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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all. I am completely at the end of my tether and any help you can offer would be appreciated. I've had my greyhound for 2 years and he is 5 years old. Up until about 6 months ago he slept perfectly fine though the night. Then he started getting up to go out the odd night. And slowly this had just become his normal. We've been to the vet and had bloods, urine analysis and scans and they've told me all is normal. The vet said it is probably a habit now more than anything but I can't seem to break it. I actually think lockdown is what changed things. My partner is now working f
  2. We just got Missy two weeks ago and feel really lucky to have her. She loves people (I took out her Spaying stitches myself today and she didn't even flinch). She also gets along well with all the other dogs at the dog park (off-leash). However, she goes crazy for squeaky things. We think she must have been trained with a squeak toy because she loves them and our house is full of them. Unfortunately, a little Yorkie started squeaking and Missy just turned into another dog. She grabbed it in her mouth and lifted it off the ground (didn't shake it). We pulled her off and the Yorkie didn't even h
  3. Hello Greytalk! Forgive me, I am new here but I am looking for some real and honest advice from people who genuinely know greyhound behaviour and what better place than greytalk. Heres a little background: My partner and I have had our initial greyhound Achilles (Now four years old) for almost two years now and he has been an absolute dream. We got him pretty much straight from the track and it took very little time to have him settled into retirement. He was a pro couch surfer in no time, took a great liking to leisurely walks on the lead and has grown into the most affectionate an
  4. Hey Guys - I am hoping you all may have some advice for this new greyhound owner We have had our little lady for 1 month, and she has been settling into city life really well after her rescue from the farm. However, in the last few days she has decided to freeze up when we take her to the common dog area where the dogs of our unit complex can poop, pee and socialise. We have had here in this area since she arrived and knows the park well. She has had no bad experiences (in my eyes) in these areas that would spook her, but she had decided in the last three days to freeze on the way to
  5. So, Barbie's been a little weird lately. These events may not be related but I'll list everything I noticed that was out of character in reverse chronological order. The weirdest, last night I heard a crying/wailing sound and see Barbie standing behind the couch. Her pupils were dilated and her eyes were huge. At first when I called to her she didn't respond, then when she 'snapped out of it' she went and lay down on her bed. Her eyes were still big for a little while after. The whole standing behind the couch thing lasted maybe 30 seconds. She seemed normal a couple of minutes after t
  6. Hi everyone, My partner and I adopted a beautiful 5 year old brindle ex-racer named Chester 3 weeks ago now, and we are completely in love with him. However we are getting quite worried, as he is gradually getting more and more fearful of going on his walks with us. He has been in 2, possibly 3 foster homes before us, and has always been with other dogs. When we first got him, the first few days were great as he was very confident going for walks around the neighbourhood. He showed interest in other dogs but was never keen to get to know them any better than a sniff. Now, we struggle to
  7. People keep telling me, "Oh just set up a camera to watch what she does while you're away" as if it's the easiest thing in the world. Can anyone let me know how to do this? I thought of setting up a computer camera to record, but is there a way to watch the live feed online? If anyone has any experience with this, please help! Thanks!
  8. We're currently dealing with a case of separation anxiety. Missy, our 5-yr old adoptee, just clings to people (including the owners of the doggy daycare I took her to). After getting her food, tons of exercise, and a walk, I have started leaving her along for a few hours at a time. We just 'finished' crating because she just kept busting out of the crate. We started crating because she had been destructive and chewed a hole through the wall. Now, it seems when I leave, she works herself into a fart storm. When I come home, she's lying against the front door and the house is just a thick ha
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