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Found 7 results

  1. Any nutritionists in the house?? We're feeling a bit overwhelmed by the recent recommendation by our vet to put our grey (4yo male) on a hydrolyzed diet. He was found to have low levels of folate and cobalamin; he wasn't/isn't really having notable GI symptoms but had lost some weight so on a hunch they tested his absorption along with a bunch of other things [other tests negative/normal]. So they've recommended supplements as well as trying a hydrolyzed (veterinary) diet for a while to let his gut heal up. Now I'm hitting a wall in my research and having a hard time finding good answers to my questions; so I'm hoping someone here might be able to weigh in. Especially since we can't really talk to the vet again until Monday. There are a limited number vet diets, and they all seem to either be hydrolyzed chicken or hydrolyzed soy. He had previously been on chicken food (stupid, in hindsight, but with no obvious bowel issues we had no reason to change it), so I'm wary of chicken as it is more likely to be something he's sensitive to. Is this a logical assumption? Or is it moot because it's hydrolyzed? The truly burnin question: I've noticed some of these vet foods have other, plant proteins (usually potato or pea) that are not hydrolyzed. Does this not matter? Is it only animal protein that really matters?? What about the protein in grains and other non-animal sources (thinking about treats)? Does all the protein need to be hydrolyzed for this kind of diet to work?? I've also found one food with hydrolyzed protein that actually isn't prescription-only, and is much more affordable - which is hard to ignore. It also gets a lot closer to nutrient percentages that we'd like him to be at, but maybe those are too much for a dog in this situation? This food also has peas, which do contain protein and it's not hydrolyzed. Should this option be dismissed out of hand because it's not a prescription food? https://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore/product/wholehearted-grain-free-skin-and-coat-care-pea-and-salmon-recipe-dry-dog-food#pdp-ingredients Does anyone have any experience with these foods? Any knowledge or experience to share? Grateful to any and all
  2. Thought I'd share the recipe I've been making for my dogs - switching to this from a commercial chicken-based kibble caused a complete turn-around for my Doris, whose Inflammatory Bowel Disease just about destroyed a big chunk of her stomach and caused constant vomiting. Not only can she keep her food down now, and has put weight back on, but her appetite and joy for eating has returned. She was always a chow hound and the IBD made her so sad and gloomy, regarding mealtimes. She's back to her old self with this food, jumping and wagging and so thrilled to gobble it up. My other grey also goes through periods of pickiness and aversion to whatever commercial food I try, and since I've started this mix, he's a total enthusiastic eater too. (I should add that Doris also takes meds - metronidazole and omeprazole - so it's not only the diet that has helped. Also, after feeding this exclusively for a bit, I started to integrate it with kibble (novel protein-based, like salmon or lamb) because I couldn't keep up with the demand and I feel like it covers more bases and is also better for their teeth to have something crunchy.) Just thought I'd share - maybe there's something useful in here for someone else, either for meals or snacks, and I'd also love feedback and comments from others who make their own food, or whose dogs have IBD. I know I'll probably need to keep adjusting to keep up with her IBD symptoms. https://youtu.be/d9Rlqx2kjS8
  3. I posted last month about my girl's constant bout with loose stools. She was prescribed tylan 400 mg 2x/daily. She's been taking this pretty consistently but still has bowel issues. Rarely are they solid. I've tried boiled rice & chicken and she will eat it then ignore the chicken. She loves chicken broth, canned Castor & Pollux turkey or chicken w/ veggies with Simply Nourish senior kibble. She's lost several pounds and I'm at the point of either getting blood work to verify pancreatic issues or....??? Luckily, she hasn't had any accidents in the house, but needs to go within 30-60 minutes after eating. Any advice? Greys have such sensitive GI tracts, however, hers has been affected possibly by chemo meds.
  4. My 11yr old girly was seen 11/30 for a variety of issues, mainly my questioning pancreatitis from her previous bloodwork results when seen by the oncologist and a torn dew claw. Her vet suspects pancreatitis related GI problems. He prescribed a bland diet of boiled chicken and rice including metronidazole. She's been eating this diet for two weeks and finished the meds but still has loose bowels, this can be a side effect, but I had hoped this would resolve sooner. I suppose it takes several days. ??? Anyone experience this? I found she needs to eat at least 3-4 breast halves per day. Not all the rice gets eaten and I hope the powdered probiotic sprinkled on her food is consumed as well. Am I worrying unnecessarily?
  5. Doris has been having regurgitating issues since the spring, and last week we came to the end of the diagnostic road with an endoscopy (after x-rays, barium swallow, ultrasound). She had been bringing up her food and water daily, sometimes twice daily, and had no appetite, and things were not moving through her at the normal pace, even on motility drugs. When I spoke to the specialist after the endoscopy last Thursday, he said he thought Inflammatory Bowel Disease in her bowel, and then there as a large, bloody growth/tumor in her stomach wall. He took biopsies but it seemed like all signs were pointing to stomach cancer. He called today, and it's not cancer!! Praise God! It's a severe case of IBD, severe enough that he believes it has caused the stomach problem...and that with the proper medication and diet to manage IBD, the stomach wall could even heal up. So she will start Prilosec and anti-inflammatories, and after 2 weeks, reassess and possibly steroids. I also started changing her diet to homemade this past weekend, and giving her very small portions every 1-2 hours instead of a few big meals...and she has not regurgitated since Sunday morning. Moreover, Doris has always been obsessed with food, loves food, moreso than most normal dogs...and for the last few months, she hasn't wanted any part of it. Since I've been giving her the homemade stuff (complete with smelly fish and broccoli, her fave) and since she's not been throwing up after ever meal, she is back to eating voraciously and enthusiastically, so excited at mealtimes, standing and watching me cook. It does my momma heart good. (She was on Kirkland chicken and rice, and I'm thinking I should stay away from chicken for her in case that was an allergen/problem...will probably switch her brother too.) I feel like I have a new lease on life. I really felt like we were giving a death sentence Thursday (the vet sounded pessimistic Thursday) and I was devastated. Now I feel like I could jump the moon! God exceeded my expectations... I'd love suggestions from anyone dealing with IBD on diet...
  6. Hi, for reference for others who may go through the same thing, I just wanted to post the findings of the autopsy for my baby Red. My original post of his illness was titled Very Sick Grey...advice Needed Not Sure How To Proceed Or If To Procee just in case anyone is trying to look it up later. So here goes..... I am cutting and pasting from another message forgive me if it seems disjointed but I've written it several times. For Red it apparently was all intestinal and there was no immune response seen so it wasn't allergy, autoimmune or infection. They biopsied several areas of the intestine, kidney, liver, spleen and possibly other tissues but it all was so overwhelming I might've missed something. My vet said there was absolutely nothing we could've done even if we'd known. One of the vets in my greyhound adoption group lost her dog a few months ago to this exact condition I'm about to describe...she recognized it earlier than I did (by a month) but still couldn't save her girl. The overall rundown is he had a combination of intestinal conditions that were unrecoverable. If we had known ahead of time it was going to happen there was still no way to stop it and no way to save him. The conditions he had were a "perfect trifecta" all bowel related and it was going to happen no matter what........it was a train wreck of unknown causes and totally out of our hands... No cancer seen in any of the tissues analyzed, but he had protein losing enteropathy (PLE), lymphangiecstasia....where the cells lining the intestine have completely reconfigured themselves and decided to perform a different function, mild IBD, and many intestinal lesions. No sign of autoimmune illness, it's completely idiopathic (of unknown cause) She said his kidneys had mild inflammation but were not losing protein into the urine.... the loss was all the bowel. Liver was fine, no sign of liver disease, spleen had hemmorraged with severe acute necrosis (probably from the PLE but possibly from injury) My poor Red dog : ( I wish I had known so I could let him go sooner. I'm going to copy this post and put in the medical section in case anyone else is facing a crisis like this. Hopefully it may help even if just to ease the heartache.
  7. Beau woke me to go out to poop every 45 minutes to an hour round the clock last night. When he squatted to poop, he SCREAMED out in pain. I gave him a pepcid at 11pm last night and brought him into the our vet who as ER hours today. He is flaring. He got a shot and we are keeping him NPO today. Tomorrow we start Flagyl 500 2x a day for 5 days. Anyone who remembers what we went through with our Beau Beau in 2009 when diagnosed and when initially treated knows this was a nightmare. Please keep Beau in your thoughts and prayers. I am flipping.
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