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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Greytalk! Forgive me, I am new here but I am looking for some real and honest advice from people who genuinely know greyhound behaviour and what better place than greytalk. Heres a little background: My partner and I have had our initial greyhound Achilles (Now four years old) for almost two years now and he has been an absolute dream. We got him pretty much straight from the track and it took very little time to have him settled into retirement. He was a pro couch surfer in no time, took a great liking to leisurely walks on the lead and has grown into the most affectionate and loveable hound. He was already toilet trained and has never once had an accident, sleeps in his own bed at night and we have been able to leave him to his own devices from day dot with NO PROBLEMO. Long story short - he created very unrealistic expectations for our new hound We decided to adopt our new hound Pretzel (2 and a half years old) from the same place we got Achilles, under the illusion that he would transition into retirement with the same ease and grace as Achilles and boy, were we wrong. Now we took Pretzel home yesterday and what a sleepless and exhausting 24 hours it has been. Pretzel sassed right on in to our home and decided to zoom all over the couch, all through the bedrooms, straight to the bathroom for a good slurp from the toilet bowl and found heaven in a bag of unopened dog food (which I must add, did not remain unopened for long). He did some sort of awkward fall/flip down our back stairs and left a trail of diarrhoea, before promptly racing back into the house to tear up poor Mr. Achilles favourite plush toy and retiring for a brief snooze in his bed. He later snaffled an omelette from our housemates plate and ate the egg shells left on the kitchen bench too, before another diarrhoea incident and a sleepless night of pulling everything off every table he could reach up onto. Finally, he mustered up the energy to perform some sort of gymnastics routine off the couch this morning, flipping on, flipping off, flipping on, flipping off (I'd have given a 10/10 if I wasn't so mad from being kept up all night), with his final trick being a big wee all over the living room floor. He has thankfully retired for the morning (on our bed I might add) and I feel like I have been hit by a freight train. I contacted the vet we adopted him from and she suggested we purchased a crate to have Pretzel sleep in during the night and day when we are out. But I wanted to see what everybody's opinion was on this and the best way to tackle helping Pretzel settle into his new home. I thought I was just this incredible greyhound whisperer or something after getting Achilles to settle in so quickly but I've come to realise I'm an absolute noob. For those not bothered to read my novel above, our main concerns are: Settling the sheer hyperactivity in the most positive and beneficial way for Pretzel - He is still really unsure of walking on the lead and pulls incredibly hard on the leash when we do walk, so some tips and advice with this would be amazing! As well as tips on dealing with an incredibly energetic grey. Achilles is 4 going on 30 so this is so new for us. To crate or not to crate - The benefits (or negatives) of this, how long to crate and when to put him in the crate, hit me with as much crate information as possible, I am so incredibly keen to hear your opinions. Diarrhoea - did you come up against this and how did you combat it? (We are currently on day 2 of chicken and rice with no significant changes just yet) Thank you for reading! I would be so grateful for any advice
  2. Hey Guys - I am hoping you all may have some advice for this new greyhound owner We have had our little lady for 1 month, and she has been settling into city life really well after her rescue from the farm. However, in the last few days she has decided to freeze up when we take her to the common dog area where the dogs of our unit complex can poop, pee and socialise. We have had here in this area since she arrived and knows the park well. She has had no bad experiences (in my eyes) in these areas that would spook her, but she had decided in the last three days to freeze on the way to the park and refuses to walk anywhere near them. It makes life a little hard as this is the main area where she can do her business. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to reduce her anxiety on this? We have an adaptil collar on the way to assist with overall anxiety anyways, but this one just seemed a little strange Many thanks in advance! Sarah
  3. So, Barbie's been a little weird lately. These events may not be related but I'll list everything I noticed that was out of character in reverse chronological order. The weirdest, last night I heard a crying/wailing sound and see Barbie standing behind the couch. Her pupils were dilated and her eyes were huge. At first when I called to her she didn't respond, then when she 'snapped out of it' she went and lay down on her bed. Her eyes were still big for a little while after. The whole standing behind the couch thing lasted maybe 30 seconds. She seemed normal a couple of minutes after that. Last night on our walk there was a strange cat that was sauntering towards us down the path. Both houndies saw it coming. Barbie is usually really good with strange cats, just a bit of staring usually. Mouse not so much, she will sometimes bark and jump and carry on. The cat seemed unafraid of us and I was worried it would run smack in to us so we slowed down. It ducked into a driveway but it did not retreat far, just sat in the middle of the driveway, not even out of the dog's reach. Both the greyhounds were watching the cat, and I took a wide berth. Barbie barked at the cat! This is totally out of character for her. On the weekend we went out for breakfast on Sunday morning. When we returned it sounded like a dog pound inside our house. Barbie was rooing and howling and Bender was doing his usual bark ..... bark .... bark. I could not see anything in the driveway that may have set them off. On Saturday we went to the dog park. Barbie was restless in the car, circling on the back seat multiple times. This is weird for her. On the way home she leapt off the seat and attempted to get through to the front. It was like something bit her? The back seats are covered in beach sand and dirt so I though she was maybe pricked or bitten by something but with the other out of character things I'm thinking this may have been the start of something ? So.... I am not sure what to tell the Vet. These things are subtle. They are weird for her. Maybe she needs thyroid testing? What are everyone's suggestions ? *edited to add, Barbie is 7 years old, I have had her since she was 2...... she is generally healthy though had an autoimmune problem with her foot (metatarsal fistula) which was resolved with tacrolimus ointment. There have been no changes to the household since Mouse as adopted over a year ago.
  4. Hi everyone, My partner and I adopted a beautiful 5 year old brindle ex-racer named Chester 3 weeks ago now, and we are completely in love with him. However we are getting quite worried, as he is gradually getting more and more fearful of going on his walks with us. He has been in 2, possibly 3 foster homes before us, and has always been with other dogs. When we first got him, the first few days were great as he was very confident going for walks around the neighbourhood. He showed interest in other dogs but was never keen to get to know them any better than a sniff. Now, we struggle to get him to go more than a few meters out of our home to relieve himself on some days. He refuses to even walk past another dog when he sees one coming towards him, we generally have to give everything a very wide berth. We live in an apartment, so need to be able to take him out for exercise and toilet. I know that the adjustment period can be a long road, and that patience is going to be the only way to get him relaxed and confident again, but I just want to know if this has happened to anyone else? The confident reverting to fearful thing. We don't pull him and try to use confident, happy tones when encouraging him. We haven't found any treats that he is eager to take when outside yet, but are going to try cheese tonight. If we turn around and just let him come straight back home, is that rewarding bad behaviour or is that what we should be doing? We would really appreciate any advice that you would be able to share, we just want our little guy to be happy! Thank you
  5. People keep telling me, "Oh just set up a camera to watch what she does while you're away" as if it's the easiest thing in the world. Can anyone let me know how to do this? I thought of setting up a computer camera to record, but is there a way to watch the live feed online? If anyone has any experience with this, please help! Thanks!
  6. We just got Missy two weeks ago and feel really lucky to have her. She loves people (I took out her Spaying stitches myself today and she didn't even flinch). She also gets along well with all the other dogs at the dog park (off-leash). However, she goes crazy for squeaky things. We think she must have been trained with a squeak toy because she loves them and our house is full of them. Unfortunately, a little Yorkie started squeaking and Missy just turned into another dog. She grabbed it in her mouth and lifted it off the ground (didn't shake it). We pulled her off and the Yorkie didn't even have bite marks - just a lot of slobber. Still, I need help fixing this! What kind of training is best to get this out of her? I feel it's so instinctual that I'm just lost on how to fix it - or can I just never go back to the off-leash park? She's had no problems for the last 2 weeks and usually just sticks by my side anyway.
  7. We're currently dealing with a case of separation anxiety. Missy, our 5-yr old adoptee, just clings to people (including the owners of the doggy daycare I took her to). After getting her food, tons of exercise, and a walk, I have started leaving her along for a few hours at a time. We just 'finished' crating because she just kept busting out of the crate. We started crating because she had been destructive and chewed a hole through the wall. Now, it seems when I leave, she works herself into a fart storm. When I come home, she's lying against the front door and the house is just a thick haze of farts. What's worse is that I have to leave the window closed because we have a corner unit on the 4th floor and if she barks the businesses ACROSS THE STREET complain. Does anyone else have experience with this/how to avoid it? It's not a case of general gasiness or needing to poop.
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