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Found 2 results

  1. I just don't get it. Nico has been eating the same food for months!! The kibble is Nutro Ultra and we mix in a bit of W/D canned to make a nice mush. Plop on canned pumpkin as a dollop on top. That seemed to be the ticket. After our Frappy passed 2 months ago, he had diarrhea from all the upheaval. But it went back to normal pretty quickly. Now, within the last week, he is starting to get pudding poo again! What gives?? Do you think I should take him to the vet? I've added back in a probiotic. I was thinking he needs Tylan again--he responds really well to that. I saw a previous thread about it. Is that principally an antibiotic? Do you need a vet's prescription to get it? Are there undesirable side effects of long term chronic use? Thanks for your help.
  2. I've posted several times about our guy's bad stool issue seemingly due to hookworm which he's battled since we got him 15 months ago. A quick recap: latest vet, after getting another positive hookworm test, thinks that because his hooks went undiagnosed and he has therefore had hookworm for so long that he has "larvae migration" where they imbed in the muscles of the intestines making them harder to kill. so our plan of attack has been: -transition to a limited ingredient unique protein source food to give his beat up digestive system a break -dose him with Drontal Plus every other Mon for 5 months -give him 1/4tsp Tylan for first 21 days of this new plan He's transitioned wonderfully to Nature's Balance LID (limited ingred) & grain free Venison and Sweet Potatoe kibble with a little bit of same in canned food for "gravy". His poop has never looked better nor been more consistent. Granted we have a few days of soft stools after heartguard/frontline dose and then again as Drontal Plus dose is doing it's work. My question today is could we/ should we give him Tylan the week his is being dosed with Drontal Plus? He did so well while on Tylan (unlike Metronidzal which made his stools worse). I have read some posts that people use it daily long term. Would there be any harm in backing down to a 1/8tsp daily until he's completetly finished with Drontal Plus every other Monday 'til Thanksgiving?
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