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Found 3 results

  1. My 4yo ex racing greyhound was in our front yard and a small chihuahua mix crawled under our gate and well, my dog got the best of him. He had it in its mouth and I had to pry his jaws apart to get the dog free. we have no idea who this dog belongs to. It had no collar and we have seen him wandering around before. Other neighbors remarked that they have seen this dog in their own yards, in the alleyway, etc. I don’t get the sense that it’s a stray, it had nicely maintained long hair. we called animal control and they gave us the run around. Ultimately we dropped off the deceased dog at their facility. A report was filed and they told us that was all we could do. I feel so so awful for this dog. I know my dog was only acting on instinct. He of course has a high prey drive having only retired several months ago. He was unmoved by the situation, nearly prideful. I place no blame on either dog and I accept that I could have been monitoring him better in the yard given my knowledge of his prey drive. My roommate is worried about legal repercussions but even animal control said it was not our fault because this dog entered our yard. he walks on a leash at all times and we muzzle him when there are other dogs nearby. But in our own yard we just let him go about his business. I have a trainer that he works with but we had such success with him meeting another dog his size that I thought it was not so pressing to continue with that training. We still worked on his leash pulling and crate training. I have another session scheduled with this trainer who now knows the extent of his prey drive with small animals. I am devastated. I am frustrated and I am beside myself. We were told by animal control that they would reach out if they got any information on the owner - today I was told it had no microchip. they advised me to look on Facebook groups for people who report missing dogs… I guess I’m just venting at this point but I would love to hear any thoughts or advice or similar situations. Moving forward he will not be allowed outside without supervision. But even that feels futile because he is obviously faster than us and could get to another animal before anyone could stop him. Would training be hopeless? He is ok with other dogs that he meets, I believe the dog coming into our yard was a different trigger but I am now worried about any and all encounters(more so than I already was)
  2. Hi all my partner and I have recently moved country, and Squeak our grey is staying at my parents house until we get settled and will bring him over in a couple months. my sister has recently been staying with my parents with her 9 month spoodle. The spoodle has often been up in Squeaks face trying to play, but Squeak is really tolerant and for most of the time there is no problem. lately though, at nights while the puppy has been playing tug of war and growling with my sister, something has been triggering Squeak and he will get up from across the room and growl at the puppy. The aggression level has increased to now nipping and snapping at him. We are trying to watch the dogs and keep things quiet and will start separating them in the evenings as I would hate for something to seriously happen. There is always other rooms that squeak has access to and could go to if he wants quiet, but he doesn’t choose to leave. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to deal with this and why this might be happening? Is this a sign of anxiety/fear? During the day there is never any problems. on a side note, has any one had any experience with flying greyhounds, and have they coped ok? thanks all!
  3. Hi, My name is Tracy and I’m new here. Me and my boyfriend Jim adopted a greyhound named Bo 2 months ago. This might get kind of long… Bo is sweet and was very shy and withdrawn at first. The first month he was like a zombie. It was nearly impossible to even get him out of his crate to go to the bathroom. He mostly just slept a lot. He had zero interest in play or toys, but we knew this might happen so we were very patient. Then, after about a month, he really started opening up. Playing a lot with toys, being super goofy and energetic in the morning and when we came home, and loving walks. He also started to trust me and Jim more, and would come over to us. Bo then started to experience mild separation anxiety. (We are at work during the day, but he did fine on his own for quite a while). We got him the Thundershirt and he was better. He only seemed to howl when we left him and he just didn’t want us to. During the morning/early afternoon he didn’t seem to mind because he’d snooze all day. So anyway, things were going good. We had a good routine (3 walks a day/play time/pets/napping). We slowly started socializing him. Other dogs tend to bark, lunge and growl at him, but he has never showed a hint of himself being aggresive to them. he just backs off. He's okay with people petting him once he sniffs them out. He loves car rides and did okay meeting new people. He seemed to get pretty attached to us. When I brought him with me overnight to my parents, he was glued to me and freaked out if I was out of his sight. He also peed in their house, which he has never done. Well, fast forward. I think Jim is definitely the “alpha” and Bo sees him that way. Me, who knows? I try and be assertive and give him fair discipline, but this is what happened: 2 months into it, Bo scratched up his paws with Jim on the sidewalk. We take him to the vet and he gets antibiotics. He also has ear infections, so we get medicine for that. Right around this time, Jim was locked outside and he threw pebbles at our 3rd story window to get my attention. Bo FREAKED out at that motion of Jim throwing his arm back and up. Like, pulling on his leash, shaking his head, etc. Seems like he’s been abused. Then, a fews days later, Jim had to leave for 2 days for business. One day in, my parents come over for dinner. They knocked at the door (this has never happened) and Bo started barking really aggressively at them. This was also new. Well, he has met my parents before, and in our home. Then Bo growled at my dad as he walked by him. I told him firmly no each incident. I had my dad feed him treats and pet him when I was with him (standing up away from his bed) and Bo seems totally cool with my dad. But before they leave Bo was on his bed, not in his crate, but his bed in our room and my dad walked by, said hi Bo, and went to pet him. Bo jumped up, barked, growled and barred his teeth. I see now this was a space aggression thing, but he nearly bit my dad! Now we are very clear about no petting Bo when he’s lying down, especially in his bed. Here’s the biggest issue though: The next night Jim comes home, and walks through the front door like always. Bo hops up and starts again aggressively barking. At Jim! His owner/master. Jim was shell-shocked. I kept firmly saying no to Bo, and after 15 seconds he stopped barking, but then he growled for a little bit. After a few minutes Bo was fine. And we go to take him for a walk and he was totally fine. After that, no more hints of aggression toward Jim. But now, and ever since really the pebble-throwing/ear infection incident, Bo kind of sulks around a lot, and seems to walk away from us, esp. Jim. Jim was so upset that he would react that way toward him, we were thinking of returning him, but we want to give him another chance. Sorry for the ramble, but this has really been a stressful time for us (and I’m sure Bo.) Is this “normal” behavior? I’ve never heard of a dog barking like that at their owner. It was like, after 2 months of care from us, Bo totally forgot who Jim was. I think now it was because when Jim left Bo went mega Alpha and was being very space aggressive/overprotective. But Jim leaves a lot for work. How do we deal with this? How can I show Bo I’m boss, too? We don't want to worry that Bo might be aggresive with strangers and perhaps hurt someone. Sidenote: We haven’t done obedience training, but we’re planning on it soon. Any help or guidance about the issues above would be much, much appreciated. This is all new to us, and we did tons of research, but we’re kind of clueless here. Thanks so much for reading my novel. Tracy
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