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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone! Long time reader first time poster. My boyfriend and I adopted our first grey 3 weeks ago. She is a very sweet and polite velcro hound who loves her food! We had a bit of a spook last night and I want to get the community's advice on how to handle this and make sure she is comfortable in her new home. For reference, Rhea spends the day lying on the floor next to us as we work in the living room. She goes into her crate in our bedroom voluntarily at bedtime and the crate is always open. She has really started to open up and become more comfortable with us this past week - wagging her tail, enjoying her walks, exploring the porch, and responding to her new name. I can't express just how much she is finally coming out of her shell, and we were so so excited to get a glimpse of our girl's personality! However, last night while she was snoozing, my boyfriend was tossing a ball around (something he does often while watching tv) and it fell on her. She woke up very spooked, ran a couple laps around the apartment, and then straight into her crate. We respect the crate as her space so we do not pet her while she is in it, but we do give her treats and talk to her. We took her on her nightly walk and she was energetic and excited, but back to the crate when we got home, and again this morning. Her walk schedule was also a little messed up yesterday and she met some new people, so I'm thinking the startle was just the icing on the cake. I know this is very normal, but I cant help but beat myself up over this! We are very worried this could be a huge setback and that she no longer feels safe. I typically like to keep the bedroom door closed while we are in the living room as I dont yet trust her not to get into something (we have dog proofed but hounds will find a way!) But I really do not want to shut her out of her safe space now. What should we do? How long will it take for her to feel comfortable in the living room again?
  2. Hi everyone, I'm probably saying what all new greyhound owners say - so apologies for that! I've had my lovely big lad Samson for 10 weeks now. He is an ex-racer who was rehomed but unfortunately attacked by the new owner's greyhound, and so came to me for fostering a few days later with a large stitched up gash on his face. Poor chap. Not the best start to his non-racing life. I foster for a local charity (jack Russells, staffs, terriers) and he was foster no.7. A forever home with prospective new owners fell through after several meets (He's 36kgs and pretty big - they decided they wanted a smaller dog) and my little heart just couldn't deal with waving another dog off, particularly this gorgeous big meek chap, so I decided to adopt him myself. I know greyhounds are VERY different to other dogs but until he came along I didn't know quite how much. He was very introverted, nervous and statued a lot initially. He's come a long way with walking outdoors and can now walk past another dog without panicking, trying to go in the opposite direction and dandruffing everywhere (where does it all magically come from!), but still has quite mixed reactions - he either looks away and ignores other dogs completely with no friendly signals, OR if it is a small fluffy dog moves towards it very quickly! I am lead walking with muzzle several times a day. He's also gradually discovered a delightful love for squeaky balls so we head to an enclosed dog play area a few times a week so he can chase around after a ball. His feet still get quite sore though when he's charging around, poor thing. I was curious as to muzzling and if owners continue to use them all the time? Or should I be doing more to socialise him (difficult during coronavirus times!) and aiming to be able to walk him safely without a muzzle in time. Indoors he is becoming a real sweetie. He's still pensive with excessive or overzealous stroking and playing, but does tail waggle and run around like a lunatic if I have been out. That said, he gets very excited and then looks surprised at his own reactions :-) He has learned "down" - took a lot longer just to train this basic command than for any other dog. He can also manage "wait". "Come" is sporadic. That's as much as I have managed and all are carried out only if a treat is forthcoming. He's such a lovely gentle chap that "no" is rarely necessary. But I would like to do more training with him just to bond and engage. He sleeps a lot, of course, and seems to spend his days snoozing close by (he will settle in another room but prefers to come and lie down in whichever room I am in) and waiting for food. I've never known a dog so food obsessed, but on the plus side he isn't fussy - he will eat ABSOLUTELY anything. I'm feeding twice a day and giving treats for training, but aside from that I'm hoping the regular food routines will mean he becomes slightly less food obsessed (but I'm doubtful!). As I am training and engaging with him I am worried about his weight. I know that ex-racers tend to fill out a bit. He's not overweight at all and I'm keeping an eye on it, but does anyone have any good training treat suggestions that are healthy instead of the usual shop bought treats? And lastly are there any good tips for games, playtime and keeping him stimulated? He's gradually started enjoying to play so I'm trying different toys and games to see which get him interested. Obviously, being a snoozy grey, he's not keen on prolonged periods of play. But it would be nice to find different things to try so that when he does want to interact we have plenty of fun things to do. Any hints and tips gratefully appreciated! Fee
  3. Hi Everyone! I adopted a retired racing greyhound just over a year ago. She settled well with little needing done when it comes to toilet training. I have tried training to sit or lie down but she just kind of stares through me when I give any kind of command almost as if she doesn’t understand English. She’s very timid and loves nothing more than to be petted and cuddled but sometimes even saying her name it’s like she doesn’t understand us. Has anyone else experienced this? If so how did you overcome it I’ve tried all I can think of with no improvement. thanks in advance! Courtney
  4. Our galgo is here! He came home yesterday morning and spent the entire day sleeping on his new bed. Today he's a bit more alert, some restlessness and whining occasionally as he gets his bearings. He's incredibly gentle and unobtrusive, likes the kids and hasn't bothered to do much with our current dog (they're being kept apart, just outside together for potty breaks-- he's kept on a leash). He seems very interested in squirrels-- definitely going to invest in that six foot fence next spring!-- and is learning to keep his paws off the counter tops, lol. Overall, a delightful guy! The rescue he's from does a 2 week evaluation period before making adoption final, but so far, so good on our end. I'm super impressed by his social skills, especially considering he's lived in rescue for nearly his whole life. We're still working on a name... Fred, Nigel, and Asa are our favorites so far. I hope I successfully figured out how to share photos! He's a cute little goofball! https://ibb.co/tB4CTwS https://ibb.co/C7kw20D https://ibb.co/41DYHqn
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