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Found 2 results

  1. I have a special guest for a sleepover. She is a recovered spook who has absolutely come out of her shell under the care of her talented owner. She spent 18 months in a kennel facility where it was thought she would never be adoptable - no one could get near her. She has been with her new family for 6 months now. She is a tiny, black, roman nosed sweetheart of a greyhound. She is a bit unnerved without her owner. There is the odd whimper but she is mostly calm and getting along well with my boy Hester and his gal pal who is also visiting. She has no history of peeing in her home that I know of and yet even before her owner departed during the hand-off she began wandering and peeing or attempting to pee. She has had two accidents so far and I have stopped her at the last moment a couple of other times. Earlier today when I caught her right before she peed, I took her immediately into our yard where she set about furiously marking over top of any appealing scent. This occured about and hour after a 90 minute morning walk. There is absolutely no history of dogs peeing in this house so there are no left over odors that could trigger her to pee. In fact the carpeting is new. In addition to an hour and a half this morning, the thee dogs were also walked for an hour this afternoon. (They will get another hour of walking before bed). On these walks she marked over top of every pee of the other two dogs and any other previous markings she could find. Her accidents in the house were within and hour or two of these walks. The amount of pee was small because I assume she is quite empty. I am watching her like a hawk and cleaning up with Nature's Miracle. Any other advice? I have a funny theory that she is anxious about fitting in with the other two dogs and is doing what she can to establish her "presence" in the pack. Needless to say the other two dogs are low key to the point of appearing comatose. Perhaps she is just terribly upset and peeing out of anxiety but she just doesn't seem that rattled. And finally could it relate to the size of our house? It is very large and open plan, and maybe she just hasn't realized that the whole thing is now her kennel. I have no idea how big her home is but I assume it is smaller. Thanks for any tips.
  2. We are currently in the works of adopting a new pal for Rhythm.... I was hoping to get input on everyone's experience adding a second dog. I have lots of questions and would really like to get some advice! We will of course, discuss with our adoption group as well, but I like hearing different people's opinions on this type of thing Muzzles - When should we muzzle them? Definitely when they are running in the yard together, and in the car (at least at first)... When else should we have their muzzles handy? Should we muzzle them while we're gone until they get used to each other? Rhythm gets a little bit anxious when we put the muzzle on him, because we had to muzzle him for a period when we left the house, to eliminate doorknob and crate chewing Crate(s) - We have been crating Rhythm less and less, and he's been doing pretty well with it (as long as he can't see us outside). Are most people able to get rid of the crate after adding a second dog? The possible new girl we are looking at doesn't seem to be too attached to the crate. We really don't have space in the house for two crates... even having the one is annoying but do-able. Feeding - I know some dogs have food aggression (Rhythm is pretty passive, but I guess it's possible). What about water? Can they share a water bowl, and then have two separate food bowls? Other - obviously I will need to buy some pretty martingales for the new dog, and a jacket for winter months, but is there anything else we need to think about buying? Yes, I know I am over-thinking all this I know most of this depends on the dogs' personalities, but I'd really like to hear your input and experiences! Thanks!
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