beautiful 9 yo greyhound started limping and favoring (sometimes not using) her back right leg approximately three months ago. The vet did an exam and it’s her back, lower back. He put her on carprofen and she did better, in fact no more limping - but she took a bad fall (lots of scrapes and blood - one wound still healing) and stumbled another time, and that can be a side effect of carprofen so I stopped it after about 7 weeks. We saw the vet again a week later and he said to take her off of it because it didn’t seem as though it made much difference in her pain during exam although he thought the fall was a result of her back problem not the carprofen. But, he wanted us to see a neurosurgeon for an MRI or myelogram to “make sure we aren’t missing anything.” (Like a spinal tumor which one of his dogs had.) So, with my dachshunds they went from myelogram straight into surgery, but one wasn’t able to walk and the others were having difficulty. They clearly needed surgery ASAP. And, they were younger. I’m concerned I may be asked if I want to go to surgery Monday depending on results of whatever type of scan. And, I’m just not sure about surgery given she has some discomfort but she is walking (odd gait though), no longer holding her right leg up, eating, pooping (although in an odd position), and doing pretty well. I still give her carprofen about once a day, not twice anymore. No gabapentin or tramadol - yet. So, has anyone done a spine surgery on a greyhound? Advice? Results? If I decide against surgery - is there any point in an expensive scan that she will have to be anesthetized for? I’m just not sure what to do for my beautiful brindle girl. Our appointment is Monday. Thx.
  2. My dog hurt her back the vet says that's all it is. So he gave me aspirin for 10 dys for it. She seems better today but she shakes every once in a while, Is this normal? She's also very sensitive dog.
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