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  1. Our galgo is here! He came home yesterday morning and spent the entire day sleeping on his new bed. Today he's a bit more alert, some restlessness and whining occasionally as he gets his bearings. He's incredibly gentle and unobtrusive, likes the kids and hasn't bothered to do much with our current dog (they're being kept apart, just outside together for potty breaks-- he's kept on a leash). He seems very interested in squirrels-- definitely going to invest in that six foot fence next spring!-- and is learning to keep his paws off the counter tops, lol. Overall, a delightful guy! The rescue he's from does a 2 week evaluation period before making adoption final, but so far, so good on our end. I'm super impressed by his social skills, especially considering he's lived in rescue for nearly his whole life. We're still working on a name... Fred, Nigel, and Asa are our favorites so far. I hope I successfully figured out how to share photos! He's a cute little goofball! https://ibb.co/tB4CTwS https://ibb.co/C7kw20D https://ibb.co/41DYHqn
  2. Hello! My name is Genevieve and my husband Michael and I have just fostered our first greyhound fresh off the track from Tijuana. Her race name is Boltz but since we're planning on adopting her we've given her the name Xena, after our favorite warrior princess. Michael and I had been wanting a dog for a very long time but until recently we'd been living in apartments with no-dog rules. Then in October we were finally able to buy our first house, a 2k sq ft 2-story with a yard and a pool, which for LA is no small feat! It's super exciting and we are loving this new life. We already had one kitty, an older male named Mr. Tumnus who is my baby. Seriously, I've had him longer than I've known my husband, haha! And more recently we rescued a stray 4 mo old kitten named Westley. We started the process with Fast Friends, a local greyhound adoption agency, back in December but it turned out that adoption rates were high and they ran out of dogs! Last week I got a call from the adoption coordinator that we could come help out with a retirement day and start out fostering with the goal of adoption if we were up for the challenge. My husband and I have had dogs all our lives and I'm an amateur animal trainer so even though we have no greyhound experience, we were definitely up for it. On Saturday we went out to retirement day and got to help freshly retired dogs through the process. They got bathed, nail trimmed, vetted, had their pictures taken, and then went through a small animal test. I saw Boltz/Xena and I immediately fell in love with her. She was so calm and gentle but so eager for affection and loved everyone who came to greet her. I also have such a soft spot for brindles! She also passed her small animal test with flying colors, which was very important for us with our two kitties. At the end of the day we got to take her home and it was magical! It's been very interesting helping a dog learn to be a pet rather than a racing machine but so rewarding and everything is going very well! Tumnus is being a very chill old man cat and Xena is much more scared of him than he is of her (she got swatted by one of the cats during her test, haha) and frankly she's pretty happy just staying out of his way. He rules the house and she seems to have figured that out very quickly! As for Westley, he's still a skittish kitten and he's stayed upstairs which I'm totally fine with. We put a dog gate on the stairs so it's a doggy off-limits area and Westley has had no reason to come down. Eventually we'll get them acquainted and we need to work with him to make sure he won't try to run, but otherwise everything is going great!
  3. Guest

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi Everyone, I am excited to say that I have just started the adoption process! I will be going to the foster home on Saturday to meet a few dogs! I will give you a little background on myself. I have only had Newfoundlands forever and have loved my time with them, but I something has drawn me to Greyhounds. They seem to be the same temperment as what I am used to with a lot less grooming! Lol! I have come to a time in my life where heading to an empty nest and I have the time to dedicate to helping a rescue dog acclimate to life. I don't want to start at the puppy stage and I have never rescued a dog so this will be my first rescue. I also really miss walking with my dog and going on trail hikes (my current Newf is 10 and feeling his age. He has a few medical issues one of which is that he can only walk about a block without it bothering his back). I have researched gh and have gone to meet and greets at local pet supply events, so I feel like I am ready. I am looking for a female because I think my dog will get along better with one. What should I be looking for when I go to the rescue foster home on Saturday? Any specific questions I should be asking? I would appreciate any advice from you and look forward to starting my gh adventure!
  4. Long time reader, but this is my first post. Grateful to have such a robust and knowledgeable Greyhound community to follow and learn from. GT has helped us through many questions. Such as cuts, scrapes, our recent dental - and will he ever stop staring at my food plate (um noooooooo!) Raj has been with me for 6 years (hes almost 8 & on the big side of greys) and is my first retired racer. Ive spent the last 6 years falling in LOVE with Raj and the breed. Hes such a sweet angel and such a good boy. Just maybe a teencey bit spoiled. ;-) Once I figure out how to post pics, Ill add some of him of course!
  5. Greetings everyone! I am thrilled beyond belief to introduce Rocky, a beautiful, big, shiny black boy who joined our family yesterday. His racing name was Rock A By Montoya and he raced at Bluffs Run in Council Bluffs Iowa until the fall. Thanks to the nice people at Heartland Greyhound Adoption and a great foster Mom, he has found his forever home!!! We haven't had any problems so far-or nothing you wouldn't expect. He has marked a few times in the house and is concerned about walking on the wood floor in our kitchen. He is hesitant on stairs and pulls on the leash. All will easily be corrected with some fun and gentle training. Already on this morning's walk he was making great progress with the leash and he hasn't marked again today (that we know of). We have a 7 year old whippet who is mixed with just a little bit of something else (pointer?) and a 3 1/2 year old daughter and Rocky seems great with both, though we are using caution. He is a vel-cro dog to be sure and his tail never stops wagging. I just tried briefly putting him in his crate and he was whining and slamming at the door after 6 minutes, so we'll have to work on that. A little about me: past pets have included another whippet besides our current dog, as well as an Italian Greyhound but this is our first time driving the SUV! I have wanted a grey since I was in junior high school and let's just say that was several years ago. We just moved into a larger home with a big fenced yard so we knew it was time. I am involved with Therapy Dogs, Inc. and hope Rocky will be some day too. I used to be an instructor for the Nebraska Humane Society's Manners "N" more obedience classes, though time no longer permits me to do that. Hopefully this background will help me with Rocky. We are really enjoying seeing the world through new eyes. He is so intrigued by everything and so incredibly sweet. Of course, advice, tips, suggestions, etc are very welcome!!! I will post pictures as soon as I figure it out! Looking forward to getting to know all of you. Susan and Rocky
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