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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, don't know where to begin as our gal is exhibiting various changes lately (she will be 12 in the fall). Most of the time she seems fine but quite often has regular short periods of coughing, dry gagging and/or gutteral noises from her throat (internal burping, swallowing noises). Every now and again she coughs up a small area of spittle mixed with some food residue? She also laps up a lot of water at times, sometimes for so long I have to tell her to stop. A lot of little issues on and off, possibly just aging but wondering if anyone sees any of this as symptoms of something? Last time had her at the vet in September for a check-up and all was ok before leaving her in the care of our oldest for a month. Upon return she began to vomit frequently and panting heavily as well as being restless and wandering so took her into the vet immediately and it turned out she had developed the dangerous twisted bowel syndrome due to a huge build-up of gas and inflammation in her system. She was kept in for the day for tests and treatment which helped to restore her system to normal by the end of the same day. (She had been raised on dry food but began the last few years to eat only if I mixed in some canned food, I stuck with a premium brand that did not upset her tummy). I hate to admit it but while gone for a month this year we had left our oldest with a supply of a 'cheap brand' of canned food instead to feed her mixed with her normal dry. Just a few days before we returned he stopped feeding her this canned food as she was starting to vomit, etc. I really feel that was the cause of the gas build-up problem. Once restored we returned her to a dry food diet only. She has been herself since. I later took her back for a follow-up and mentioned the on/off gagging/dry coughing spells she has, he just mentioned she 'might' have something (forgotten the name he gave it) that causes the throat to narrow?? But this was only a guesstimate at the time. Unsure if the coughing, gagging, water lapping is due to the drier interior of the house at this time of the year, or an indicator of something else. Hate to go running to the vet every time about every little issue. Wondering if anyone has dealt with any similar symptoms and what might be the actual cause, or what might help?
  2. Hello, I am a new greyhound adopter, we have had Zeppelin for about a month now, after much research I decided to take him to the dog park with a friend and her dog that he is familiar with. The second I let him off the leash he ran around like a maniac and ended up running into a fence at full speed, he rolled got up and kept running (this gave me a minor heart attack, but everyone kept assuring me the fact that he got up and kept going meant he wasn't seriously injured). I finally got a hold of him and let him drink water and put him on the leash for fear that he would keep running and hurt himself. I noticed he cut himself pretty good on his chest but my friend is a vet nurse and took a look at it and it is just a flesh wound. He also wore his back pads raw (the park is mostly grass but there is a concrete walking path). He walked around gingerly on the leash and stood for a while, I got him in the car and as soon as he got home went straight to his bed and has not moved since. I cleaned up the wounds and put aloe on the pads, he has also started coughing like he is trying to hack something up but nothing is coming up. I did some googling and did notice trainers saying that some dogs cough after a hard run. I am a stressed new dog mommy, and feel horrible, I'm just looking for some insight on anything I can do. My friend and husband think I'm a little crazy, but I just feel so bad for him. I know that greys can be accident prone after reading on the internet, but I don't think we will be going to the dog park again! Thanks for your input, A worried mama
  3. We've noticed for a while now that Nash, who will be 8 next month, has this weird coughing/gagging behavior. Most of the time it's really mild, and looks like extra swallowing or the kind of cough a dog who pulls too hard on his collar might do. His collar is not too tight, so I'm not sure what's causing this. It seems to happen most when his neck is stretched out. This afternoon, Nash jumped on the bed to be with me (I'm not feeling well) and immediately started hacking and gagging. It was bad enough that I quickly shuffled him outside to throw up if needed, rather than letting him throw up on the bed. He ran around wagging his tail for a few minutes (no barfies) so I let him back in. He did it a few more times back inside, but it wasn't quite as bad and now he's laying on his blanket on the floor making no noises and not looking concerned. Our guy is negative for heartworms, on preventative, and has had bloodwork done several times over the winter with nothing out of the norm. Does anybody else have any clue what this might be about?
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