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Found 4 results

  1. I started feeding Percy IAMS adult large breed green bag toward the end of May and his poop definitely improved. I had a 15 lb bag, so it didn't last long. I got a new 30 lb bag and started that in early June. His poop immediately got softer and really runny at times. The bad was really really bad and the good wasn't as good as it had been. And there was a lot more bad than good. And he was gassy. I contacted IAMS and asked if they changed the formula. I had noticed the new bag had multi-shade kibble where the old bag was all the same color. Yes, they changed the formula in 2017. Here's part of the email I got: We are so incredibly sorry to hear about this experience. Our IAMS® PROACTIVE HEALTH™ Adult Large Breed dog food has had no formula changes since 2017. At that time natural (Caramel) color was added to create the dual-colored kibbles. We also added fruits and vegetables such as spinach, beets, peas, carrots, apples and blueberries. She asked for more information about when I bought the food, the best buy date, etc. Unfortunately, the product code number and best buy date are nowhere to be found. Must have been at the top of the bag where I cut it off to open it. I remember when I switched from Kirkland to IAMS and I compared the ingredients. I definitely didn't remember there being blueberries, apples, peas, etc. I distinctly remember noticing that Kirkland seemed "better" because it had that stuff. So I think maybe the fruits and/or veggies are not good. Kirkland has carrots, peas, dried kelp, apples, cranberries. No blueberries, no spinach. He didn't do as well on that, so maybe fruit is a problem. I noticed the ingredients on the mini-chunks didn't have fruit and veggies, so I asked the person if that was up to date and I may try switching to that. But sheesh, I want my money back. I did start adding olewo carrots to Percy's food last night and it's made a vast difference. Even his afternoon poop was excellent today.
  2. I know a lot of people feed Iams here so check to make sure your food isn't on the list! http://theilovedogssite.com/urgent-2-major-dog-food-brands-issue-recall/
  3. Looks like P&G is shopping for a buyer for IAMs pet food. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-10-23/p-g-seen-enticing-del-monte-foods-to-iams-deal-real-m-a.html
  4. Hello everybody. I've had my Galgo Stannis for over two months now and after some ups and downs and with the help of Joyce we finally solved Stannis runny poo problem. After the fasting and a white rice+cottage cheese we transitioned him into eating Costco's Lamb and Rice kibble and he was loving it, no farts (maybe one a day), finishing his bowl without looking away and cleaning it every time and really looking forward to feeding time jumping and moving his tail. But at some point after going through more than half of the bag, he started again with runny poo, so I decided to try the magical "Iams green bag" solution after reading how many other greyhound owners have solved the runny poo issues even after trying grain free and some other of the best quality kibble out there, and he was liking the combination of half costco half iams, but he stopped being that enthusiastic about it after eating all of my double egg sandwich (my entire breakfast) when I left it unattended for a while, and he did this just 1 hour after his 3 cups breakfast, ever since that day hes not that interested in kibble anymore and today he only ate half a cup in the morning. I've tried giving him the kibble dry, soaked in water, with little water, and nothing works. From day 1 we gave him his kibble really wet like a cereal, but about 3 weeks ago we managed to teach him to chew his kibble so he could have better teeth and he was doing it without a problem. I had him neutered 1 week ago, so we haven't taken him out on walks yet and we have to wait about 3 or 4 more days until we can do it again. I don't know if that has something to do with it. He had tape worm and we gave him drontal about a month ago, perhaps is time for a second dose? Somebody also told me that their dogs don't eat when it is to hot, is that the case with some greyhounds too? (I live in Tijuana Mexico, which is right at the border with San Diego CA, we've had a good heat wave this last few weeks) Any advice? should I just give him time until he figures he's not eating egg sandwiches for breakfast anymore?
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