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Found 5 results

  1. Just two retired racers having a little chase: https://vm.tiktok.com/Xjj8mD/
  2. We have had our rescue greyhound Paddy for a week. This evening he got over excited and jumped on the sofa and went to nip at my youngest son (not aggressive, seems more playful) and nipped at my top. Later when my two sons were messing about on the sofa Paddy ran over and put his mouth on my youngest sons head, again it did not seem aggressive in any way just like he was trying to join in the play. I got in the between him and the boys and firmly said NO and he sheepishly backed off and lay down by the back door. Whilst there was no aggression on Paddy's part, it gave us all a bit of a fright. Does anyone have any experience of this? How should I address this behaviour?
  3. I discovered last night that BB is totally into the laser pointer. I was playing with the cats with it and next thing I know, she bumps her head into the babygate and REALLY wants in to get it. So I go into her space and let her chase it around for awhile. My question is, her play seemed more like prey drive with the laser pointer, compared to when she does zoomies and throws her stuffies around- will she want to go after the cats? She was interested in one of them last night after I put the pointer away, and perked her ears at the cat when he jumped the gate and moved like she was going to stand up off her bed. I immediately corrected her. So far she has been very low prey drive and still won't make eye contact with a cat, but I don't want to possibly teach her it's okay for her to 'hunt' things inside the house, if that's a possibility? Should I ditch the laser pointer?
  4. I have a 2.5 year old, smallish male (~65 lbs). I adopted him 2 months ago. He has virtually no prey drive that I can discern. He is terrified of my indoor cat, and shows no interest in cats or squirrels when outside. He has been exposed to large and small dogs. Very small dogs he sniffs and then completely ignores. He tends to ignore most larger dogs too, and any dog who wants to roughhouse. He is polite and tolerant of puppies but again will walk away if they get mouthy. His real preference for playmates are dogs who are a bit smaller than him, but not really small; in the 35-50 pound range. Most of the dogs in this category he will play-bow to and mutually chase back and forth. So long as they know to stop and play-bow back, or show their teeth to make him back off when they're finished, all is well. However, a few of these dogs (I would say maybe 15%) he will give chase to in a way that doesn't seem especially playful. These are dogs who tend to run very fast, are on the submissive side, and when he chases them they will not engage ... only tuck their tails and try to run away more. The trouble is, he's a greyhound and they can't outrun him. My dog has never bit or snapped at one of these dogs, but he does growl and he won't give up the chase until I grab his collar. Is this prey drive? Is this my dog being a bully? I hesitate to call it prey drive because he never exhibits that behavior toward any really small animals. But, maybe smaller animals just don't catch his attention because they don't run fast enough? But then again, if he thinks dogs of this size are "prey," why would he only bully 15% and play fine with the other 85%? I would like to break him of this habit if I can, but if it's prey drive I recognize that that may not be possible. If anyone has encountered behavior like this and can give me some insight that would be great. This is my first greyhound.
  5. Hello.... My name is Marc and we are on our second Grey. Our first was 14 years ago; we got her when she was 6 when she had been turned back in due to a divorce. She was great, but sadly, we lost her to cancer when she was 10. Now, our 2 kids are older and were great with our other dog (8 year old 30# cattle mix - also a rescue) that we have had for 6 years now. We had always wanted another greyhound, so figured this was a good time with the kids being older and able to help out. We ended up with Bogey, a 3 year old male back in April of last year. He has been great but had a devil of a time at the start with 'toddler' type behavior; no listening, counter surfing, standoffish at times - but an incredible love 99% of the time. Any aggression/not listening seemed to dissipate as the months passed - attributed to him just being fixed prior to him coming to our home - lots of remnant testosterone? One trait has remained and is becoming a major scare/issue. We know he has a HUGE prey drive and are ok with that - very cognizant of it and cautious. However, he has repeatedly shown a biting issue. When the kids are playing (play wrestling like kids do), and/or doing that with me, he will come from where ever he is/was and go to bite the head/face of the weakest member. He does not attack the largest, but usually the smallest. It almost seems like he is trying to play but doesn't know how. All very minor scratches - no gashes or anything and he sort of backs off when rebuffed by an adult--but not a full retreat. He has gotten away from my wife twice when he went to attack a small dog (2 times, 2 different dogs). Grabbed them by the neck, but was immediately pulled away with only minimal damage. He has 'played' aggressively with our other dog as well to the point that our other dog keeps his distance at times; at others, will walk under him and co-habitate well - but zero real bonding has occurred. It is almost like a switch goes off in his head. We have altered behavior to try to teach him. We tried 'doggy daycare' where he played fairly well with the other dogs and was only aggressive a bit. However, most recently, he was on the couch and the kids and I were playing. We were ever watchful of him and he was relaxed. As we continued to play, we were thinking he had grown and understood what was going on. Suddenly, he came off the couch, made a bee-line for my son (10 yrs old); we immediately stopped, stopped his approach, firmly redirected him, and he then turned and made a bee-line for my daughter, 5 feet away, who was not wrestling any more, by herself and just on her back on the floor. He 'bit' her forehead. I put 'bit' in quotes as again, not full bite as only a scratch, but his mouth was open and most of her forehead was in his mouth. We are at wits end. We love Bogey, but are scared at his 'switch' behavior. He gets walked 2 times a day at minimal. He has been given runs before all this major snow in the North east. And we have tired him out with doggy daycare - but none of this has stopped this switch behavior. My daughter, as well as the rest of us, will be crushed if we have to turn him in. Just wondering if he has to be an only dog with adults in the household? Or we are missing something. Please, please, please - let me know what else we can try as we are at the end of our rope and quite frankly scared. He is such a sweet love 99% of the time, but we can't keep this up as is. Thank you in advance. -Marc
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