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  1. Hello all, After a few months of meets, walks and excitement we finally brought home Peaches on Saturday 15th February! She had a great first day with us, sniffing around the house, going for a walk or two and cuddling up on the sofa in the evening. We let her go at her own pace and didn’t pester her for attention, letting her choose to spend time with us if she wanted too, that night we went to bed and she slept silently until we got her up on the Sunday morning. Sunday was another great day, she ate her food well, had regular toileting, went for 3 walks and we snuggled on the sofa in the evening, again she went to bed quietly and didn’t make a peep until we woke her up on Monday morning. On Monday we woke her up, fed her and took her for a walk as usual, then I had to go into work for an hour or so so I left her with her kong full of peanut butter and kibble to distract her as I left. We have cameras through the house to check up on her and everytime we checked through the day she was snoozing on the sofa and seemed happy! When I got back from work however things changed, she because stuck to my side and became anxious whenever I left the room, even if my partner was still with her (we’ve spent the same amount of time with her). Today I have tried to go out of the room or out of the house for short periods of time to get her used to the idea of me not being there all the time as I go back to work next week. She seems to have a few barks and whimpers but then settles herself on the sofa, however tonight when putting her to bed she began to bark and, although it didn’t even last as long as a minute, she hasn’t done this before and now she seems hyper alert, pricking her ears up to any small sound inside or outside the house. I know we’re only on day 4 but we’re new to owning a dog and we just want her to be happy and comfortable here... I want to say that it’s normal for her to be un-phased by us for the first day or so then start missing us once she grows attachments to us, but I’m unsure how to go about making these secure attachments without her becoming anxious whenever I’m not around... help please! I want Peaches to have a really happy home here as she’s such a shy, quiet and timid little girl who deserves the best! Thank you! I hope we can learn how to settle her! Lauren, Jack and Peaches 🍑
  2. Hello, Were new and have just rehomed a 4.5 year old black and white Boy called Senner. Hes recently retired. Weve brought him into a 4 bed detached home with a small to medium garden. No other pets or kids, just me and my partner. We knew he was a bit shy when we first adopted him but were just hoping for some advice. He has taken to his bed in the kitchen immediately, this is his safe space, and its very difficult to get him away from there. He doesnt seem to recognise his name, making any training difficult. When we first got him 2 weeks ago you could put his lead on and this would get him up and hed Go for 2 walks a day, theyd be occasional freezes but he seemed to enjoy them. However now he refuses to get up for his collar. If we put it on when hes already outside to go to the loo then hell freeze at the end of our culdesac and refuse to go any further, you cant walk in corcles, hes not food motivated and we end up turning round and he marches home. We also could get him up from the bed and gently lead him into the lounge on an evening when we were in there arching TV, close the door, and hed settle. Now he wont be led anywhere and we cant seem to Tempt him In with treats. Were using a pet remedy diffuser in the lounge and hes wearing a bandana with it sprayed on to help but it just feels like were taking some Many steps backward. Any ideas/words of wisdom? Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Hi All: I posted this in a related thread, but am really curious for any input you all might have... Regarding Freezing/Statuing: Does anyone have thoughts about "waiting it out" vs "letting the dog know whose boss"? With ours, if we wait it out, we've learned it could be a looooong wait, and we just don't always have time for that in our hectic schedules. With the harness, I've begun to immediately lift her up and forward when she statues (it may take two or three times, but it tends to get her going). Sometimes I worry it is too forceful, but it doesn't seem to bother her and I feel she is beginning to show signs of self-correction when she starts to statue, as if she knows it's not going to stop the walk from proceeding. When she does get going I give her lots of praise and I try to be very consistent with an encouraging "let's go" whenever I lift the harness up. It really beats picking her up and carrying her. Any thoughts on this approach as opposed to waiting it out?
  4. Hey y'all, Our wonderful new grey Arrow (going on 6 months) was a big time statuer on walks when we first got her. She's gradually improved and the walks generally go pretty well these days. However, this morning she was freezing big time in the driveway which is highly unusual. I then noticed that it was windy outside. The weather was nice otherwise, but the wind was significant and the big trees in the backyard were blowing around a fair amount. Do you all think that a windy day can be a factor in whether or not greys want to walk? So thankful for this forum. It's helped so much in learning the way of the grey. Cheers, John
  5. Hi all, We just got our new foster last week and he's a little sweetheart. The biggest difficulty we have is he gets either very scared, distracted, or overwhelmed by traffic and freezes. He's totally fine while walking in the woods. Its just the traffic that gets him. He's not treat oriented at all so I can't get him moving with a treat. Most of the time I'll stop and he'll move on his own in a minute or two. A few times we've been frozen while crossing a street and I've had to pull him more than I'd like to get out of the traffic? Any thoughts or recommendations. We live in a busy area so I need to get him better with traffic. I don't want to have to drive him to the woods every time we need to go for a walk. Here is little comet. he was never a racer but he was a hemopet for 3 years. comet (1 of 1) by Dom, on Flickr
  6. Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum and a brand new first time greyhound owner! My wife and I are extremely excited and love our new greyhound Arrow. She is 6, was a racer and was also mother to two litters of racing pups. We have had her about two weeks. 90% of everything is great, we are so happy! The one area that is becoming tough (besides stairs) is walking. She started off walking great, staying with us, not leading, etc. But in the last few days she has started freezing with increasing frequency and seems often not to really want to walk anywhere other than the backyard. There are a few factors I should mention: I have two residences due to work and every few weeks have to go back and forth between them (My wife and I work in academia; it's a pretty common situation in this field). Our dog was with us in our primary residence for the first week. Then we debated as to whether or not I should take her with me or leave her. I will be her primary caretaker and she will be staying with me 95% of the time, so we thought it best for her to go with me to bond as her primary caretaker. She did great in the car and did amazing on walks the first several days. But now the freezing has started. I've tried nudging from behind, which worked at first. I tried food, which doesn't seem to help that much. And the last few days she's really only wanted to walk around the unfenced back yard on the leash (which is pretty large), do her business and go back in. Also, I live on a main street here and the traffic can be quite busy, especially during rush hour. I'm wondering if this is scaring her off from venturing out? It wasn't an issue at all at first, but maybe something scared her? Any help would be much appreciated! I really want her to be healthy and happy! Thank you!
  7. I adopted a 3 year old male greyhound five days ago. First day went really well great on walks, toileting fine all was good. Second day started freezing on walks and sometimes refusing to go outside. Third day was difficult to get him to go far at all. Fourth day followed advice from the rescue centre about being firm and in control using gentle pressure on lead and we got on great all walks went well but then couldn't get him to go out last thing at night. This morning I managed eventually after his breakfast to get him to go out and then at 10.30am we went for another short walk. Since then he has gone to the back door several times and let me get us both ready but then he won't go out the door or will only stand on the step just outside the door. He won't even go down the steps into the garden so he hasn't been to the toilet for about 8 hours.
  8. I've recently adopted George, a 3 year old from the racing industry. While he was never professionally raced himself, he was raised in the environment. We've had George a week so far, and the first 3 days he was absolutely fine to leave our apartment and go on a walk. Once he started to settle in to our apartment though he began to refuse to go outside. Currently we will physically have to lift him out of bed, from there he will happily exit out apartment, walk down the hallway and enter the elevator, getting to the ground floor is where he will entirely freeze up. This starts in the elevator, where I need to lift him out (Unfortunately as there is only one elevator I'm unable to hold it to coax him out), in the lobby he will freeze up completely. We have tried everything from kneeling on his level 2 foot in front of him and offering pats (this will get him 2 steps forward each time, but immediately freeze up again, and won't come if you're any further away), he have tried cheese, bacon, treats (unfortunately he's not awfully food motivated), we have tried walking confidently down the hall way and letting him follow, and standing still within the hallway and letting him figure out his surrounds, we have also pushing him gently from behind, and my partner has also carried him out. Each time this is upward of a 30 minute ordeal to get him out the door, though it still met with lots of pats and positive reinforcement when he makes it. Once we are outside of the front doors and down the ramp at the front, he is happy to go for a short walk to toilet, and immediately tries to rush back inside. I know he is very much still getting used to his new environment and it is very early days, but unfortunately we're in a position where he needs to go outside in order to toilet, and I'm scared of traumatising him and making walking a negative. I'm wanting to try and set up a routine for him so he can get used to the pet life. Any suggestions would be great!! Thank you!
  9. Hi all, I'm looking for some advice from anyone who has a grey that behaves like ours does please! Apologies it might be a long post! Poppy is 3, had her since 18 months, 'retired' but never raced. She's perfectly normal at home, gets more playful than our previous two greys, possibly down to being in kennels for less time and younger. Where the difference is is when out for a walk. She will be walking along and then suddenly freeze, refuse to go any further until we turn around. She will also do this at points on the road where she wants to cross or at junctions. Recently she's even done it after her walk refusing to come back in the house! She most often does it at or approaching corners or junctions but sometimes along a straight road or path. She also often does it at the end of the driveway at the start of a walk. We've narrowed it down to her being scared/anxious of something... or stubborn! There is no obvious single trigger (sound, object etc) and she doesn't whine, shiver, shake or tuck her tail between her legs or give off any strong signals of fear. We've tried being firm with her, pushing her gently from the shoulder or back, waiting for her, trying to give her treats, consoling her by stroking her and fussing her when she stops and none seem to make her carry on in the intended direction. We don't want to keep praising her for doing it if it reinforces the problem nor do we want to tell her off if she is scared. She enjoys walking and gets relatively excited when we get her lead out but will also be happy not to go for a walk all day (we don't want to not walk her!) So if anyone else has come across this we'd love to know if there is anything you've tried that stops this behaviour or can identify what the issue is. Thanks in advance!
  10. Just got my hound, Rooney, three weeks ago. He is acclimating to retirement very well and we love love love having him home... the only thing is that he keeps freezing on our walks. I've read that this most often stems from fear/anxiety but I'm not really getting the read that his freezing is done out of fear, but just being a stubborn greyhound. He always does just fine when we walk TO someplace (maybe freezing once or twice to to smell the smells of a new environment then continues forward) but struggles when we are walking BACK home. Often freezing for quite some time. The really tricky part is trying to re-direct him because when we attempt this with a tug at the collar THEN that can sometimes lead to him becoming more unsure of the situation/becomes for anxious. I have attempted the technique to have him smell his surroundings to make him more sure-footed/aware of his surroundings, but this has lead to him attempting to go into locations that I believe should be off-limits (i.e. alleyways, people's driveways, parking lots laden with broken glass, and one time he became increasingly curious to join the bunches of cars riding down a busy street). Luring him with food does work most of the time but, to be honest, I would like to stay away from a lure if I can. I'm totally cool with rewards... just not used as a lure. Any advice would sure be helpful.
  11. I've had Henry about 4 months. He is the sweetest dog ever. And generally completely well behaved. About three weeks ago, I went out of town for work and the pet sitter said he started refusing to come in the main door to my apartment building. She said it would take him about 10 minutes to walk through the door. He has done the same with me ever since as well. He is very hesitant to walk over the threshold of the door. Sometimes he comes in easier than others. The entryway floor is tile and then carpteted stairs. He is fine with every other door way. Its very strange! The door has never slammed on him or anything like that. Could it be the tile? He just stands outside of the doorway wagging his tail and staring at me. It's very cute but annoying as well. I'm just trying to understand his hestitation? I don't pull on his collar, but after about 5 minutes of waiting and calling him in, I get behind him and nudge him in/ hug him and nudge him through the door. Then he runs up the stairs really quickly. Any advice? Thanks!!
  12. Hello all, My partner and I adopted a three-year-old female greyhound (Alice) from a rescue shelter on 12/26/2016. She was racing up until 10/2016. She is extremely sweet and good-natured. The only issue that we have been running into is her freezing up. We knew that greyhounds tend to do this, especially in new situations. We live in a third floor walk-up, and our stairs are quite steep. Every time we try to take her outside to "do her business", she freezes and refuses to come to the door. My partner gives her a strong tug on the leash, and she begrudgingly will make her way to the stairwell. Getting her down the stairs is a combo of treats, calm reassurance, and firm leash guidance. Once we get outside, she pees and poops in our backyard area, but she has no desire to walk around the neighborhood. Positive reinforcement and treats move her inch by inch down the driveway. We have also tried applying more pressure on the leash/pushing her from behind/moving her legs, none of which help. Sometimes she freezes for up to five minutes at a time. If we manage to get her in the car and drive her somewhere new, she is much more inquisitive and tends to not mind walking around (though she will still freeze up from time to time). She especially likes being off-leash at the dog park. However, as soon as she can tell that we are heading back home, she runs up the stairs with little prompting! I am worried that she has begun to associate the scary new task of going downstairs with walking down our driveway and around our neighborhood. Our question is: What do you do when your greyhound won't budge? Is it okay to be applying firm pressure to the leash? As long as she does her business in the backyard, we are happy. Walking around the neighborhood can wait. We know that greyhounds can take weeks, if not months, to adjust to their new surroundings. We just want to make sure we are taking the right approach to everything! Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated. We are excited to be joining this greyhound community. Thanks so much!
  13. Hey Guys - I am hoping you all may have some advice for this new greyhound owner We have had our little lady for 1 month, and she has been settling into city life really well after her rescue from the farm. However, in the last few days she has decided to freeze up when we take her to the common dog area where the dogs of our unit complex can poop, pee and socialise. We have had here in this area since she arrived and knows the park well. She has had no bad experiences (in my eyes) in these areas that would spook her, but she had decided in the last three days to freeze on the way to the park and refuses to walk anywhere near them. It makes life a little hard as this is the main area where she can do her business. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to reduce her anxiety on this? We have an adaptil collar on the way to assist with overall anxiety anyways, but this one just seemed a little strange Many thanks in advance! Sarah
  14. Hello! I am a first-time greyhound owner as of three or so months ago. River, our 2.5 year old retired racer, has had some shyness problems since we got her. For example, for the first few weeks, she froze (would just stand still and not move or respond) multiple times on every walk. This problem had gotten much better until three days ago. We were outside when a bunch of teenagers about 100 ft away were skateboarding. As soon as River heard the skateboards, she did something we never saw her do before - pulled as hard as she could on the leash to go back inside. This lasted all the way through our apartment complex, and she only started to calm down once we were back in our apartment. Later that night, the same thing happened, and since then she hasn't been the same. She used to respond to "come" much more reliably, and for the past two days, has refused to go outside even when she has to go to the bathroom. We either have to pick her up if we are taking her out by ourselves, or if we both take her out, she will go hesitantly. Today (two days since the incident), she has stopped using stairs which she was fine with before, and is now not even interested in her favorite treats (milkbones, greenies, or ice cubes). We aren't sure if it's still trauma from the skateboards, or if she's just feeling under the weather. We don't want to reward her for her renewed interest in freezing on walks (giving a treat when she finally comes), but we don't want to scold her either. Should we pick her up when she stops, or just wait it out? Do you think the trauma will just take time, or is there something else we can do? Thank you! - Crystal & River
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