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Found 9 results

  1. We all know that Greyhound farts will peel the paint off the wall. Lola was eating Wellness CORE, no gas, but it gave her pudding poo. I switched her to Merrick and poops are great but gas is horrid. She does get a probiotic once a day with her dinner and the vet suggested Beano. Yogurt doesn't help. Can anyone suggest a kibble or supplement that helped their hound with the toxic fumes?
  2. Lola has been having major gas since last night. She's not passing it. Her tummy is actually squeaking so loudly at first I thought is was a kitten or some other small critter. She has skipped 3 meals (definitely not Lola-like!) and is presently out in the yard eating grass. Other than than the squeaks and not eating, she's acting normally. Any tips on how to help Lola? Is this a situation that needs the vet? I'm worried about bloat.
  3. We all know the our beloved hounds are fart factories; it's part of their charm! Wendy's paint-peeling gas has been well controlled for the past 10 years with FortiFlora but that's no longer working. Yogurt doesn't help. My house smells like a sewer. We're going to the vet on Monday for rabies vaccination so I'll bring up the gassiness. What do you GT'ers give your Greys to control their...um... noxious emissions?
  4. Watch the reaction right at the beginning. He knows that the word "gas" means we are going for a ride to fill the car. He also knows the word "burger" and that the phrase "What do you want on it?" means that we are going to hit a drive-thru for dinner and a ride is forthcoming. This is his reaction when any of this happens. (Sorry for the dark video - it was spur of the moment.)
  5. I swear to God, I'm going to pass out from Billy's farts. Earlier this evening, before they closed, I called his Vet to ask what he could take, and they said they'd call me back..... buuuuut they didn't. And now, here it is, 12:48 am, and I can't sleep!! He refuses to sleep in a different room without whining, so that puts me in the same room as this boy!! I do not own a gas mask, so, I need something NOW!! I'm tellin' you, these things are POWERFUL!! I can actually hear the little "pooooof" as it exits his butt! WHAT OVER THE COUNTER MEDICINE CAN I GIVE THIS FOUR LEGGED FART MACHINE RIGHT NOW???
  6. Two months ago today we took our first greyhound home He's wonderful in more ways than I could have ever expected. I've been feeding him Costco's Nature's Domain Beef/Sweet Potato, giving him daily wild salmon oil, pumpkin most days, a spoonful of plain yogurt, and a frozen turkey neck once a week. He will be two years old in a few weeks and has gorgeous teeth! Our problem in the past 2 weeks is he's developed itchy skin, licks at his bum which often has a stinky anal sac smell and terrible gas (literally, I can't sleep at night with it!). In my past dogs, not greys, these symptoms would mean an allergy. I've tried giving him only the kibble for a few days but that didn't help. His coat is somewhat shiny but not as soft as other gh's. I ordered some Missing Link and expect delivery today. Can anyone advise me on what I might need to change? Try another food? Any suggestions? Seriously, this gas has got to stop and while he had it once in awhile in the first 6 weeks, it's terrible and almost constant now. He must have been completely empty after his 2-poop walk last night but the air was not fit for human consumption all night. I was out of pumpkin for a week, and I think that helps the anal gland issue, but his poop has been solid even without it. Thank you. Between hot flashes (me) and the dog's stinky gas, my nights are pretty awful :/
  7. Hi All, I had to take my boy, Max, to the vet several weeks ago because he had blood in his diarrhea, and he was going several times a day. I know Greys have sensitive tummies, and Max has had diarrhea on and off since we got him (6 months ago), but this was the first time that blood was present. The vet gave him a once over and prescribed some meds (Panacur, Tylosin and Metronidazole) while he did some blood work and a fecal analysis to rule out other issues. Long story short, after a month, the only medication that has any effect whatsoever is the Panacur and the vet found nothing in the blood and fecal samples. He is puzzled and so are we. He suspects our boy has IBS, but has no idea why the Panacur would firm up his stools as it's a wormer, and it's supposed to do the opposite. Does anyone have any experience with this??? I know some swear by Tylosin and Metronidazole, but they did not work when taken on their own. PLEASE HELP!
  8. Guest


    Our grey has the worst gas! It can actually wake me up at night. It's not the noise but the smell. We feed him Costco's Nature's Domain Salmon and Sweet Potato dry dog food which is what the man we adopted him from used. George just turned 2 years old. Any advice?
  9. Our 9-year-old boy, Gus (Gustafson) has recently started gassing up our house...and it's b-a-d. He was on Science Diet Active Longevity, and had occasional gas that was tolerable. When it started to become worse, we began adding plain yogurt to his meals in the morning and evening, about three tablespoonfuls. When that didn't help, we switched him to Science Diet Lamb & Rice (still with yogurt). He's been on the new food for a couple weeks, but it doesn't seem to be helping. I should also add that all throughout this adventure, his poop has been consistently firm-ish, like mashed potatoes and holds its shape. We'd really like to not resort to an expensive prescription diet, so any recommendations are appreciated. Also, I should add that we're new greyhound owners. We brought Gus home at the end of April 2012 after he had been returned again by an unprepared family. He's our first greyhound, but most definitely not our last.
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