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Found 11 results

  1. Hello you guys I once more need your honest opinion and maybe someone experienced this type of problem with their Greyhound as well Faye has been with us for a month now (whew, time really flies) and overall she´s a wonderful and easygoing girl, very calm and still anixous or scared at times but nothing like in the beginning - it´s already so much better and I can see her change everyday. She sleeps through the night and also got a hang of our daily routine or rather what´s left of it because of the pandemic She lies or sleeps in her crate all day...and this is where the not so fun part starts: she won´t come out of the crate unless I close it right behind her so she can´t go back in...which doesn´t work well for either of us because unfortunately she now knows that I might close the door so she becomes more and more hesitant to leave the crate and if I´m lucky enough for her to walk out completely chances are that she turns around right away - and there we go again...I tried to lure her out with treats or let my other dog walk by because normally that´s a sign for Faye that they are getting food or we are going for a walk etc. but there´s just NO reaction at all anymore... She´ll only come out when I prepare their food (I can´t prepare dog food everytime I need her to come out) but also very hesitant and she´ll even go back in the crate while she´s eating - it´s just IN - OUT - IN - OUT all the time if I´m not fast enough to close the door, which makes all of us nervous. And don´t even let me get started on going for walks...it´s not possible to put her harness on and simply go out, we play a literal "game" of how to get her out of the crate long enough for me to close the door from that point on it´s alright for her, she´ll let me put on the leash, coat or whatever needed and we just leave for our walk... BUT there´s another much bigger problem that comes with her crate obsession...she won´t even leave it to go potty in the garden anymore but she´ll rather pee INSIDE her crate than come out!!! I don´t get it at all...she´d always come out of the crate and I´d open the back door for her to go outside in the morning or whenever she had to do her business - never a problem until a few days ago and I can´t figure out what happened because I was always out with her or both dogs, so there were never any noises etc. that scared her...yes there are people walking by and my neighbours talk to each other sometimes but most of the time it´s pretty peaceful and it never concerned her before. So I´m getting pretty frustrated at the situation right now because she does it more and more often and I have to wash EVERYTHING which takes time and she doesn´t pee a little bit but a freaking LAKE So originally I got the crate because I was thinking it would help her adjust and give her a safe space...as well as contain her while I´m out for work because I don´t want to leave her alone with my small dog yet and I´m afraid that she´d start peeing everywhere while I´m gone or start some trouble. I don´t know her well enough yet and I don´t want my flat ruined when I come back! But if I don´t find a way for her to come out of the crate when I need her to, I´m thinking about getting rid of the crate and I had to force her out of the crate for the first time today because she peed in it right before my eyes rather than coming out, so I dragged her out in the garden but I opened the door and calmly told her "outside" before I released her and as she finished peeing in the yard I praised her a lot and let her back in...but I feel so horrible about it as I really don´t want to make her leave the crate by force but I couldn´t just stand there and watch her pee! I had to clean behind the crate the day before yesterday and when I pushed it away to gain access to the dirty area Faye wouldn´t come out of the corner the crate normally stands in but she tried to lay down there instead and I had to push and lure her out of there. So maybe a dog bed would be the easier option but I´m afraid she´d close herself up even more... I just can´t keep washing all of her blankets nearly every day and the smell of urine makes me naseous, I feel like it reeks of it everywhere I could get rid of the crate and replace it with a large dog bed, muzzle her or put my small dog away in another room... Has anyone experienced something similar or knows how to cope with this? Should I give her more time and see if she comes out on her own? I´m just so overwhelmed right now...
  2. My grey recently started tucking her tail and not coming for her treat when I wipe her down after being outside. Tonight she snapped at me and was yelping when I would come towards her to dry her off. Once i put the towel on top of her she started yelping like she was hurt even though i wasn’t touching her. She has never done this before. We have dried her off many a times with a towel after the beach or the pool and today she wasn’t even super wet and acted like something was wrong. Now any time I walk by her she tucks her tail and runs into the other room. Any advise on why this may be happening all of a sudden? She also doesn’t like her thunder jacket anymore and has the same reaction when we tried to put it on her before we leave the house. We haven’t put it on her in a week since that started happening.
  3. I'm posting a lot here as my hound is so new and I'm a first timer! Jack will walk beautifully on the lead a lot of the time, which is great. He's most comfortable in the morning and likes to go to the park and is as good as gold next to me. However, sometimes when we're out walking he pulls really hard. At first I thought I needed to train it out of him, and I was trying the 'stand still and make them come back to you' trick. However, I've realised over the last few days that he's not pulling because he's confident and wants to sniff things, he's pulling because he's scared and he wants to go home. I've only had him for 8 days so I feel that I should listen when he's had enough and wants to go home. He's not going to absorb any training when he's really scared, right? When he tugs his tail is generally between his legs and he loses interest even in fresh chicken pieces. His foster dad said he pulled at first and then when he was comfortable he walked much better. I guess I'm nervous because I don't want to reinforce 'bad' behaviours. What do you think - shall I let him drag me home (I try not to be dragged too much) when he's nervous so he can settle in at his own pace?
  4. I adopted a greyhound about 3 months ago, and we've slowly been introducing her to our friends/family. She did fantastic meeting people for about 6 weeks, and then all of a sudden, she started getting really nervous, showing her teeth, and even snapping at people. We're not sure what caused this regression, but now she won't let anyone touch her except me and my partner. I'm going out of town in a couple weeks, and we've been trying to have our pet sitter over a lot, so she can get used to him before I'm gone. He was one of the first people she met when we first adopted her, and she did great. Now she won't let the sitter near her without showing teeth. We've tried giving him high value treats to give her, and she's extremely cautious, and most of the times won't even take it from him. We're hoping that just getting used to the sitter being around will be enough for her to start trusting him. Wondering if you greyhound veterans have any advice on the best way to earn her trust, as we're running out of time! Thanks in advance!! Edit-- We are also taking her to my parents' house tomorrow (about an hour drive away) to meet their dog and go to a dog park for the first time. We're hoping this will give her more confidence and reduce the issues she's been having with other people, but definitely open to input if anyone thinks it's not a good idea!
  5. Hello! I am a new greyhound owner; we just adopted a retired racing hound about a month ago. I'm having a lot of trouble taking her out to go potty. We lived in a large apartment complex in Denver for the first two weeks, and she absolutely despised walking through the halls and going in the elevator. She hated going so much that my partner had to carry her to the dog park every day. We just moved into a townhouse, so the grass is about 10ft away, but she is still so hesitant to leave the house. She freezes right at the doorway and refuses to go further. So, again, we carry her 10ft over to the grass every day. She still seems really spooked and her tail goes between her legs, nose drips, and she looks around frantically and tries to pull us back to the door. Even if there aren't many noises. She gets really nervous when the wind makes the leaves rustle, and other 'normal' noises like that. We take her out as little as possible to avoid traumatizing her, but we still try to take her out a few times a day. We don't have a fenced yard, so we can't just leave the door open for her, as I've read about with desensitizing training. She is very food motivated, but when she is outside, she ignores all food (seemingly due to fear). Inside the home, she's absolutely perfect. Sweet, affectionate, and growing into her personality more every day. Really the only issue she is having is going outside. We're at a loss for what to do or try now. We know that becoming a pet is a HUGE adjustment, and moving didn't help (even though her potty spot is way closer now). We're hoping you greyhound veterans have some new ideas for us!! Thanks so much in advance!
  6. Hi everybody! I begin to foster with intent to adopt my sweet girl Rhea just shy of a month ago. She was great with other dogs - not playful, but loved to meet new dogs on our walks. We live in a major city so we run into dogs of all breeds, shapes, sizes, and temperaments. Rhea never reacted to other dogs' barking or aggression before and simply paid no mind to leash reactive dogs we encountered. I always keep a safe distance if I feel any other dogs may not be safe or may be too excitable. However - several days ago, Rhea greeted an Irish Wolfound in the entrance hall of our building. I had seen this dog around often and had never witnessed him/her bark or show keen interest in other dogs. They sniffed hello but after a moment the dog barked and lunged at Rhea. She was able to jump out of the way and nobody was hurt but it was a truly scary experience. She is now terrified of other dogs and attempts to run out of the way when we see even tiny dogs on our walks. Any advice on how to re-socialize her is welcome. My parents own Great Danes and it is absolutely necessary that Rhea get along with them. As mentioned, we live in a major city and encountering other dogs multiple times a day is unavoidable. To keep it short, it is not an option for me to have a dog that is not good with other dogs. I understand I am not free of fault in this situation - going forward I will not allow her to interact with any dogs without having a conversation with their owner first, and I should never have allowed her to engage with another dog in close quarters like that. I have been bringing treats with me on walks and giving her a treat as soon as we see another dog approaching and after we have walked past to try to associate these dogs with something yummy and fun - but I am not sure if this is the right approach. By giving her a treat, could I be reinforcing her scared behavior? Any and all comments are welcome. Thank you!
  7. Hi all, I'm looking for some advice from anyone who has a grey that behaves like ours does please! Apologies it might be a long post! Poppy is 3, had her since 18 months, 'retired' but never raced. She's perfectly normal at home, gets more playful than our previous two greys, possibly down to being in kennels for less time and younger. Where the difference is is when out for a walk. She will be walking along and then suddenly freeze, refuse to go any further until we turn around. She will also do this at points on the road where she wants to cross or at junctions. Recently she's even done it after her walk refusing to come back in the house! She most often does it at or approaching corners or junctions but sometimes along a straight road or path. She also often does it at the end of the driveway at the start of a walk. We've narrowed it down to her being scared/anxious of something... or stubborn! There is no obvious single trigger (sound, object etc) and she doesn't whine, shiver, shake or tuck her tail between her legs or give off any strong signals of fear. We've tried being firm with her, pushing her gently from the shoulder or back, waiting for her, trying to give her treats, consoling her by stroking her and fussing her when she stops and none seem to make her carry on in the intended direction. We don't want to keep praising her for doing it if it reinforces the problem nor do we want to tell her off if she is scared. She enjoys walking and gets relatively excited when we get her lead out but will also be happy not to go for a walk all day (we don't want to not walk her!) So if anyone else has come across this we'd love to know if there is anything you've tried that stops this behaviour or can identify what the issue is. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello, We have had our grey for about a week now. She has been great! She seemed like she wasn't afraid of anything, which was a relief because we live in the city. She heard garbage trucks, buses, horn honking, horse and carriages, people on segways, trains, boats, etc and did not even flinch. Yesterday afternoon on our way back from our walk, she heard a metal soda can rolling down the street was was terrified. She pulled me to the apartment and even nudged the door open herself. She had her tail between her legs and her ears back. We have walked her five times since then and she is spooking left and right. She is hyper aware of her surroundings and was terrified when she noticed a flag. We put her in a harness so she couldn't back out of her martingale, but she is still backing up and trying to take us back home. She is also doing the "statue" thing. A few times we didn't even see or hear anything out of the ordinary and she was afraid. She even got nervous around a fly. Does anyone have any advice about what we can do? We live in the city, so we can't let her out in a backyard and we can't make the noises go away. I don't want her to be anxious the entire walk... She doesn't even seem like she wants to go out anymore (we had to pull her out of the door) Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  9. On saturday, I had to take my boy on leash to go potty because my husband was fixing the gate to the fenced yard. Well, he is a bit on the timid side, a gust of wind came and blew the blue tarp a little bit. This was enough to set him off, he got scared and ended up going under a fence board that was leaning against the house, it fell on him which made the situation even worse. His Martingale collar got twisted in the struggle and he now tends to cough/choking whenever he eats or takes a drink. Should I take him in to the vet to get this checked out or am I just being a worried mom? Thanks in advance
  10. Izzy is absolutely terrified of the ceiling fan. I have tried turning it on slow and still she absolutely freaks, to the point I am afraid she is going to hurt herself. I do not have central air, only window air and the ceiling fan is a necessity once the humidity starts. Any one have any suggestions on how to get her over this fear? I can't just turn it on and leave it on because she literally about goes through the window, she slams herself against things, she about hyperventilates, if the fan is already on when she comes to the room she refuses to go in the room and runs and hides. I just want to tell her "sweetie, it's JUST a ceiling fan"
  11. Hi everyone: We got our new adopted hound, Oz, last Saturday. We're so happy to have him, but we've run into some transition hurdles. We've read a number of the posts here (all of which are helpful!) and the recommended greyhound adoption books. We just want to make sure that anything we're experiencing isn't out of the ordinary, as it seems to be getting tougher and tougher with a few issues (particularly housetraining, walking, and sleeping). I'll outline them here, but more than anything, we're just looking for some guidance and support! Our Home: City, 3rd floor apartment, 1 cat, 2 flights of stairs. My wife works from home, but I'm gone at work during the day. The first two nights were really impressive. He was learning the stairs very quickly, and took quite a few walks around our neighborhood and parks. He slept in his crate without a peep both nights. A few accidents inside the house the first afternoon, but nothing on his first full day at home. We kept him leashed inside, and gave the cat an escape route to our bedroom with a gate that Oz couldn't cross. He seems to be getting "No Kitty" and only whines or makes to chase her if she was running or jumping around. Good progress. He seemed to be settling in remarkably quickly. Starting on Monday though, he started to freeze outside, and get more and more scared...so much so that he wouldn't go downstairs at all. We took him to vet on Monday night for his first general check-up and getting him there (walking distance) was a very stressful experience for him and us. He checked out OK, but we learned later that he has giardia--which he's now being treated for and I'm sure adds to his stress level. That night, he wouldn't go in his crate at all (his foster told us about this), and still won't. We set him up with his bed in our bedroom and he was only able to sleep for 1-2 hours at a time. Last night, he slept even more poorly. During the day, inside, he seems to be doing great and lays around calmly (he gets tons of rubs and pets) unless we try to crate him or go outside. He's started to have surprise accidents in the house, before we can get him out--often sneaking to a room where we aren't. We're able to get him past the stairs more or less, but he locks up once he's past the front door looking very frightened. He's so scared to go outside that we can't get him out on his routine, and if we do, he's so scared he can't get past our front door to go. I've been able to get him going for walks a few times by walking with purpose and not stopping until he follows, but he fights the leash quite a bit---i don't like doing this because it's very stressful for him and me, but it's the only way to get him going to pee and poop. Other times, he won't move at all. We're just worried about how's he's regressed. We feel bad we're stressing him out so much and just want to make him comfortable. We're kind of in a vicious cycle: Can't get him out to pee, so he pees in the house, and can't get him out for walks or in his crate, so he doesn't sleep well. We know it takes time and patience, and it's still the first week, but we just want to make sure we're not doing something drastically wrong, and make sure this is relatively normal as he transitions to city life. Thanks for any responses, and if anything, we're just getting it all off our chests! We're confident he'll come around with the love and care we're giving him, but just have to cross these hurdles. Any advice would be great.
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