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Found 5 results

  1. On July 11, 2020 my Applehead Chihuahua dog passed away. Her name was Agnes. She was nine years old. I found her dead about 10:00 PM. I was about to go to bed but immediately knew there was no need to go to bed. When I found her dead in the kitchen, I knew that I wouldn't be able to get any sleep so I stayed up most of the night. I adopted Agnes on August 27, 2013. My ex-friend and I were out looking for me a Chihuahua dog. As she put gas in her Durango, I made a decision. I decided that if the dog I found was a female, I would name it after my late mother. My ex-friend and I went to a woman's house who runs her own rescue service. She only had one Chihuahua and it was a female. I eventually bought two more Chihuahua dogs. Both dogs are hyper so I keep them in my basement. It wasn't until I bought those dogs that I truly appreciated what a great dog Agnes was. She was one of the sweetest dogs around and she wasn't one bit hyper. After getting my two new dogs, I learned how special Agnes was. Agnes was a bit on the hateful side when I adopted her but she soon grew out of it. When I took Agnes to a vet in 2017, I learned that she had a heart murmur. Because of a mental disorder, I hear voices from time to time. As an ice cream truck drove through the subdivision where I live, I heard a voice. The voice told me to buy an ice cream and eat it while standing over Agnes's grave. I did so but it tore me up pretty bad. Yes, I hear voices sometimes but don't worry. The voices don't tell me to hurt people. I have a mental disorder but I'm not a psycho. When I adopted Agnes, I got the Holy Grail of dogs. As far as I'm concerned, she was the best dog on the planet. She loved me and the feeling was mutual. Some friends invited me to stay overnight at their homes a few times. When I would come home after being gone all night, Agnes would start hopping around and yelping because she was happy to see me. I usually sleep on my couch and she slept on the couch with me. I decided to sleep in one of the bedrooms. Agnes was in the living room and she started howling at 3:00 AM. She was unhappy because she couldn't spend the night with her Daddy. After her howling woke me up, I got her and let her sleep in the bed with me the rest of the night. I have no wife or kids and Agnes was the closest thing I had to a daughter. Her death has broken my heart and I'm going to miss her. She was my baby doll and I owned her for almost seven glorious years. I thanked the good Lord for letting me have her. I was a lucky man.
  2. Yesterday I was sitting down and my dog,daisy, was standing in front of me. I noticed a little worm around her butthole, it looked EXACTLY like a pinworm. But I read that dogs cant get pinworms? Is that true? As I was inspecting it, it fell off but I threw it in the garbage, (didnt even think about taking a picture of it I should have!) and then I saw another little worm actually come out of her butthole. It looked the exact same as the other one, also looking like a pinworm. So if dogs cant get pinworms what could it be? Ive looked at all the different kinds of worms in dogs and none of the ones I came across looked like these. TIA!!
  3. My dog hurt her back the vet says that's all it is. So he gave me aspirin for 10 dys for it. She seems better today but she shakes every once in a while, Is this normal? She's also very sensitive dog.
  4. Hey guys, Mike here again talking about my newly adopted (1 month) girl Trace. Shes almost 2 years old now, and I just have a quick question maybe one of you can help me with. She loves to get in bed and cuddle, always slightly touching one part of my body just INCASE I get up to go to the bathroom which she follows me everywhere- I'm sure many of you know the feeling. Well anyway, my question is- Whenever I put my arm around her when were laying down, or rest my hand/arm on a part of her body (not a sensative part, more like the muscle part of her arms/legs or her shoulders) she cries and yelps at me to get my arm off of her. Is this normal? Do they just not liked to be touched on their body? I can PET her while were laying down anywhere and she enjoys it, but once I stop and my hand is not petting her, she yelps~! I know I'm not putting too much pressure on her, because I even tested it and very lightly put my hand on her. This only happens on her body, I can have my hand on her head all day long and she doest mind, lol. Any advice? Thanks! -Mike
  5. From the album: Fun & Modern Martingale Dog Collars Greyhound Whippet

    Collar Town - Modern & Fun Martingale, Buckle and Tag/ID Dog Collars, handmade in Ontario, Canada. Worldwide shipping. Link: www.collartown.etsy.com
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