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Found 5 results

  1. Nutmeg, age 13, has been showing a fine (small movement) tremor for several days. You can't see the movement, but when you put your hand on any part of her, you could feel the fine trembling, when she is standing, walking, and lying down. 24/7. Temperature doesn't seem to affect it. I can't tell any change in behavior -- eating has actually increased, and she moseys out in the yard on her own and with me, as usual. Last night and this morning the tremor seems a little better. Nutmeg has lumbrosacral stenosis (LS) and arthritis. She gets 100 mg gabapentin 2x/day and 100 mg tramadol 2x/day. I can't find any mention online of LS with tremor, or tremor as a side effect of either med. In fact, gabapentin is a med given to control essential (benign) tremor. Any experiences here with it, or ideas, before I take her to the vet? Untypically awkward bed fail, but cute pj's
  2. Sorry this is long. I couldn't update my original post regarding KiKi. It is not looking good for my old girl and I am afraid I will be saying goodbye to her towards the end of next week or whenever my husband gets back to London from the US. About four weeks ago KiKi started acting like she wasn't feeling well and was getting weaker in her back end, almost to the point she couldn't stand on her own from a lying position. She also started not eating much…which I attributed to pain. She was diagnosed with LS about 1.5 years ago when we were living in Chicago. She had been on 50mg Rimadyl bid and 100mg Gabapentin bid which she was tolerating well until this point. I figured she just turned 12 and it was about time we upped her meds since she had been on this regimen for quite some time. Monday, Feb 17th I took her in because she was really struggling to get up from a lying position. It had been over a year since her last x-rays (in Chicago) and this is a new vet for us in London so she wanted to get a new set just to rule out any tumor, etc on her spine. She could tell she was really hurting. Tuesday afternoon I took her in for the x-rays. Not much new other than the narrowing between L3-4 and then L5-S1. However, she had significant back spasms, even while sedated for the x-rays. Plan was to increase her meds. ( Stopped Rimadyl, added 200mg Tramadol bid, and upped Gabapentin to 200mg bid).Got her home and a few hours later she shifted in bed and her back leg was wet; she had urinated. I figured the incontinence was due to the sedative they gave her. Through the night she ended up incontinent 3 more times. Called the vet Wednesday morning and we figured either manipulating her cause inflammation and may have impinged the nerve even more, so we were going to give it a couple days. Throughout the day she increased her water intake and needed to pee often. Around 5 I took her out and she just so happened to pee on a painted strip in the road and I noticed blood. Went to the vet and picked up a sample collection and got a sample…super red. Started her on an antibiotic and then sent it off for culture. So from Wed-Monday she only ate about 1.5C of food on her own and most of that was on Sunday. I force fed her a bit but she just would not eat. I took her in Feb 25th for an antibiotic injection (since she wasn't eating) and got a B12 shot to increase her appetite and drew labs. Vet called the next morning and her creatinine (117 umol/l) and phosphate (1.64 mmol/l) were slightly high and her calcium was low (2.22 mmol/l); liver values were high ALP (177 u/l@37C) and ALT (111 u/l@37C); and we were waiting on labs for pancreatitis (which ended up negative). So I had to take her in for an IV the next two days to try and get her phosphorus levels down. By this time she had lost just over 6 pounds. She has continued not to eat since then. The only food she gets is the food I force feed her (which sounds more barbaric than it is and she tolerates me doing it), however, it is still not enough nutrition for her and she has now lost just over 10lbs. She has zero appetite and will turn her head away from any food that is placed in front of her. I have tried ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to entice her. She is a very fussy eater when she feels well and does not eat food that any normal dog would devour. There has been no vomiting or diarrhea. Her stools are a little loose and sort of orangish colored…soft due to the new diet and the color I'm not sure why. I took another urine sample in on Monday and it was still full of blood. She had acupuncture for her back on Tuesday and then Wed I took her back to the vet for x-rays of her bladder and kidneys and a scope of her bladder. They ended up just doing an ultrasound and saw nothing so didn't proceed to put her through any more. I will preface this by saying I do not like this vet….but I have had to ask for everything so far that they have done or given KiKi. He wanted to just refer us to an orthopedic doc for her back, for which I told him even if they could do surgery, she is too old and I am not going to put her through that. I then had to ask if we could start a different antibiotic because clearly this one wasn't cutting it after 2 weeks. I also asked for some medication to coat her stomach in case she had an ulcer or just felt sick from all the meds. He agreed and it has been almost 48 hours with the new meds and no improvement. As I said, we are in London without a car so it is hard to transport her around to find other vets and she stresses so much going to them I don't think she needs the added stressor. At this time, she is having a very difficult time walking and I have to support her when she potties. She is drinking water but will not eat at all on her own. I know it is time to say goodbye but my husband is in the states waiting for his visa and passport so he can get back into London. She is comfortable (except for when she has to walk) and I can still get some nutrition into her. So as soon as he gets back we will spend a little time together and then say goodbye. I am a mess and I don't think I have ever cried so much in my life. Her little body is just giving out on her.
  3. I checked the Adequan website today to see if there was any news on availability, and was pleased to see this update, dated 8/1/13: "Luitpold has been working closely with the Food and Drug Administration to assure that Adequan® is made available as soon as possible. As a result of these efforts, we have been able to revise our target date for product availability from our original estimate of the first quarter 2014. We now anticipate release of Adequan® products to the market beginning in late August, 2013." Full press release: http://www.adequan.com/pdf/AHD011AdequanPR_8_1_13_CVM_Luiptold.pdf ETA: Coincidentally, I just got an email from them with the update as well. I forgot I had signed up for email updates, and checked the website today because Badger is due for his shot so I was thinking about the shortage. I've got a couple of doses left, so depending on how long it takes to get from "release to the market" out to end users, it looks like we'll be OK.
  4. I just got back from taking Zuri to his ortho for his LS recheck and to discuss whether we want to amputate the dislocating toe. First of all, I am so thrilled with what he had to say about Zuri's LS! He thought Zuri looked great, his muscle mass along his spine had improved dramatically from when we first went in for this issue, his hindquarter muscles were developed and even (the same size) when he measured him (he said this is pretty uncommon so especially good to hear), and most importantly, when he did the test to push on his back end Zuri barely flinched. When we went for our initial visit, he sunk nearly into a sit pretty much immediately when the vet applied pressure there. So basically, he told us to just keep doing what we're doing**. He didn't feel that we need to add any medications and actually suggested that I take him off of the Robaxin and start giving it "as needed" and gave me some specific ways to guage when that was. As for the toe, I have permission to let him rip in terms of running at the dog park, on hikes, etc. except I am to wrap his foot beforehand (DUH!). Hopefully the wrap will prevent the toe from popping out again, in which case we're all set. If it pops out despite being wrapped, then we will likely remove it. He said we would probably remove the entire toe, but he will leave the pad there to provide some protection. So basically, I couldn't be happier with the visit. I honestly thought went in thinking we'd be putting Zuri on more medication, but he felt like the slight LS symptoms we still see (namely hesitating sometimes to jump up or go up stairs) and his slightly tucked behind when he stands are more protective rather than signs that his pain is not managed. So yay. **For those of you who don't know Z's history and are dealing with a dog with LS, what we did was physical therapy first to address muscle spasms he was having in his groin and spine using cold laser therapy, massage, and home exercises and then when he was doing better we switched to underwater treadmill sessions. We gradually built up the amount of time and speed in the treadmill for those visits and then when he was doing better, we started to extend the amount of time in between sessions. Finally, we stopped doing those in the spring when the weather warmed enough for us to resume longer hillier hikes and off leash time on hikes and in the dog park. We used Robaxin on and off throughout to deal with the muscle spasms he had from overcompensation.
  5. Good morning. I am looking for any suggestions to help my 12.10 year old male Greyhound Casey. He has had a hard life but came to me at 7 weeks old as an oops puppy. He is very dear to our hearts and want to help him in every way we can. Does anyone know of a Greyhound that has ever used doogy wheels and if so what kind?? His latest surgery on 3/13/13 was for: Decompressive dorsal laminectomy. Herniated type II intervertevral disc material was present at L7-S1 resulting in nerve root compression. Spinal cord tissue appeared normal. A large amount of disc material was removed from the spinal canal at L7-S1. The spinal cord appeared well decompressed prior to completion of the surgery. Tests/procedures performed: CBC Serumchemistary- midly increased ALT, midly increased creatinine, consistant with previous blood work (stable) Urinalysis: Adeqautely concentrated sample, 3+sample MRI whole spine: Dorsal intervertebral disk protrusion at L7-S1 causing modetate nerve root and forminal nerve root compression, Multilevel degenerative intervertebral disc disease with mild to moderate dorsal prottusions Urine Culture T3/T4 On thyroid meds .3 soloxine 2 times a day Other meds he is currently on are: SamE Tramadol 50 mg 3 times a day Gabapentin 300 mg 2 times a day L-Carnitine 1000 2 times a day glucosamine/chonfrointin 6 weeks after surgery he cannot get up himself nor walk. My husband picks him up and carries him outside to do his business about 3 times a day. He is bright and alert and eats well (what he wants anyway). Yesterday our regular vet had a consult wiht the neuroligist at Virginia Tech where his surgery was performed. Basic out come was nothing else could be done and he started 20 mg prednisone 1 time a day along with pepcid AC 2-3 times a day. Does anyone have any suggestions on what else we can do? I am also looking for anyone who has ever tried doggy wheels. He is the type thay wants nothing on him even a winter coat. The vet suggested Kerdog. Looks great but way to much stuff there. I want him to be able to join the family again. Now he lies on our bed all day and just out 3 times a day. He does stand but jsut can;t seem to walk. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!!!!!!!!!
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