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Found 5 results

  1. Yes, my new grey from Birmingham has hookworms. I am following the vets protocol for chronic hookworm because they returned after the initial treatment. That is not my question - but it is relevant because we have a lot of Panacur doses ahead of us in the coming months. My problem involves the Panacur causing extreme itching (a known side effect) in my hound. She was up all night licking and biting herself. I finally gave her a Benadryl at 1 am, and then another this morning at 7 am. Those have seemed to help for a while. Does anyone have experience with this side effect and any advice? I have contacted the rescue and they have contacted the vet to see what they suggest - but in the meantime I thought I would see if anyone else has had the problem and has any suggestions. Thx.
  2. Hello, We have hooks and diarrhea and have gone through multiple treatments of Panacur and one treatment of Drontal Plus. Reading through some posts, there seems to be some vets that have put them on long term treatment of Panacur, etc. Could anyone tell me what your protocol was that finally rid your grey of these vile parasites? Thanks in advance!
  3. UGH! Brought another fecal sample to the vet yesterday. Good news is that they didn't find any hookworm eggs (keeping fingers cross that it's not a false negative), but they did find what looks to be whipworm eggs. I say "looks to be" because the vet said that they are similar to what whipworm eggs look like, but they have never seen the worm eggs that Brady has up here in the NE. They sent the rest of his fecal sample to a lab for analysis, and I should hear back today or tomorrow morning. The vet did say that whipworms are just as hard to get rid of as hookworms (great) and take several rounds to get rid of them, but we've already done four rounds of Panacur (which the vet said is standard treatment for whipworms). Does anyone have any experience in treating whipworms? I did a search on GT, but all I could find were posts about hookworm (SEVERAL) and roundworm (one).
  4. Hi all. Sorry about yet another hookworm post, but I'm wondering whether the symptoms of hookworm typically get worse before getting better. For those of you who have experience treating dogs with hookworm infestations, what was your experience once treatment began? I know some of you have said it took MONTHS to get rid of them and your dogs had bloody diarrhea and vomiting, but did it start out that way and gradually get better or did it seem to get worse before getting better? I spoke with the vet yesterday to give her an update and told her that Brady's diarrhea is worse than ever (marbled rust/orange colored and very wet/slimy/gelly like) and he wasn't feeling well when he got up yesterday (ran outside and started eating grass while wimpering with gurgling sounds coming from his belly). She said she wants to see him Monday and that she will check his stool and do standard bloodwork on him to see if it could possibly be something other than symptoms of hookworm. I really hope his bloodwork comes back normal. For those who haven't read my previous posts, we've been treating Brady for hookworms since May 13 (adopted him on May 10) with Panacur every three weeks, but lately we've been giving it to him every two weeks. He's on a bland diet, on Flagyl, and FortiFlora. With the exception of the FortiFlora, we have seen improvement in the past with both the bland diet and Flagyl, but it doesn't last. I'm definitely going to discuss trying another dewormer with the vet. Other than Drontal Plus, what other dewormers work well treating hookworms? Thanks in advance for any insight/help you can provide. This is so very frustrating and I feel so bad for Brady!
  5. Poor Hutch. When we got our boys in early March, we were told that Hutch had been treated for hookworms. Three weeks after that, they were back with a vengeance. The vet prescribed three more rounds of Panacur. We finished the last round a couple of weeks ago. Hutch woke up this morning with a rumbly tummy and has vomited, mostly grass, but it almost looked like it was blood-tinged. He also had the runs. Uh-oh. Sure sounds like the hookworms are back - again. We will take a stool sample to the vet in the morning. So my question - if you have dealt with hooks, how long did it take to get rid of them? Is it possible that Panacur doesn't work in some cases? What are the alternatives? Hutch and Tibbs are sleeping paw-to-paw right now, something Hutch never allows (and usually growls at his brother when he gets too close), so he must be feeling badly to want his brother so close. Poor baby.
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