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Found 12 results

  1. Hi everyone! Thanks for reading! And all your previous helpful discussions! My partner and I adopted a beautiful 4yr old ex racer Rylee 3weeks ago. He is generally settling super well - is already playing with us, sleeps through the night and most of the day and seems quite relaxed most of the time. At first he was terrified of our apartment stairs and would freeze but now does it with treats fine. The thing that is baffling me is he whines and cries anytime we are out and stop. That can be sit down or just pause for a minute. It can be at the park, in the street,
  2. Hello all, After a few months of meets, walks and excitement we finally brought home Peaches on Saturday 15th February! She had a great first day with us, sniffing around the house, going for a walk or two and cuddling up on the sofa in the evening. We let her go at her own pace and didn’t pester her for attention, letting her choose to spend time with us if she wanted too, that night we went to bed and she slept silently until we got her up on the Sunday morning. Sunday was another great day, she ate her food well, had regular toileting, went for 3 walks and we snuggled on the sofa in
  3. Hi guys, newbie here. I adopted just three days ago, and finding help with this issue has been darn near impossible online. I don't think the verbal advice has been the greatest from the adoption agency or fosters either, so here's what's going on: I have an 8-year-old former racer. I rent a basement right now, and use the walkout slider to go in and out with her. Backyard is fully-privacy fenced. She definitely knows where the gate is. The problem is that when we are done with our walk she just freezes in the driveway and wont return to the back yard. A couple times I've gotten he
  4. Hi all...I've had my 2-year-old grey Otto for three weeks now. I realize he's very much still adjusting, getting used to his new home and me so I'm trying to approach this situation with all of my patience and an open mind. During the first week or so with me, he was doing great on walks. Really loved them, trotting happily alongside me, sniffing at things, etc. He had some moments of getting distracted/statueing if he was overwhelmed, but with patience and lots of encouragement/treats, he would usually be ready to move along after a few minutes or so. Sometime over the last week, it's like a
  5. Hey y'all, Our wonderful new grey Arrow (going on 6 months) was a big time statuer on walks when we first got her. She's gradually improved and the walks generally go pretty well these days. However, this morning she was freezing big time in the driveway which is highly unusual. I then noticed that it was windy outside. The weather was nice otherwise, but the wind was significant and the big trees in the backyard were blowing around a fair amount. Do you all think that a windy day can be a factor in whether or not greys want to walk? So thankful for this forum. It's helped so much
  6. Hi all, We just got our new foster last week and he's a little sweetheart. The biggest difficulty we have is he gets either very scared, distracted, or overwhelmed by traffic and freezes. He's totally fine while walking in the woods. Its just the traffic that gets him. He's not treat oriented at all so I can't get him moving with a treat. Most of the time I'll stop and he'll move on his own in a minute or two. A few times we've been frozen while crossing a street and I've had to pull him more than I'd like to get out of the traffic? Any thoughts or recommendations. We live in a busy area so I
  7. Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum and a brand new first time greyhound owner! My wife and I are extremely excited and love our new greyhound Arrow. She is 6, was a racer and was also mother to two litters of racing pups. We have had her about two weeks. 90% of everything is great, we are so happy! The one area that is becoming tough (besides stairs) is walking. She started off walking great, staying with us, not leading, etc. But in the last few days she has started freezing with increasing frequency and seems often not to really want to walk anywhere other than the backyard. There a
  8. Hi All, Our first new grey Arrow (7 weeks) is doing wonderfully overall, but her one issue (as I've posted about previously) is statueing. It's not improved much yet, and then she got a limp when we let her do zoomies in the back yard. So she's been resting and on anti-inflamatories for the last 4 days or so. She has cabin fever for sure, and we are gradually getting her walks going again. But because of the statueing, I'm hesitant to go on big long walks and get stuck. Thus her walks end up being relatively short - 10-15 minutes (2-3 times a day). We also try and let her run in the yard
  9. I adopted a 3 year old male greyhound five days ago. First day went really well great on walks, toileting fine all was good. Second day started freezing on walks and sometimes refusing to go outside. Third day was difficult to get him to go far at all. Fourth day followed advice from the rescue centre about being firm and in control using gentle pressure on lead and we got on great all walks went well but then couldn't get him to go out last thing at night. This morning I managed eventually after his breakfast to get him to go out and then at 10.30am we went for another short walk. Since then
  10. We have had our grey for about 2 months and she has been fabulous except on walks, particularly when we have to pass another dog. In the beginning when we would see other dogs ahead (even on the other side of the road) she would immediately stop and turn her back to the incoming dog. I almost hear her saying "i'm invisible, look away and that dog will just pass us" which I will stop and pet and reassure her that all is ok. Once the dog has passed us we can continue our walk. Well as you can imagine this makes our walks WAY too long and we live in a very dog friendly area with lots of green
  11. Hi all! The new addition to the household - Vincent - arrived a couple days ago. All in all settling in is going pretty well. He was at a foster home a couple weeks before he arrived here, and seems to be getting the hang of house life. He's turning two next week, so definitely a youngster. I had a question about the amount of exercise/walking we're doing. I know we need to build up his endurance slowly, though also I know a tired dog is a happy and more well behaved dog, so am asking for experiences/feedback on our schedule for the next little while. The last couple walks we've ta
  12. Hi all, I'm looking for some advice from anyone who has a grey that behaves like ours does please! Apologies it might be a long post! Poppy is 3, had her since 18 months, 'retired' but never raced. She's perfectly normal at home, gets more playful than our previous two greys, possibly down to being in kennels for less time and younger. Where the difference is is when out for a walk. She will be walking along and then suddenly freeze, refuse to go any further until we turn around. She will also do this at points on the road where she wants to cross or at junctions. Recently she's even done
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