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Found 1 result

  1. Seamus. Seamie to his friends and all those who loved him. A proper tribute will have to wait, but his friends would want to know about the new, brightest star they may have seen last night. I cannot believe Seamie is gone. He finally got to meet LadyBug. I love you Seamie, I just do. I did not see this coming. Seamie was pretty good when I left for work Tuesday morning. But at work I knew something was wrong, I got that feeling and I should have gone home. When I got there, Seamie wasn't standing at the back of the pack, waiting for the other campers to do their dance on their way outside. He rose gingerly from his bed, holding out his right front, totally relapsed. As you know, after his recent romp in the snow he was seen at clinic for x-rays and we consulted Dr. Couto - nothing seemed amiss but additional films might be considered. It took so much out of Seamie to get him into the car, to clinic, etc., we all agreed that we would not to do any more diagnostics. He was responding to the meds and seemed to be improving every day, albeit slowly. Over the weekend he worked feverishly on his outdoor projekt and I wonder if that set him up to relapse. He was clearly in big trouble. I carried him outside and it was very hard on him, but he wanted to be *outside* - it took him 20+ minutes to hobble from the back to the front yard to his cushion, where last week he had spent a wonderful 3rd Gotcha Day. Tonight he knew his mission was to get to his cushion. Once there he collapsed and put his face down, chin resting in the dirt. Right then I knew. A consult with our doc (who loves my dogs as her own) and we decided to try some drugs to see if Seamie could respond. Three hours later, I carried him to the BOH and we were on our way to clinic to say goodbye. He was 13.10 years old. Nerve sheath tumor or OS. I can still hear: "It's very bad." Seamie was so comfy in the BOH and our doc wholeheartedly agreed that we shouldn't move him. I climbed in the back with him, putting one arm under his head and wrapping my other arm around his neck, burying my face in that thick sable brindle fur. Seamie was safe and secure in my arms, and then he was gone. Two tiny short breaths were all, no looking around, no anxiety, it was just so incredibly fast and peaceful. Seamie was ready. I believe if we had waited until morning that he would have passed in the night. He left no doubts in my mind that we had made the right decision when we did to help him on his journey. Seamie took his Grammies Jammies, some chikken FEET!, the purple pillow that matched TPGIT's, and a photo of LadyBug - he would finally get to meet her Some have suggested that Seamie made sure that Andy was here and settled so that he could take care of us. He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life. His love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. This may be a first but I believe that all of you, with your warm and thoughtful posts, have written Seamie's tribute. I am amazed at how well you knew him and how much you loved him. I knew that Seamie had friends here but never did I imagine to this extent. The kindness and support you all have shown me in my grief has been overwhelming. I cannot thank you enough, each of you who have taken the time to post, those who sent PM's, those who are crying right along with me, those whose names I am seeing for the first time - thank you so much. Seamie, the Multi-Talented, the gentle soul who possessed, among his many talents, the gift of healing. We love you Seamie, we just do.
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