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Found 2 results

  1. I adopted a 3 year old male greyhound five days ago. First day went really well great on walks, toileting fine all was good. Second day started freezing on walks and sometimes refusing to go outside. Third day was difficult to get him to go far at all. Fourth day followed advice from the rescue centre about being firm and in control using gentle pressure on lead and we got on great all walks went well but then couldn't get him to go out last thing at night. This morning I managed eventually after his breakfast to get him to go out and then at 10.30am we went for another short walk. Since then he has gone to the back door several times and let me get us both ready but then he won't go out the door or will only stand on the step just outside the door. He won't even go down the steps into the garden so he hasn't been to the toilet for about 8 hours.
  2. We've had Victoria since June 2012 and we've gone through 4 different bags of food *buying the small ones so we can find out if she likes it or not*. She will tear it up in the beginning then it fizzles out. We've noticed that she's become I guess you could say not regular where she used to be. She's pooped in the kitchen 3 days this month so far and thats not normal. It's solid so I'm not concerned there. We thought we had it figured ou as we would take her food up at 9pm and then the next day she would do her business around noon, but maybeth at's not just the problem, I think she's also go tummy issues as far as the food. So, actually I have to questions. #1=Is there a such thing as regular pooping time? #2- I've seen the list/grades for the bags of food and I'm now just kind of lost on what to even get. We've tried Eagle (2 different flavors), Professional (Lamb) & now on to Natural Balance (Sweet Potato & Chicken). We know when she can't have it anymore due to the gas starts up. However now I know I've got to stop it as she's eating clovers and her poop...yeah smells like clovers. As soon as I change the food out we start the process all over again. We used to crate her while we were gone but have made it where she has run of the kitchen and only the kitchen. Honestly I'd rather clean messes up off linoleum then blankets. It's almost as if she knows she's done wrong because we open the back door and she's darting out it without eye contact as quickly as you can say hi. So anyone else with maybe food ideas on what to buy? Any suggestions are welcomed!
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