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Found 52 results

  1. This handsome, silly dude walked through our door with an outside wind chill of 25 degrees below zero. He promptly peed on the artificial ficus tree in the living room because it was too cold to pee outside, and that tree then decorated his turnout area for years. Happy Gotcha Day at The Bridge, buddy. We miss you every day, Rocket. (Not a sad remembrance post - he still makes us laugh every day remembering his antics.)
  2. The modesty shot: He was watching QVC upside down. I guess Emeril looks better that way. Excuse the carpet. It's really old and always looks cruddy.
  3. Rocket is making final preparations for his "No Firewerks 4th of July Party." Some of his closest greyhound friends will be here to avoid the fireworks near their own houses. Pics to follow after the party starts. I caught him on the computer a few minutes ago playing this video. Don't worry, Lexie. The party is chaperoned.
  4. We've had a walk, a ride, and an Egg McMuffin. But he thinks getting that nail trim in the middle of fun things was a dirty trick.
  5. I came home from a trip last night and found a large bump on Rocket's nose. He has a vet appointment coming up so I will have it checked further there. Was wondering if anyone has an idea what kind of growth this might be. There has always been the feeling a small bump under the fur there, but this popped up through the fur sometime in the last 4 days while I was gone. It is not hurting, as he always has me rub his nose and there is no reaction when I go over it. The bump in the center of the nose. The other little pink spot near the tip of the nose is just the color of the skin there.
  6. Lexie mah lub, Happy Balumtimes Day! Dad said to post heer becuz you are at your winter home wif da alligators and bugz. I hope yoo are stayin warm dere in Florida. I've had to use my blanket a few nights here in da dezzert. I hope you are getting lots of rides in da golf cart. Oh, and did you name dat turtle yet? Happy Balumtimes Day mah lub. Tell the hoomanz to take you for ice cream. Here I am missing you! Luv, Yur Rocketman!
  7. Hey Rocket - you got a birthday package from Lexie! Well, open it lady - I don't have thumbs. Look - Lexie made you a card... You got gift cards to use for french fries and Eggamuffins! And you got the Limited Edition Lexie Calendar for 2018! Fank yoo mah lub . I lub ma prezzies. Now I habs to get the old man to take me to Mickey D's. No more excuses! Rocket also got a new polar bear for his birthday (below) and the dogs who live next door brought him a new stuffie with squeakers in it. Edit - sorry about the big pictures. Imgur seems to have made them huge.
  8. Allie was here over the Labor Day Weekend from Friday to Monday. She adores Rocket. Mr Grumpypants is fine with her, but is perfectly happy and a different dog when she leaves and he gets his own space back. Except for the Slumber Ball. Rocket spends most of his time in the Slumber Ball. Until Allie uses it. She left Monday and he has not gone near it. Won't lay in it, nothing. Until I wash it. As soon as I wash the Allie Cooties out of the cover, he is jumping on it trying to get it the way he wants before I have the cover zipped up. I guess I'd better wash it. Of course, Trolley arrives tonight for a stay. Never had the issue after Trolley uses it. Some pics just because: Allie: And Mr. Grumpypants snuggled up to my feet last night - sound asleep. His butt was next to the Slumber Ball, but he wouldn't get in it. Sorry - had some trouble with IMGUR initially on posting.
  9. Who is Aliie, you ask? i will make a long story short by saying that Allie is a very spunky, sassy, vocal, 12 year old lady who will be 13 shortly. Her owner passed away last year, and she was returned to a local group. As soon as we met her, we knew she belonged to us, or so we thought. Many people fell in love with her. As a result, she has been co-adopted by us, GT'er Nevada's Mom, and GT'er 3DogNite. Some of you may have seen her debut on Facebook this week. Her adoption became official this week, and we can finally introduce her here. She spends most of her time with her new sister Snickers, but comes to visit and stay with us on a frequent basis, and will also be spending time with her new sister Trolley. She has beds and toys at each house, and loves her new extended family. She is an excellent car rider, and gets right in the car, comes in the house and makes herself at home at either house. She came to us with some medical issues at first, and I need to thank some very caring people here on GT who helped guide us through those issues, and who sent Miss Allie some care packages with all of the things that a distinguished lady of her seniority should have, including a very special house coat to keep her warm. You know who you are, and I just want to say Thank You again for your generosity and your help to get her new coat shipped quickly. We love our GT Family. Today a box arrived addressed to Allie and Rocket. Their Uncle Mark and Cousin Face in Florida sent a whole box of toys! The photos are a little grainy as it was kind of dark in the house. The video says everything about this little girl who came to us in rough shape medically, and now shows you how she is back in charge of things after her recovery. I'm just going to share the link to the ICloud Album, so the photos may not be in any particular order. https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0LG6XBubLN8HJ
  10. I found this when I woke up from a nap this afternoon. Not sure what he's protesting....
  11. I found Rocket like this last night, sleeping right in front of my chair. He was zonked. I'm not sure what he did yesterday other than sleep, but he was sawing logs when I took this, and he never came to his bed in the bedroom until about 2 AM. Lambie apparently makes an excellent pillow.
  12. Gratuitous Rocket post. How do you take a walk when the temps are going into the 120's today, and in the 90's at 9 AM? You don't. You take Rocket to McD's for an Egg McMuffin. He says it was delicious!
  13. Time to post some topics and get the troll post moved off of the front page. Sorry this is vertical, thought I had the phone at the right angle but it must have been off a little.
  14. Every day when I make my lunch, the Cheese Tester shows up to make sure that the cheese on my sandwich is safe to eat. Excuse the dirty floor. Running the steam mop is on the to-do list. Eventually....
  15. Rocket had a rough week that included a vet visit on Friday to check out a leg that he's been limping on when he gets up from a bed or the floor. Not putting this in H&M because it's not really about the leg. During the vet visit, I muzzled him so the vet could examine the leg I was concerned about. The pain reaction he had when the vet checked his elbow was intense to say the least. I had to leave him there for few hours for sedation and an x-ray, as there was no way he was going to allow anyone near the leg without sedation. Long story short - there is what appears to be a bone chip or maybe a spur in the elbow. We are waiting on second opinions for the x-ray before deciding on surgery, treatment, etc. For now he;s on tramadol and it sems to be controlling the pain, as the limp went away in the last 24 hours. Rocket always takes a long time come out of anesthesia. Here's our boy, at home, stoned on Friday night. (He was fine - just stoned). Note the slightest hint of recognition at the words "ice cream," but it just wasn't registering.
  16. Looked over last night to see this. Let's see yours.( Well, not yours - your hounds in similar moments.)
  17. Rocket has company today including his very own mini-me. Meet Cricket. She is a GPA AZ Foster who is visiting us today. She is a pint-sized version of Rocket, and is actually a cousin on his Gable Dodge side of the family. (No - she isn't staying permanently. Rocket is less than amused.) Cricket, Rocket and Trolley doing what greyhounds do.
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