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Found 5 results

  1. Jungle had her first accident this morning in her crate. She has been really good about not going in the house and had been house-trained with her foster. She even goes past the door more if she needs to go out. (Warning: Below may have gross details for first thing in the morning.) Wednesday she received her first does of TriHealth Plus (she had been on Iverhart Plus with her foster). I noticed yesterday her poop was softer and her belly gurgled a little last night. She pooped in her crate this morning, I heard her whining, but the deed was done and a little cold. I don't see anything in the poop. Some of it was soft but shaped and then it was liquid. I took her out as soon as I got shoes on, she held it for a minute or two and then went, but it was all liquid and I heard gurgling. Other miscellaneous info: 10/2 I saw worms in her poop (first time) and she got Drontal Plus. Haven't seen anything since. Yesterday she had a baby carrot. I had given her half of one last week to see how she did and everything seemed ok. She got a hold of my son's rubber grippy for his pencil. I put the pieces back together and it looks like most pieces were still there (definitely all large and medium sized pieces are accounted for). There might be some tiny ones she could have swallowed. She is behaving normally. She is currently playing fetch with my youngest and has been begging for food. She may have eaten something in the yard last night, but it was dark and when I opened her mouth when I saw it moving like chewing, there was nothing in there. Could the heartworm med cause it or would it be something else? Thank you!
  2. https://www.capcvet.org/articles/heartworm-disease-and-lyme-disease-are-forecasted-to-be-highly-problematic-in-2017/ They have several others for Ehrlichia and Anaplasma, too.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm just back from an emergency visit to the vet with my girl Winnie, who had a pretty bad bout of explosive, bloody diarrhea and vomiting this morning. She also refused to eat her breakfast, wouldn't even touch boiled chicken breast and, worst of all considering how hot it's been in the last few days, didn't want to drink at all. Winnie had a similar, but much less severe GI episode last month and it seems like they are both connected to the Sentinel heartworm medication I switched her to this spring. Both times Winnie started acting weird two days after I gave her her Sentinel pill, and developed anorexia and really bad diarrhea that would not respond to bland diet. By the time we got to the vet's office today, she was very dehydrated and definitely not being herself. My vet, who is great and very knowledgable about greyhounds, agreed that Sentinel was most likely what made Winnie sick. I know all dogs are different, but would still like to warn people about the possible severe side effects of this medication in greyhounds and suggest they stick to good old Heartguard instead! Winnie is doing a little better now, which is what really matters, but we're now left with huge vet bills to pay, courtesy of Sentinel!
  4. Hi guys! This is my second time asking the forum for help. You steered me in the right path earlier, so I'm hoping you can do the same for me now! I am confused about which heartworm prevention I should give my greyhound. I have seen on earlier posts here everyone recommending the Sentinel, which I plan on getting, but I also see that it protects against fleas perhaps, but not fully? Should I be giving her only the Sentinel, or also a supplementary flea prevention? I don't mind buying both, but if its unnecessary, then I don't want to overload her with drugs. Background: Went to the vet when I first got her (Sept 2014) because she had worms and was given a LOT of meds to get rid of those, in addition to Bravecto (which I purchased 3 months later for flea prevention), and also given an injection for Heartworm, ProHeart 6, I believe. Your thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!
  5. I've heard a few opinions from friends and I am still on the fence about heartworm preventative. If I still lived in NJ it would be a no brainier considering how many mosquitoes tear my legs apart in one night in NJ! Here in Southern CA I cannot remember a time in my 10 years here that I have even seen a mosquito. Should I still be giving preventative meds each month? My goal for myself in health care is to take as few meds as possible, whatever is absolutely necessary, so obviously I feel that way about my companion animals too. Thoughts? Thank you! Debbie
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