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Found 2 results

  1. 2011 was a very active year for us. Particularly the last 6 months. My DH retired after working for the local City government for 32 years. He also lost his mother after a mercifully quick descent into dementia. Our heart greyhound Dude was diagnosed with osteo in January of that year and underwent an amp and chemo. We lost him in October, a week after we lost another of our greyhounds to PLE. But by the first of November, we were already understanding our house was too quiet after losing two of our pack. And we needed something positive to focus on and help us through our grief. I began haunting local adoption group sites, and the sites of people we knew from GT, including Northern Greyhound Adoptions. It was there that I found this boy: whiskey 3 by Chris Harper, on Flickr KTs Phys Ed had been with the group for quite a while, and he was the half brother to our Dude. I was smitten. DH was more smitten. And we began to figure out how to get a full grown dog from Vermont to Oregon in November. Through the help of wonderful friends Donna (chilidog) and Deb (djsgreys), we got it worked out! Kts Phys Ed, named Whiskey, was coming home! Then a couple weeks later, Deb sent me an email. There was a picture and one word: Interested? IMG_0311 by Chris Harper, on Flickr The follow up emails went fast and furious, and in the space of a day, we were also getting a puppy! The little girl in the upper right, who we named Lilly. OMG!! The scheme that we worked out was intricate and relied on split second timing! Whiskey would spend the night at Donna's place, where Deb would pick him up the next day. Then the two of them would fly to Vancouver BC. In the meantime, Deb's husband John would pick up Lilly, and fly with her to Vancouver BC. (It must be noted that Deb and John were also moving dogs from their own adoption group to BC, so it wasn't just for US!) Then Deb and John would bring Whiskey and Lilly over the border to meet me in Blaine, Washington, where Jennie (jenners) lives. Jennie had graciously said I could invite myself to stay at her house for this! The day finally came and I loaded up the car and drove the 7 hours from Portland to the border of Oh!Canada. I arrived just in time for Jennie to say "They're here!", jump in her car, and head to the Peace Arch Border Crossing. Jennie and I parked, and began to walk towards the border. *I* couldn't go across because my passport had expired, so Deb and John were crossing to meet us. Literally. They just walked across the border with two dogs and no one stopped them! The entire time we weree exchanging dogs and talking pictures we expected the border patrol to show up and ask us what was going on, or at least check for papers for the dogs, or SOMEthing!!! But they never did! We will never be able to thank Donna and Deb and John and Jennie enough for helping out with this caper! Here's Jennie! With Deb and John in the background, along with the border crossing. Peace Arch by Chris Harper, on Flickr Meeting Lilly for the first time! Peace Arch 4 by Chris Harper, on Flickr Me, Jennie, Deb, Whiskey, and Lilly Peace Arch 10 by Chris Harper, on Flickr Whiskey and Lilly hadn't seen each other before that meeting, but they bonded together rather quickly. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing with them, and taking them outside. Jennie gallantly volunteered to stay up and monitor them all night so that I could get enough sleep for the long drive back to Portland the next day. I think the three of them had way too much fun whilst I was sleeping! Whiskey and Miss Jenn 3 by Chris Harper, on Flickr Lilly 7 by Chris Harper, on Flickr L&W with Miss Jenn 1 by Chris Harper, on Flickr Lilly 3 by Chris Harper, on Flickr L&W 1 by Chris Harper, on Flickr We had an uneventful drive home, Trip Home Lilly by Chris Harper, on Flickr Trip Home Whiskey by Chris Harper, on Flickr and met the greyhound brother and sisters and new Daddyman! And we all live happily ever after!
  2. 2011 was a momentous year for us. In good ways and in bad, though the bad ways led to the good ones. In October of that year (making a long story short) we lost both our boy Dude (to osteo), and our senior girl Dorie (PLE), in the space of a week. We were devastated, to say the least. But out house soon began to feel empty, even though we still had three greyhounds in our 900 square foot space! I began trolling websites to see if any interesting dogs caught my eye. Well, I found one. KT's Phys Ed was even a half brother to our Dude! Here's the picture that sealed the deal: This is Whiskey This is Dude So we had to have him! The problem was, he was in an adoption kennel in Vermont! After inquiring with the group (Thank You Donna Deskin and VGA!) and getting the OK to adopt him, we began to make plans to get him all the way across the country to Oregon! Again, the kindness and generosity of Greyhound People was proven to be absolutely true! Our friend Debbie Ward agreed to shepherd him along in a flight across the country, by way of Canada. Plans were made and reservations paid for and adoptions approved and paid for - and then it happened! Our friend, Debbie Ward, sent me an email. An innocent email with a question: Would you be interested in having a greyhound puppy? And there was a picture. Of course. Oh dear. It was just as easy to bring two as one, she said. And the opportunity to have a puppy didn't come along very often, she said. Of course, we said yes. So we get to the Great International Houndy Handoff. Deb was flying into Vancouver BC with Whiskey and another dog she was moving for their group. Her husband John would be bringing Lilly. Fortunately, another generous greyhound friend lived just across the border from the in Blaine WA. She graciously offered to let myself and two greyhounds - one a puppy! - stay at her house overnight! We met Deb and John in Peace Park, just across the border. Here's Jennie as we're waiting to meet up! And my first meeting with puppy Lilly. I was completely smitten from the first second we saw each other! Our first family picture Me, Whiskey, Jennie, Deb holding Lilly And Whiskey was (and is!) adorable too! He and Lilly bonded instantly and he helped us raise her, becoming her greyhound nanny! That first night, Jennie stayed up to monitor them while I was able to sleep, so I could make the 7 hour drive back to Portland the next day. And here we are on our way home! Lilly was already too big for the crate I had bought her! Whiskey jumped in the car and settled right in. It was an uneventful trip, and we all made it home safe and sound! I can never, ever thank Donna Deskin, and Debbie Ward and her husband enough. And our Antie Jennie, too! We were so happy we could participate with and meet such fabulous friends here through Greytalk!
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