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  1. Forgive the length of this! My greyhound Molly is 11 and quite small (45 lb). We go to an integrative veterinary practice and her regular vet does not do surgery; in fact, outside vets do many of the surgeries. My girl has had previous dentals without problems. Her teeth needed a clean, so we scheduled one for Jan. 11th. I was allowed to wait during the procedure. She was scheduled for 8am and so we went. I was told at 8:45am that, due to her being a greyhound, with "notoriously dirty teeth," her dental needed to be last in the surgery suite. I could leave her there, or take her home and return at noon. So we went home and were back at noon (still no food or water for her). She was sedated and taken in. We were given updates by the surgical vet tech (whom I know, and works there). But it was taking an hour to scrape here, an hour to scrape there, and finally she needed a large molar pulled. At 4pm, she was carried out to us, still very loopy. In 30 minutes, she was up and walking. She was discharged at 5:30p. Some of this seems like just rudeness and poor planning (they knew Ms. Dirty Teeth had the 8am appointment!), and some like something else was going on alongside of her dental. I understand that emergencies happen, but no one said a word. I saw very little of the vet after the dental. My girl is now peeing like crazy (every 2 hours -- she can hold it overnight for about 6 hrs). She was on soft food for 2 weeks, it’s cold and dry where we live, and she isn’t getting out for her usual walks with the snow. But – am I missing something? Her two week follow up (different vet) was fine. I had her tested for a UTI (neg) and her kidney values are okay. Extended anesthesia? Any ideas? Thanks!
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