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Found 3 results

  1. Has anyone had any experience with Sentinel Spectrum for their greyhound? We are thinking of switching from Heartgard + and Frontline + to Sentinel and a Preventic tick collar. Any and all advise will be appreciated.
  2. This actually is about my mixed breed girl and not Rudy but I hope it's okay if I ask here. My elderly girl Tasha needs to be on medication that doesn't come in a chewable form. She's the most difficult dog I've ever had when it comes to pilling. She chews anything into tiny bits and so hiding it in something just won't work. She is finicky about anything weird tasting so in the past crushing and putting in yogurt etc.hasn't really worked either. She clamps her jaw like a vice and I have to struggle to get her mouth open with one hand and get the pill in with the other. Then while I hold her mouth shut she will shake her head and even swallow and gulp, but when I let go half the time the pill gets spit right out. Sometimes she seems to swallow it and later I will find the thing somewhere else in the house. Apparently she'd rather cheek and taste the thing for awhile than swallow it. It's beyond frustrating! Anyone have any tips or tricks for a difficult piller? I only wish she were as easy as Rudy. With him I can wrap it in a piece of lunch meat and down the hatch it goes.
  3. I searched for "flea remedies" and found 4 conversations, but some are from 2007-2009. Frontline still works for me, but some of our locals are experiencing immunities to it. Any of you? I know there is a new oral medication out there but I know nothing about it or whether vets with greyhound knowledge approve its use. AND- does it cover ticks, too? Or would I have to put tick collars back on all 7 kids when the season hits our forests? Cara and the Northcoast Greyhounds
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