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Found 6 results

  1. We've been having some potty training issues lately, so we're working on many strategies to hopefully help with that. However, there's one thing I'm hoping people here can weigh in on. When our guy does have his accidents (pee and poop) they are usually happening in one particular room in our house. We have a tri-level house, so this level/room is not 1)where our/his bedroom is 2)where the going outside door is 3)nor is it where he spends his time alone - by his own choice. When we first brought him home it was one of the later rooms we introduced and gave him free reign in, because it is carpeted and most of the others are not. However, now we (and he) spend a lot of time down there in the evenings, and there is even a couch he is allowed to be on down there. I'm assuming the accidents are happening in this room because it seems the least like his "home" but I'm conflicted as to how best deal with that. Do we move his food/water bowls to this room? A sort of "don't sh!t where you eat" strategy? Do we move his main daytime bed to this room? Sort of all but force him to hang out in this room so that it becomes part of what he thinks of as his home? Or do we lock him out of this room unless we are home? We clean up with an enzyme cleaner every time, and he's not a big pee marker, but we also aren't professional carpet cleaners (and I hesitate to pay for one until these issues are resolved). Do we lock him out until we can really clean out the smells of his handy work? Any tips or tricks for untraining this area would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Has anyone had laser therapy done on their pups? There are literally no chiropractic vets here in the RGV...when talking to the vet today, she said I may have to go as far as San Antonio to find one (4 hour drive one way). However, they were recommending laser therapy to reduce inflammation/pain and indicated they have seen good results. I've done some research on it and wanted to know what y'all thought? This would be for Zelda, who at 13 is going strong except for pee/poop accidents that seem to subside when on pain meds. She had a full workup recently and her spine looked better than mine, and her CBC panel came back darn near perfect...and no indicators of cancer. She does have arthritis in her front paws. This may also be for Marble, who is showing some arthritis signs in one of her back paws. TIA
  3. Hey everybody! This is my first post. My older boy, Cooper, is 4 and a half, and we've had him for over a year. About 2-3 months ago, he rapidly and suddenly lost a LOT of weight (he went from a healthy 75 lbs. to about 62 lbs) and he has also starting going #2 in the house, which is honestly pretty shocking as he's always been perfectly housebroken. He's got no energy and is clearly uncomfortable. We brought him to the vet and his blood, stool, and urine came back clean. We've been following all of the vet's suggestions--we've been giving him pepcid, we've increased his food intake quite a bit, and we're feeding him smaller amounts more frequently and NOTHING is working. There are no external stressors or changes that could be causing this and I'm worried about him. Has anyone seen anything like this before?
  4. Hi all --I've been reading this forum for a long time but this is my first post. Thanks for all your wisdom so far and for reading my long story! My wife and I adopted a grey in January of this year. We got a sweet 6-year old female, who had been racing up until October last year. She loves people and is generally very mellow and quiet. In the months after bringing her home we experienced the usual greyhound separation anxiety. She would follow us from room to room, and when we left her alone she'd cry and pee on the floor. But we worked trough it with alone training, and after about two months month got her comfortable enough to leave alone for the day; usually from 10 am to 6pm, with a 2:00 visit from a dog walker. She hated being crated while alone, but she was ok if we left her on her bed in our living room: I leave a web cam running while we're gone, so I could see that most of the time she slept all day, and never seemed particularly anxious. But about once a week she'd get anxious late in the afternoon (after her walk) and would pee on the floor. After we'd had her about 6 months, she settled into the daily routine, and only had "accidents" maybe once every two weeks, usually only when we came home from work a little late. The web cam showed her sleeping and relaxed the rest of the time. We were happy with the progress, but still had a problem: She got very upset if there was a deviation in her schedule and we tried to do something like leave her home alone at night; she was fine being alone for 8 hours during the day, but if we left her for even an hour after dark, she'd spend much of the time pacing and staring at the door --and inevitably, peeing on the floor. Then, four weeks ago, I changed jobs and started working from home. I'm not home every day, but the change in routine seems to have wrecked her progress; now, when I do leave her during normal work hours, she gets upset and pees on the floor. Before I go, I give her a kong full of peanut butter; she quietly eats it, and then about ten minutes later, she gets up, walks around the room, and pees on the floor, usually in the same space. Then she spends the rest of the day taking short naps, pacing, and staring at the door. Finally, last week I went out of town, and while my wife was still home and we still had the dog walker, my absence seems to have really upset our girl; on Friday, she took a poop in her usual pee spot. She's never pooped in the house before. I got home on Monday, spent Tuesday working from home, and then left her alone again today; once again, she took a poop right in the same spot. I watched the web cam video, and it wasn't an "accident" -- she did it right after I left for the day, after finished her kong. We've taken her to the vet, and she has no medical problems that might be causing her to go. We plan to keep working on alone training, and I'm trying to keep to a schedule where she's alone for the same hours every day. But in the meantime, I don't know what to do about her going to the bathroom in the house. I live in a rental unit with hardwood tile floors, and the tiles are turning black and curling up on the edges in the spot where she always goes. They've gotten soaked so often over the last six months, I'm sure my regular dosing with Nature's Miracle doesn't really work; her urine has likely seeped down in the cracks between tiles and collected on the concrete underneath. I can't always smell it, but I'm sure she can. I'm telling you all this, because I'd like to know: Has anyone else dealt with this kind of long-term SA, and things getting worse after they'd been looking much better? What did you do? Until her behavior changes, what can I do to keep her destroying our floor? Would it hurt her progress if I put down a puppy pad? Any other advice you have is welcome!
  5. We adopted a senior grey to add to our brood a couple of years ago. She is 12 now, and for the past year, she has been having lots of accidents in the house, mostly when we're gone but sometimes not. The vets have done lots of tests, and everything checks out fine, and no uti's or anything like that. That made us think it was behavioral, but she doesn't seem like she has SA issues. She's not left alone for more than 4 hours at the longest and has our other grey to keep her company. She sleeps all day anyway. She's a sweet, smart dog and doesn't seem nervous, needy or maladjusted; she's steady as a rock. The vet suggested we try to keep her in a limited area when we leave, but she soils that too, so we've been keeping her in dog diapers with a diaper cover over that. She still manages to pee on the carpet - I don't know how she does it - the diaper set-up seems pretty snug, but we will find big puddles and her diaper will be half wet. Occasionally, she'll poop in the diaper, which is a huge mess because it leaks out here and there instead of in just one area. I've been taking her to the vet a lot because I've been concerned about her. She doesn't act like she feels well and doesn't seem active or particularly energetic, but then again, she is 12. All her tests come back normal. She has always had weakness in her back legs, which is getting worse. Her back legs tremble a lot, and when she goes down steps, she hops on one of her rear legs, not like it hurts, but like she doesn't have a lot of coordination. The vet says it's age. I am just at a dead end about what to do- dh is super-frustrated with the mess and all the money we are spending at the vet. Any suggestions or ideas what this could be?
  6. My sweet greyhound, Fiona is 5 years old.... I've had her for 2.5 years, she is my baby... BUT... She has gotten out of control pooping in the house!! If I leave for 10-15 min, she will poop 3 or 4 piles in the house. When my mom's dog stays with me, she doesn't do it as much.... She has gotten MUCH worse about this in the last month or so. I work 12 hour shifts and my mom lets her out twice while I am away, I don't want to crate her b\c I am gone for so long, so I leave her in the kitchen/laundry room. She ALWAYS has at least one or two accidents when I'm working that my poor mom has to clean up... When I am not working, I leave her loose in the house.... some days she does fine, other days she poops and pees in the house while I'm gone. I don't know what else to do!! I think it's seperation anxiety, not her being unable to hold it b\c she can go 12-14 hours overnight without going!!! I can't deal with poop piles for the rest of her life Please let me know if you have ANY advice! Thank you Mackenzie and Fiona
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