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Found 4 results

  1. Does anyone have any recommendations for topical itch relief sprays or creams? For background- Ivor has been nibbling and scratching at his skin for the last few months (it started when he was shedding in the spring) He had a lot of dandruff while shedding so we upped his grooming and added sardines and coconut oil to his diet, and that cleared up the dry skin. However he still seems to be itching a little, and now has some thinning hair on one thigh and his tail. I'm a bit confused because most of his coat is lovely and shiny and his skin isn't dry or broken anywhere, just a little pink all o
  2. Lola is covered in large (the size of a quarter) reddish-pink hives. This started a few days ago as flat, pink areas on her belly, neck and inner thighs. Now they're all over, raised bumps. She's seems mildly uncomfortable, licking and occasionally scratching. I'm on my way to the vet for the third time now. She's taken Temaril P orally, injections of cortisone and antihistamine and yesterday a CADI (Canine Atopic Dermatitis Injection) shot. Vet put her on a prescription diet (Ultamino) which she refuses to eat. Can any other illnesses/diseases/conditions besides allergies present with hi
  3. Lola has been an itchy girl since she came home in August. It began with her anus. She did have hooks and has taken 4 rounds of Panacur. I'm taking a fecal sample to the vet on March 26th. Anal glands are not the issue. Lately though, the itching has spread to her flanks, belly, and face. All of her skin looks healthy - no lumps, bumps or rashes. Before we put her on an HP prescription diet, the vet offered the CADI injection and it appears to be working. The effects can last a month or more at $122.00 a pop, which is, thank God, within my reach. Anyone had experience with the CADI (Ca
  4. Before we talk about canine vaccination schedules, first let's talk about poop! You'll have to excuse my french as I'm a retired RN and BM's are very near (but not so dear) to me! Let's just say that although some of this post may be speculation, poop analysis is my specialty! I fostered 3 retired racers (from Florida) over the last 4 months and adopted #4... GM's Felix! (I failed at fostering as they say!) Interesting fact: All of the 4 dogs had (and have) EXACTLY the same bowel patterns (progressively worse diarrhea as the day progresses.) No matter what I fed (feed)
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