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Found 2 results

  1. Good Morning All - While I know this has been a topic multiple times, I have read through and am seeking advice on some of the common side-effects people have seen with de-worming meds. My grey is 4 years old, and has had hooks off and on since we adopted him approximately 7 months ago. He has had two fecal tests that were clear; however, last week he tested positive again. We took in a sample as he had a decreased appetite and typically that indicates that his tummy isn't feeling 100%. He is not a huge "food driven" grey but does usually have a decent appetite overall. On a typical day, he gets a mix of Nutro Ultra Dry and Canned Food. Okay, fast-forward to today (Monday 05/21/18), Keeper went to the vet on Saturday (two days ago) and was administered and oral de-wormer in-house (unsure what the name of it is). Then, the vet I am working with has opted to replace his monthly preventative to Advantage Multi (he was taking Sentinel) for three months. He was given his first dose of the Advantage Multi yesterday. My question for everyone on here is: 1. Have your greys experienced a decreased appetite with hooks? (Mine has been eating, but not consistently and not enthusiastically. He has not wanted to eat his kibble, but will eat biscuits and baby food)2. If yes, once treated - how long did it appear to take for them to have their appetite's back? I am wondering if maybe the suppressed appetite is simply because he doesn't feel well and that the meds are upsetting his tummy while they do their "magic" with the hooks. Please know I have been in consistent contact with my vet, I am just reaching out to see what other's experience has been. My grey has been drinking, passing bowel movements and urinating normally. I did check his temp and have been watching that his gums stay healthy pink as well. Thanks to all for any insight!!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm just back from an emergency visit to the vet with my girl Winnie, who had a pretty bad bout of explosive, bloody diarrhea and vomiting this morning. She also refused to eat her breakfast, wouldn't even touch boiled chicken breast and, worst of all considering how hot it's been in the last few days, didn't want to drink at all. Winnie had a similar, but much less severe GI episode last month and it seems like they are both connected to the Sentinel heartworm medication I switched her to this spring. Both times Winnie started acting weird two days after I gave her her Sentinel pill, and developed anorexia and really bad diarrhea that would not respond to bland diet. By the time we got to the vet's office today, she was very dehydrated and definitely not being herself. My vet, who is great and very knowledgable about greyhounds, agreed that Sentinel was most likely what made Winnie sick. I know all dogs are different, but would still like to warn people about the possible severe side effects of this medication in greyhounds and suggest they stick to good old Heartguard instead! Winnie is doing a little better now, which is what really matters, but we're now left with huge vet bills to pay, courtesy of Sentinel!
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