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Found 2 results

  1. Hello - I apologize for the lengthy post and a possible repeat topic but I've been reading similar threads and my head is all over the place because there's so many different opinions and variations My 7 year old guy (Truman) has been having varying forms of D for the past month. I've had him 4 years and he's almost never had a solid stool but it's typically still formed. But this month it's been no more solid than pudding on his better days and straight brown water the rest. His appetite has been normal (hes been on wellness chicken and oatmeal since I got him) he's drinking water his temperament was still the same. Just really terrible runs. Vet prescribed an antibiotic and that science diet Bland food. Nothing changed after 2 weeks. So then she said to do a chicken and rice diet and did a stool sample. Stool sample results came back clean and this bland diet started firming up his stool but it was still no more formed than pudding. So we ran a full blood panel and it came back normal. Now she has me using fortiflora while still doing the chicken and rice. But his poo is back to straight brown water again and he's having to go much more frequently. He's begun dropping his weight and seems "sad". I'm getting so frustrated because I don't know what's wrong and I don't know how to help him I want to give the fortiflora time to work but I feel like the chicken and rice isn't helping him. I've read some people say it works some people say stear clear of it. I have been over cooking the rice with extra water so it is very mushy. Also using low sodium chicken broth and even letting the boiled chicken boil a little longer in with the rice. What other diets should I try for him while giving the fortiflora time to get his system boosted? And what do you think this sudden burst of the runs could be from? Thank you for taking the time to read through all this I really appreciate and welcome and advise and opinions. I want my boy to feel better!! -Ali & Truman
  2. Maya is our 10 year old girl, and it seems like we just can't get her healthy. When we adopted Maya back in 2004, she didn't have good poops. The adoption group was feeding her Nutro Lamb and Rice, but they said that she might do better on a better diet. We started feeding a mixture of Nutro and Science Diet Sensitive Stomach, and her poops became much better. Eventually, we phased out the Nutro and were very happy. Her poops weren't knock-your-socks-off amazing, but compared to what she was having, we were very happy. Almost two years ago, when we adopted Ashe, we started doing a 50/50 blend of SDSS and Blue Basics. We also started adding Blue stews as a topper. We added the Blue because 1) we wanted a little extra nutrition for Ashe, as he was only 7 months old when we adopted him, and 2) Maya really liked the Blue. Neither Maya nor Ashe was negatively affected by the addition of the Blue. In fact, my memory is that her poops improved as we phased it in gradually. Everything was going great. Several months ago (probably 6-8 months ago, to be honest), she started having issues with her poops. Her first poop of the day was great. Her second was a bit mushy. Her third (and other poops after in the morning) were terrible... chocolate milkshake terrible (if that gives you any idea of what we're seeing). We figured that, with time, she would work through whatever was ailing her. We pulled back on the Blue and added white rice, boiled chicken, mashed potatoes, plain yogurt... of course, not all at the same time. We kept things bland as we tried to help her work through her tummy issues. They just haven't gone away. We tried Fortiflora on her food, as well as Metronidazole (250mg antibiotic twice daily). Neither of them did anything to help her out. Our vet has wondered if we could be looking at a developing food allergy, so we tried some bland prescription foods: Hills Science Diet i/d Gastrointestinal Health, Gastrointestinal Lo Fat (Innova, maybe?), and Iams Intestinal Plus. We also tried regular Iams (in the green bag) as we've read a lot of great reviews on here. Nothing works. We're dealing with the same issues as always. And poor Maya is being a trooper as we try to work through this. Add to this the fact that she's dealing with her corns (for which we use Therapaw booties) and general walking issues/joint pain issues (possible arthritis?). Our vet, whom we trust to the ends of the Earth, is torn between what we should try next. The first idea idea is to try a hypoallergenic food. Again, this would be the natural thought if we are truly dealing with a developing food allergy. The second idea is to have Maya undergo an ultrasound (most likely anesthetized) to see if there are any issues that are visible within. I'm at a loss. I know it sounds crazy, but I feel like my girl is fading away. I know she's 10. I know she's aging. But she's still spunky. She still enjoys spurts of playing outside. She still gets excited to go for ANY car ride... especially if it involves a tent and sleeping under the stars! She still gets up on the bed and plays with me when I put my hands under the covers and lift up under her paws. She's my girl... I'll do whatever I can for her. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Do you have ANY advice on which route you'd take if Maya was your pup? We're leaning towards the ultrasound. Something in my gut tells me that, after all the diet changes we've tried and the non-results that we're seeing, we're not looking at something diet related. I'll take any and all advice you can give. I thank you in advance, and so does Maya. -Joel
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