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  1. When we adopted Jules two years ago, after my Pet Therapy Greyhound Master passed away, it was with the hopes he would eventually become a Pet Therapy dog, coming to the Children's Hospital here with me. As you may remember, Jules became very ill and died of autoimmune kidney failure in July 2016. We adopted a number of Galgos with the hopes of one of them becoming a Pet Therapy dog, along with current Pet Therapy Galgo, Baltasar. This past weekend both Picasso and Oasis were tested. Picasso will turn 4 in a couple of months and Oasis just turned 3 in August. The 9 month age difference was evident, Picasso was the calmer of the two. Oasis just wanted to meet the other dogs in the waiting line, but became calm once the testing started- just what I hoped for. Both passed the Canine Good Citizen type test- adapted for Pet Therapy testing- with flying colors and will now be able to come to the Children's Hospital with me, and, since I now have three Pet Therapy visitors, we may visit nursing homes, read with kids and calm student nerves and such as well. Here are the official photo graphs taken after their testing- copied from from the group's twitter account (I believe) and lastly some photos I took at home of them in their "uniforms"- their bandannas (and they will have to use the blue leash with the identifying PALS logo as well). Picasso: (He does not like having a camera in his face ) Oasis: Picasso: Oasis: I'm very proud of both of them. One man's trash (Spanish hunters) is another (wo)man's treasure! Tin
  2. Our little white monster is aging, and fast. We are not sure how old she is, but she's been with me for about 9 years now, the guess is she is around 10, but it could be 11 also. She's been having health issues, and recently she seemed lost, confused and returned back to being fearful. Making a long story short, it looks like she may have degenerative myelopathy. Added to that, she is having pain. To be clear, not looking for suggestions on treatment here, her past and her fears will not allow for extensive vet visits or MRI's or other things. We are treating her with painkillers, cold laser and CBD oil, of which the last one seems to have the most effect. While a few weeks ago we thought we would have to let her go within weeks, we are now confident she will be around for a while longer. Cara has been my muse for years, but about 2 years ago I sensed she wasn't happy anymore doing our special photo sessions. So besides the occasional snapshot for our family album, her career as a model was done. Still, today I took her out with some yummy treats, out in the sun, the grass and enjoyed her enjoying herself. No editing, just cropping and watermarking Because she doesn't need it, she's still gorgeous in her golden years.
  3. Our two new Galgos, Hero (arrived Aug 30) and Picasso (arrived Nov 2) are settling in well. Hero is very attached to his Daddiman and Picasso comes to his Mama more often. Just today, Daddiman was working outside for a bit and they were looking for him. Hero (with Lucas in the background) Picasso They are both doing well.
  4. I took these pictures today. Iker is the black dog, XVi is the whitish orangish dog with the Rudolph nose and Allen is the cat. I love these because their personalities really come through. Iker is being his handsome self but was unhappy because two men were in the basement installing a new hot water heater, and Xavi was harassing Allen, who looks annoyed but did not move
  5. Hi everyone. My name is Selena and I don't yet have a hound of any kind, but I am very interested in adopting a galgo. I have been in love with sighthounds (starting with retired racing greys) for years and finally am *almost* in a position to adopt (ie. I've finally convinced my family, but we have an elderly cat that doesn't deserve the stress at this stage in her life). I was wondering if anyone could tell me about the process of adopting a galgo from any of the organizations that you're familiar with (I've looked extensively through the available dogs at Scooby and FBM for example)... is there anyone bringing galgos in to Ontario? how much does it cost, how long does it take, is there someone at the other end who can give more information about the dogs on the site, what if the dog turns out to be inappropriate in some way? I have lots of questions. No need to hurry with any of this info, as I'm not in a rush at this point, but thought I should start a conversation with someone who knows how this works. This will be my first dog and I'm super excited.
  6. When one runs into any pet, or in this case specifically a hound, that checks off every box that one is looking for in a dog one would go an extra mile to get that hound, wouldn't you agree? Well how about nearly 5000 miles? Yes, we were willing to go that far to get a hound that ticked off every box for us. We were looking for ~A male- check ~Cat safe- check ~Dog-safe, all sizes- check ~Friendly with all sizes and ages of people- check ~Easy going, indoors and outside-check ~We were looking for all this leading to hopefully, a career as a future pet therapy dog- TBD ~preferably black-definitely a BONUS! Enter a chance glance, about a month ago, at a post by Neylasmom about Baltasar, a black Galgo that SAGE brought over a few months ago. Link As we both love the black hounds, I showed Michael his picture and the post. Michael asked me what else I knew of Baltasar, and I told him what Jen had written: Without further ado, Mr. Baltasar is recently arrived in the US from Spain. SAGE brought him into the country from BaasGalgo. He is about 4 years old, completely cat safe, very sweet and affectionate, calm and well mannered, seems to be having no issues whatsoever with the house-training, gets along my greyhounds and smaller mixed breed, and is just a really lovable laid back guy. How do you not fall in love with this handsome face? SAGE places within about a 6 hr radius of Harrisburg, PA……. Michael told me that our current Pet therapy hound, Master, had slept all day after a recent Pet Therapy visit. We both see that he is starting to slow down, at 10.5 years old. From his description Baltasar seemed everything I might be looking for in a Pet Therapy dog. So I sent Petra at SAGE a PM asking if she would EVER consider placing him with us, about 2500 miles away! I told her I was looking for a Pet Therapy dog (with children) and Baltasar sounded like he might fit the bill. After Petra graciously tested him out with children for us, a test he passed with flying colors, we asked if we could adopt him. Petra said YES. Now we had to figure out a way of getting him from PA to us here in Calgary. Luckily a locally based airline was going to start daily non-stop flights between Calgary and JFK airport in New York in late April. I asked if Petra would be willing to drive Baltasar to JFK if we could get a flight to there and meet her there for a hand-off. Petra was willing to do this. A couple of days ago, on Tuesday, Michael flew into JFK, stayed at a hotel overnight, then met up with Petra and Baltasar and flew back with him yesterday. They arrived late last night. Then we had to drive home and do the introductions with our current pack, all of which went very well!! After everything was in place I found out more about Baltasar. In late December 2013, Baltasar and two other black galgos ( Melchor and Gaspar, named after the Three Wise Men) were hours away from being put down in a perrera- a killing station- in Spain. BaasGalgo pulled them out because SAGE (Petra) assured them that they could come to SAGE and find homes from there. As luck would have it, Gaspar and Melchor were adopted in Spain. But Baltasar came over in late February. He went to a foster home (Neylasmom- Jen), and eventually this led to the post on GT that I saw in early April. We want to say a huge Thank You to Petra and SAGE, her family, her driver, Jen (Neylasmom) for fostering, BAASGalgo, SOS Perrera Badajoz, and anyone else that we are not aware of that had a part in bringing Baltasar to us. We will give him the summer to settle in and get to know him. I hope to have him tested for Pet Therapy work in the early fall. We wanted to keep this quiet until Baltasar was actually here. That brings us to today- Happy Gotcha Day Baltasar! And it happens to be his 4th Birthday today also! Happy Birthday Baltasar! Welcome to your new life, we have already fallen in love with you. Your new Dad and Mom, Michael and Tin, along with your new brothers and sister P.S. Oh my doG we have a toy hoarder! :lol
  7. I love black dogs. Up til now, except for Phoenix, all of my dogs, greyhound, galgo and mutt alike, have been black. Besides being beautiful, they are so easy to keep clean!! It has been raining. Xavi. Can't see most of the dirt and mud. Iker stays so clean Wait...who's digging in the mud????? Did I speak too soon? One last photo. This cracks me up. It is so typical. Iker is quietly hanging out and minding his own business by the composter. Look who is behind it looking for trouble! I lied. Who could resist this face? It's so nice to have a troublemaker in the family again GO HABS!!!!!
  8. I can't believe this! It's Iker and Xavi! Please ignore my voice. I was on the phone.
  9. I just returned from my fourth trip to Fundacion Benjamin Mehnert in Seville, Spain. It's a huge shelter that takes in many dogs, cats, has some pigs, goats, sheep, birds, etc. Iker came from this shelter, so I try to volunteer when I can. I have tons of pictures and it's difficult to select which to post. I decided to concentrate on those that had a story that I knew. Every animal there has a story, but I don't know them. I spent my first week in Seville attempting to learn Spanish (hahahaha) but visited a couple of times. I spent the second week volunteering at FBM. The first time I visited during this trip, I walked into 100 dogs being loaded for the trip to Scooby. FBM was full and needed to "spread the wealth" I also met Martin, the guy who is writing the "A Year to Help" blog. Here he is taking pictures of the lovely Eva. He stayed a couple of days and a Spanish volunteer named Sarah and I were hit assistants. I returned to the shelter on Monday to find this sad situation. A family from Cadiz had found a galgo they named Rey in the street a month and a half earlier. He was in bad condition and they nursed him back to health. They loved him and wanted to keep him, but the cats hated him. They were crying as they left. I spent lots of time with Rey. He is sweet, beautiful and good with a leash. We were also greeted by Pippa, a tiny, bossy confident galgo who will be going to Italy. She is wearing one of the coats that the wonderful Nancy Nelson makes and send to me every time I go. Here is another part of the greeting committee!! Can she ever move! She was found hit by a car in the street. They think she will be able to use her back legs again. more to come
  10. I had the privilege of attending the first ever Walk for Galgos and Other Hunting Dogs in Sevilla, Spain over the weekend. The event was to raise awareness of abuse of hunting dogs and to show that they make great pets. About 60 people were expected; over 1000 attended! Many were from the cimmunity with their own dogs. I am the person holding the white and brindle whippet, who was my partner for the day. He has been adopted and is going to his new home in Germany. GT's JackieDog and most of her family were there, also. The second part of the video shows the grand opening of the Centre's "Centre for the Recovery of Mistreated and Abused Galgos". The guy cutting the ribbon is the mayor of Sevilla, which is a pretty big deal. The women doing the talking are the wonderful women who run the women, with the introduction of all staff and out of town volunteers. My friend Kim made this video. It is in Spanish with German subtitles, but you don't have to know either language to know what's going on. Enjoy! ETA: I just realized that the mayor of Sevilla is speaking English http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xtLdRZqH5SE
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