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  1. Trevor 06/07/05 - 11/08/18 Our friend was (is) very wise when she said to me "You NEED this dog." I still do, and am missing Trevor who left us suddenly one year ago today. Left us suddenly, in the afternoon of the day that another senior had arrived in the morning. For so many years I have understood and been living with the greyhound banner, the Circle of Love, that One Must Leave So We Can Love Another. But really Trev, the same day? Dogs are healthy and fine and all is right ... until the day they are not. Still, for those few hours when you and she overlapped, you welcomed our new camper as best you were able. Trevor. Just the best darned dog. From February 16, 2018. Before the osteo ... Before the mass ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bs_kghbFIuU Still, always, missing Trevor
  2. Trevor Double-Heart was simply the best dog. He left suddenly in November and I (all of us) miss him terribly. Today is Trevor's 14th birthday. We will celebrate your joyous life, Trev, with whippy cream and snuggles in the grass, some of the things you most enjoyed. Trevor 06/07/05-11/08/18
  3. 13.5 - Osteo. Trevor When your time came you were supposed to leave on a good day, at home, surrounded by your fellow campers. While today was a beautiful and brilliant autumn day, just as it was the day we met, instead of from home surrounded by campers, I had to help you leave from the clinic, surrounded by our other friends. I understand the Greyhound Circle of Love but seriously, today? One must leave us so we can love another ... You have been just the best darned dog. I miss my friend. Trevor Double-Heart. My co-pilot while driving, standing up the entire way no matter how short or far we traveled with your trademark insistent nudge to maneuver your head under my hand. You loved doing that! And I love when you did it! Your head rested on my shoulder Every.Single.Night. Your soft woof when you thought I took too long to prepare your noms. How you loped across the yard first thing in the morning and again in the afternoon, smiling on each lap as you passed by me. You had such a silly gait – front end this way, back end that way – but you owned it! You put up with so much mayhem here, and created your own – the day you ran into the lawn chair and nicked the same spot on your head where you had run into the wheelbarrow! Having no teeth other than your canines and a few random toofers didn’t stop you from trying everything I offered. You were suspicious at first but grew to love whippy cream, mini-mooshies., even mini-milk bones broken in half. How you loved your walks, no matter the weather. Lately we’ve been walking only to Seamie’s Lane and back and more recently just around the back yard but still you woofed to go and were impatient as I adjusted your collar. Trevor, you have been just the best darned dog these past three years. How lucky was I that our friend saw you were looking for a home and said to me “You NEED this dog!!” Indeed. Godspeed Trevor Double-Heart. This camp will not be the same without you. The next morning: three goldfish. Oh Trevor
  4. October 31, 2015 was a day full of treats, no tricks. Trevor Double-Heart became a camper On our way home that beautiful autumn day He is now 13.5. And showing his age. But how have three years gone by so quickly. After Trevor had been a camper for just a few months I wrote this and this. Trevor! Happy Third Gotcha Day to 13.5 yo Trevor Double-Heart :wub: Thank you GreyTalk for hosting our stories. It's such a gift to be able to go back and savor the memories.
  5. It is KNOT October 31, Halloween plusalso your third Gotcha Day. Are we done with visits to clinic? And xrays? And medikashums? I know how much you love your docs but that's enuf, Trev. Thank you Trevor Double-Heart Waking up from propofol. Four canines + three random teeth = ETS even without propofol Later, waking up with mom Dremeling has this effect here, everyone wants a turn I had to stop working on Trevor's nails to grab this pic of Annie, silly girl Trevor sleeps through it all He's doing great and celebrating 13.4, yay!
  6. The Camp Greyhound Family Singers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qg25ofQmGas
  7. He's been a camper for almost three years and today Trevor Double-Heart celebrates birthday #13 This boy is such a fun, happy, sometimes shy, sweet old man. Since his arrival, Trevor has channeled three angel campers, bringing those gifts to me. He just had his senior wellness exam and while he is definitely slowing down and showing some hind end weakness he is doing great. He is just a wonderful hound. Tonight he will take a quiet walk to Seamie's Lane and then enjoy a special ride in the BOH to pick up treats to share with Aiden 1-5 and Bea. Yay treats! Mom? She's touching me and KNOT yelling Yay naps Happy #13 Birthday Trevor Double-Heart Thank you for being here, sweet boy Thanks for looking! The party goers When balloons surprise you Whew ... Balloons belong outthedoors, momma The noms!!! The tongues!!! All is well at 13.01 for Trevor :heart
  8. It was a rough week and weekend and this week will be more of the same (for me, not Trevor). But this happened: This week I had a visit from Seamie, or Paddy Mayhem, or maybe both of them, I'm not sure. And then this rainbow over Trevor. Thank you campers.
  9. Since I've recently killed several threads, I thought I'd start one of my own and kill it from the get-go We just love Nancy and NancyBsCollars, She has been keeping the campers fashionable for many years now. Trevor needed a new tag collar and it arrived today, along with a matching martingale This is an early birthday gift for my oldest boy Thanks for looking. Or knot
  10. Thank you for the Magical Box of Holiday the campers received. We haven't yet opened everything but here is 12.6 yo Trevor investigating. I love his ears Aiden 1-5 says Carry On Trev, yur doin' it rite! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNJ9oqB5JPE
  11. Our new guy Bruno is missing his best bud Bosco, whom we lost just ten days ago. Poor Bruno. He reminds me so much of Zeke-aroni after he lost his LadyBug. She had been his leader for all of their lives. I really think Bosco had been the same for Bruno. Bruno has leaned on Bea who, as she is getting older, is getting softer and wayy more snuggly than ever And made friends with Trevor Double-heart But Aiden is on it, too, and has been such a good camper to Bruno, who seeks him out more than any of the others. That is just Aiden's way and why he is such a great therapy dog. He recently took part in Petco's "Meet a Helping Hero" fundraiser at the store for their foundation supporting Military Dogs, Service Dogs, and Therapy Animals. He made a new friend Recently, one of his friends at the Alzheimer's facility where he visits was so cute - she had saved a cookie from her lunch just for him and she was so pleased to feed it to him. Made our day Thanks for looking.
  12. Best.Treat.Ever! Happy 2nd Gotcha Day, my handsome good boy, Trevor Double-Heart Photobomb With Aiden While going through photos I found this of Trevor with Paddy Mayhem. He loves being outside in the grass. Pure joy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-xjAB6TmrU Trevor Double-heart http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R41Y-o-yLWc Trevor Double-heart Happy toofer-less boy! Thank you to the friend who alerted me to the 10.5 year old dog who was looking for his forever home. "You NEED this dog!" and indeed I did. Trevor has been such a joy. He *loves* rides in the BOH and stands the entire time, nudging my right hand with his nose to get underneath it (which makes driving a 5-speed a challenge ), yells at me for his meals, he has learned even with those few toofers to enjoy a stuffin' bone. Right away, he filled in the spot in the bed where Segugio had been, and sleeps with his head on my shoulder He makes me laff - who runs like that, Trev? Front end this way Back end that way and, he melts my heart Happy 2nd Gotcha Day Trevor Thanks for being here.
  13. Happy Birthday #12 to my sweet old fella, Trevor His birthday is actually tomorrow, June 5, but we celebrated today because we could. Trevor Double :heart Our new normal. We have been taking a lot of "all three together" walks, especially to Seamie's Lane to visit the turkeys and see what farmer Joe is planting this year (tomatoes). Then we all went for a ride in the BOH to another of our favorites spots. We had such a lovely walk this morning. This hitch cover says it all! Whippy cream! Our malebocks habs ben moobing a LOT lately - screaming monkeys, honking snakes, and one sweet duck Twelve is swell Happy birthday, sweet boy. Trevor Thanks for looking!
  14. One year ago on Halloween I picked up a shy senior citizen who would become my 14th camper. Trevor was 10.4. He had been returned to his group, got through a major dental (losing 30 toofers), and rode home like a trooper. This is who awaited him Trevor is wonderful with Bea... ....with Aiden ...with Paddy Mayhem ...really good with Paddy ... ...and with mom Trevor Double Heart He is distinctly channeling three angel campers and he is his own man, now 11.4 years old. He is a blessing and I am delighted to say Happy Gotcha Day #1 Trevor
  15. Some of you know about Trevor's recent hospitalization for pancreatitis. Thank you again to those who got me through that crisis. I am grateful and delighted to say that he is back to 100%, no he is 110% he is feeling so well. Here is my happy, toothless wonder a week post-sickness on a ride to go walking in our new favorite spot: He has been staying closer than usual to mom Or spending his naps in a sunbeam What he seems to really love is just being outside. Listening. Sniffing. Observing. He just loves being on a cushion and watching everything unfold around him. Today the "excitement" is storm Hermine. While watching him today doing the above I snapped a video. To some it may seem like watching paint dry. But I learned something. It's at the end of the vid. Trevor's face is greying in the heart-shape we've all come to love but he also has a dark heart stenciled in the middle of his forehead I've not seen this on any of my other seniors. To my friend who is going through a terrible nightmare right now, the friend who found this boy for me, we dedicate Trevor's double-heart to you. Thank you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R41Y-o-yLWc
  16. Today's weather was just gorgeous. I took Aiden and Trevor to the Canal for a lovely long walk near Lock 12. Here, may I present Aiden the Oblivious So KNOT interested I'm not sure what Trevor was whispering to Aiden I'm pretty sure Aiden was saying to be cool and we'd stop for a treat Trevor is 11, Aiden is 7 and my two best walkers Thanks for looking!
  17. This went on for a good minute or so Trevor will be 11 in June. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzlmF6bvx90&sns=em
  18. Hello Friends! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Festivus, and wotebber else I may have missed. After getting coal in my stocking (actually, a rotten doozie of a cold) on Thursday afternoon I am finally beginning to surface, thus explaining the silence from Camp Greyhound CT In the biggest news and greatest gift, Trevor, who has been a camper since Oct. 31, this morning gave me his first roach He's been working up to it but only today managed to achieve and sustain the position. Yay Trevor! His mouth is fully healed after October's dental when he lost 30 toofers. During a recent exam, poor Jeanine indulged Bea who wanted to be sure her new man was ok. When Trevor isn't snuggling with Paddy he's snuggling with Aiden or grabbing a solo nap in his man-cave (a la Seamie ) or snuggling with Paddy, Aiden, and MOM He's such a good boy. Trevor Thanks for looking!
  19. Here we are yesterday about to leave MA and head home for CT. What a grin! WOT did yu bring us momma? WHOO iz dat? After losing 30 toofers on Thursday Trevor ate really well last night with his healing mouth - his first Sardine Saturday. He did his numbers outside with the others and everyone came in and found a bed. But I couldn't find Trevor. WARE are you, big boy? That was quick This morning he got into the bed with Aiden and later confirmed that the couch is really terrific Aiden is surprisingly withholding his opinion, Bea is still pondering, and the one I most worried about, Paddy, LOVES him Trevor is tall and naturally lean with long cannon bones and hands, long and floppy ears, and a long fine nose with a beautiful soft white face right up and over his eyebrows. He is so much out of the Segugio mold, it is just unreal. He trots happy, long and bright, like Segugio did, too. This morning he wagged and play bowed to everyone. They were like, dude They'll figure it out. But, I think he is truly starting to be happy with us. Yay! This afternoon Trevor is wonderful on the leash and at 10 yo he is spry and ungimpy, yay! He likes the bed.
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