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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all! We have had our greyhound for almost two months now and things are going great! We took her to the vet and the only issue we found was that she does have hookworms and we are on medication for that and she still has an occasional accident but way less than when we first got her. One thing we noticed is that her skin is looking pink and she seems to lick it a lot. Normally she has tiny little nicks on her leg/feet and she licks those occasionally but this is different as it is her whole foot or her leg and her skin looks pink. Any ideas? Or am I just overthinking?
  2. Hi All! I adopted my greyhound, Bubba, in Dec 2016. Since around October 2017, he has been excessively licking his bottom when I'm not watching him or at work. I took him to a few different vets and heard everything from possible growth to just sore from licking. They expressed his anal glands and said they needed to be expressed at the time but I am growing tired of these large vet bills. He is now on Hill's prescription I/D digestive care food, a dollop of canned pumpkin and I give him pumpkin ginger chews as treats now instead of milkbones. His poop is fine and he has a normal appetite, sometimes skips a meal here and there but usually scarfs down at least two cups a day. Nothing has changed since October- what could this be?? I looked under his tail tonight and the lump was licked red and had a bit of bruising on it. It's a small lump perfectly above his anus and at the base of the tail. There was a slight fishy smell and it looked like yellow (leftover poo/discharge?) something around his anus. Also, at the beginning of January, he has started peeing in the house. He has been very housebroken and I am gone almost 9 hours each day and he never had accidents. We have a set schedule that has worked for him. They are very small spots and sometimes multiple spots. Today when I got home, there were many small spots on the carpet. I took him to the vet for a possible UTI and the lab results/urinalysis was fine. She said we could X-ray for kidney stones but I have spent over $1000 on vet bills already to figure out what might be wrong. I'm absolutely desperate between these two issues. He is my best friend in the world and all I really have; I will do anything to help him get better but I'm at a loss right now. Any advice is so appreciated.
  3. Stu came to us with a quarter sized spot on his front leg, about half way up where he skinned it on a kennel door and took out a small chunk. The wound is clean and doesn't bleed or ooze, but Stu wants to lick it for forever. I've been putting a small gauze pad with vet wrap around his leg, but he licks so much that the bandage eventually slides down enough for him to get at it. I correct him whenever I catch him licking, but within a few moments he goes back to it. Any idea how I can keep it covered so that it can heal without him licking? I don't want to wrap his whole leg in vet wrap for such a small wound, but that's all I can think of.
  4. So, Billy's acting strange. It's hot outside, but it's been hot, so nothing different. I swear, he seems... depressed? I guess the reason I say this is a couple things, and they may seem ridiculous, but they're totally out of character for him. First, he doesn't want to rooooo with me. He ALWAYS wants to roo, and we go on forever. I barely got a short one out of him this morning. Second, he's been laying around all day. He hasn't barked to go out at all. Plus, he's laying on the floor, instead of on the sofa. Very strange. Third, he's doing a LOT of "boy part" licking. Like, I have to keep telling him to nock it off. I've checked his wiener, and the surrounding area, and I don't see anything wrong. He's still very gassy. He's had a total of three gas x. One a day for three days. My Probiotics are coming. He ate this morning, and has had a good bit of water. Pee peed at least once. He IS a seizure dog, and is on Kbr and Phenobarbital. Plus a thyroid med. (Pheno and thyroid 2x a day. Kbr 1x a day) His meds have never affected him like this though. He also nipped at my daughter's little dog today, which he's never done. Can anyone shed any light on this? I'm worried about him, but don't know if it warrants a vet visit. Thanks.... Tina
  5. Lately, Aston has been paying more attention than usual to his butt -- the past few weeks. At first, it looked like he was licking along the same path that he uses when he washes himself after a potty walk. However, he kept up with the frequency for some days, so I took him to the vet a week and a half ago. The vet expressed his anal glands, but they were fine; otherwise, she said that his flea meds might not be effective anymore (Advantix II). She said that rather than switching to a new med right away, I should use up the rest of what I have on hand, but give it more frequently than 1x/month if needed -- I just gave him our last dose on 8/11. So... He's still been licking himself off/on this week, and nothing seemed too out of sorts until I saw this tonight (how I managed not to notice it on his walk, I don't know; however, when I did notice it, it was when he had just been licking, so it looked more inflamed): His left side looks normal (complete with the bald section that you can see at the bottom of the above photo), and he hasn't bothered with the left side at all. (edit: it's a little harder to make out with the washout effect of the flash, but he has pimply-looking bumps on the right side of the lick-balding area, and another such bump on the left side of that area) Does this look like flea dermatitis? I sense another vet visit in the future... poor buddy
  6. My male grey, Elliott, has been licking his bum non-stop (mostly in the mornings, but at other times off and onn) for the last week or so. He was at the vet's a couple of weeks ago to have a corn removed, and when he was there, we had his anal glands expressed. His poos look normal and he doesn't have fleas. He's not just licking his anus, rather all around his rear end. He usually licks the most in the morning before his first walk. He refuses to go out in our yard with our girl after breakfast to take care of business, and will wait until he gets a walk at around 9:30 AM. He would always rather do his business on walks (he gets three a day)and only uses the yard as a last resort. So I wonder if he may be licking because he needs to eliminate, but is holding it waiting for a walk. Is this something you think I should get him to the vet for, or just wait another week or so? Any opinions as to why he is doing it?
  7. Doug started chewing and licking a focused area of his mid-tail two days ago, and it quickly started looking red, raw, and sore. I tried wrapping it in a strip of fabric yesterday, but he consistently managed to push the fabric off and get back to nibbling on the area. Today, when taking a closer look, he yelped when I pressed gently on it. (Poor dude!) I cleaned the spot with non-sting alcohol wipes, smeared it with antibacterial gel, and wrapped it in gauze and tape. I'm also trying my best to catch him when he starts investigating the area. Anything else I should do? Is there a point when I should take the matter to the vet?
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