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  1. Hey! I adopted a greyhound last week and I've never had a dog before, much less a greyhound! I feel very nervous about getting things wrong and right. Yesterday he was a charming thing that slept all day and didn't make a peep. Today he got up promptly at 7am to pee in my plant pot and has been restless and frustrated all day. He snapped at me a few times (I don't think it was aggressive though) and whined and even barked at me! No idea why, we'd been out plenty of times, he had water and was fed not that long ago. I also give him a LOT of cuddles and attention. He wakes up ve
  2. Hello. My wife and I recently adopted a 2 year old male greyhound about 6 weeks ago. Overall he has been settling in really great and seems comfortable and at ease most of the time. However, I am seeking advice whether there's anything we can be doing to help him not be so fearful or timid when meeting new people, particularly while in our home. Overall he is inherently shy and typically won't let strangers pet him. Even if he's met someone before it doesn't seem to matter. However, I wouldn't describe him as excessively fearful either - just guarded. He'll approach and sniff, but from a dista
  3. My grey barks and whines at 5:30am (if not earlier) every single day. It is becoming a bit of a problem, as the only way I can get her to stop peeing in the house at night is to take her out at 11pm or later, so I'm not getting enough sleep. She doesn't need to go out at 5:30 - I let her out and 9 times out of 10 she goes out and comes straight back in again. She just wants us all up out of bed so we can take her out for a walk. With winter approaching, it is going to be worse as we need to wait until it is light in the mornings. If she isn't barking at us, she is barking at our other dog to w
  4. We have recently adopted Toby, a 2.5yr old retired grey from the Greyhound Adoption Program in South Australia. He was part of the TAFE program (veterinary course) and was therefore fostered for around 10 weeks with two different families before coming to live with us. He has been green collared, whereby they test the dog with other dogs, small dogs, cats, hugging, removing food etc. He passed and showed no sign of aggressive/reactive behaviour. This was in April. Since he has been with us (just over three weeks now) he has been very reactive to other dogs when we go on walks. Barking, gro
  5. I've had my greyhound for going on 3 years now. When I first adopted him, he was crated while I was gone. He was crated for a few months. He never seemed to love his crate, but I was always advised to keep him crated. Then I received complaints that he cried all day. After this, I transitioned him out of the crate, and he seemed to relax while home alone. I was able to leave at any time and he'd just sleep on his bed, or the couch. He was very comfortable. About 6 months ago, I moved into a new apartment. I didn't even bother with the crate as he had been out of it for months at that point
  6. Hello! We adopted our 2.5-year old greyhound about 3 months ago. He’s the perfect dog for us and we love him dearly. Unfortunately, we’re dealing with some stubborn barking when we leave (no destructive behavior or house training issues). This problem didn’t start until after about a month in – the first month, he was very quiet when we left for work or if we went out at night. We could leave him for the full workday with no problems. He would sleep for the whole day in his crate (we have a nanny cam on him that records noise and movement). About a month in, we noticed he started bark
  7. I adopted 3.5-year-old Tanner a little more than a month ago, and he's been such a great addition to our family. I think he's figured out that he's now in his forever home because just last week he started barking. It's a tail-wagging playful bark, but it's a little intimidating nonetheless and I'm not sure what he needs. He's usually been walked, potty-ed and played with. Anyone else dealing with random bouts of barking? I try to keep my cool when he does it and not react with barking back at him!
  8. Please help. I've made a big mistake and I don't know how to fix it. I went on holiday and put my dogs into a pet hotel. It's a family hotel that we have a good experience with but it was the first time for my dogs. They're very close so I thought that being together would make it easier for them to adapt to a new environment. One of them was fine but my greyhound (3 years old) was suffering bad separation anxiety and he barely ate and he did nothing but lie on the floor, which resulted in him having bad sores all over his body (as greyhounds have very thin skin) and he lost a lot of weight. H
  9. Hello All! Cyrus has been adjusting to life here pretty well. Everyone tells me how handsome and well behaved he is and I feel like such a proud mom Nothing new to report on Mac front, but no news is good news. A really strange thing has happened tonight though. Around 10:30-11pm tonight Cyrus goes into his crate to lay down and I head upstairs for a second. We've been playing crate games and he's gotten pretty comfortable hanging out in there on his own terms, so this isn't the strange part. I make it too the top of the landing and I all of a sudden hear sounds that honestly give me fl
  10. Per my adoption groups advice, I've always crated my greyhound when nobody is home. However, I am thinking about transitioning him out of the crate, and would like some advice! He's always been crated because we also have a cat. At first, he really seemed to like his crate, but now he's not. Lately I've had to lure him to get in his crate, so I think it may be a sign he's more comfortable in the apartment rather than his once safe-haven crate. In addition, I just received a noise complaint about him crying/barking during the day when he's alone. I'm wondering if I transition him out of the
  11. Hello! I've had my greyhound, Ziggy, for about 9 months now. I've always been crating him while I leave the house because that's what my adoption group, and other greyhound owners have always told me to do. Ziggy is fine in his crate -- When I leave for work he walks right in it and curls up with his toys. When I come home, he knows to remain calm and quiet for about five minutes while I ignore him before I let him out. However, when I leave at a random time, like if I go out to dinner, or leave for the gym, I walk him in his crate and he's hesitant. He doesn't want to go in, and then
  12. Hi everyone! Need some advice again, you have never steered me wrong. I have had Gardenia (3 yr old retired racer, mild-mannered) for almost a year now. I am now looking to adopt another one (for her, as a playmate), but we are having some issues. When she first showed up at my door last September, she came with another greyhound (the adoptees wanted to see which one took to me better) and she was fine with that other dog. She seemed to enjoy the company of this dog and was even "sad" when they left (she was hanging out by the front door for hours). However, I have noticed that now she re
  13. I've never had a greyhound who does this. When I take Parker for a ride, he barks nearly the whole time. He's been the only dog in the vehicle when we go places and we don't just go to the vet office (meaning he's gone for short rides somewhere positive - and he received food). Could it be his anxiety? Any suggestions? Someday we'd possibly like to take him to Dewey but can't endure 6 hours of barking dog!
  14. We got Baxter about a month ago and he seems to be settling in well except for the fact that he whines and barks almost every night now. At first he'd only whine at night when he had to go (one night he had diarrhea) but the other nights when he whine my mother would take him out and nothing. It's getting to the point where we're losing sleep. Sometimes my mother has to go sleep on the couch. We tried leaving a light on and the tv even but nothing works. We even reprimand him sometimes but that only works for a while. I don't know what to do. He doesn't do stairs so he can't sleep with us and
  15. So this is more behavioral but I'm curious if anyone has any experience with this. We find that Lupin barks about 5-6 times a week for a couple minutes at a time. We knew he would, being a galgo, and it doesn't bother us, but the circumstances when he barks are a little odd to us. It's almost always right after he wakes up and there never seems to be a reason. He will wake up from what appears to be a dead sleep and run into another room then start barking. We used to think that he heard something, but it has happened on several occasions where absolutely nothing (that we could hear) chang
  16. On June 10th, I adopted a sweet female grey named Lois. At first she was fine with everyone in my family which includes my grandparents, parents, and four sisters ages 16,11, and 5. But as time has passed, she has started to snarl and bark every time my smallest sister gets near her. The first few days, I didn't hear a bark or a snarl and now it was three separate times today. I am really confused with what to do because some posters say that being aggressive toward my grey could cause her to be more aggressive toward my sister. I really don't want anything to happen to my sister and it hu
  17. HI, all well me and my partner have ended up with 2 greyhounds, We have never had greyhounds, but have had lots of other animal and strays that need a home due to neglect, health or saving them from being put down. This is the case with the greyhounds we first got Polo on Sunday, being told that if a home wasn't found he was being put down on the Monday. We couldn't say no, how anyone can put a healthy animal down is beyond me. When we went to pick him up there was another one more there, but he was meant to been taken if though the other person had let them down a couple of times. Any way We
  18. My computer's been down so I've been kinda scarce around here lately, but I have a bit of an issue that's been building for awhile now. If you want you can just skip to the end, but otherwise bear with me. So Dane has become more comfortable here, he's become stupidly protective of the house/his territory. He gets really riled up on our walks around the neighborhood when he sees other dogs (though I don't blame him because a LOT of them are really rude in dog language+the number of "beware of dog" signs around is unreal....). At our training classes and the dog park, he's lovely. Completel
  19. Hi fellow members, My girlfriend and I are new adopters of Sam, a 3 year old ex-racer, who we have had for almost 2 months now. Things are overall going very well with Sam. He has an extremely calm temperament (exactly what we wanted), he is getting along well with our cat (after cat de-training), and he is nothing less than an angel when we are around. HOWEVER, when we are not around, he tends to panic. We both work 9-5 jobs so Sam is alone for most of the day. We always leave a kong before leaving and the radio on, he can go a few hours without saying a word, and then he can begin voc
  20. Please help because my husband and I cannot keep going without sleep. We brought Gable home almost two weeks ago (BTW - he is doing MUCH better with the cats, a previous help request). Obviously little sleep the first couple of nights. Then he settled in and would sleep until about 4, which is ok since we both leave early for work. However since about last Thursday he has been waking up earlier and earlier (3 am, and most recently 1:40 am) and has been skipping the whining and going right to the barking - which is LOUD. There may be a trigger. He started PT for a broken leg and my husban
  21. So we feed our greyhound once in the morning and the evening. He's started barking in the morning around the time we'd feed him. This is at 6 a.m. before our apartment complex's noise curfew is lifted. This bothers me not only because I like the little last bit of sleep I'm getting but also because if I feed him, which I was planning to do soon, he may see it as a reward for barking. Something I do not want. How do I discourage this behavior?
  22. Some background: We've had Mika now for about 6 months, and have had very few problems with him. He was a double-bounce and had been in three foster homes and two homes before we got him. He's smart and his last foster mom was pretty good about laying out the rules. Mostly he's a good boy, but he's got a couple issues. When he is unsupervised, he has to be crated. Really this is for his own protection, since he is SUPER destructive. Most of the time he is fine, but occasionally he finds things and chews them up and very often ingests them. We tell people his middle name is "dieta
  23. Hi all, It's always something over here with these two fawn goofs, little girl is finally getting over her allergy attacks and now we've got a boy with too much to say in the evenings. Every night, when DH and I sit down for dinner (usually late, around 8pm), Ferris barks. I've been training him to "go to bed," so I tried asking him to do this and I'll toss him a treat. He stays there quietly for maybe 30 seconds, then it's back to barking. If we ignore him, he gets up off the bed and stands right next to us to bark more. The "go to bed" training has become almost a game for him wh
  24. Hello. My family adopted an almost 4 year old greyhound close to three months ago. It has been an adventure to say the least! Here’s the rundown of the biggest problem at the moment… At night he’s waking me up crying and barking. We bought a crate and had been putting him in that at night but he now it has become a problem as he gets very upset during the night, even has tried to bite his way out of the cage and getting his jaw stuck. For several days we tried having him upstairs with us. The first night we baby gated him into our Master bathroom, which worked out well. Night two he w
  25. Hi, My name is Tracy and I’m new here. Me and my boyfriend Jim adopted a greyhound named Bo 2 months ago. This might get kind of long… Bo is sweet and was very shy and withdrawn at first. The first month he was like a zombie. It was nearly impossible to even get him out of his crate to go to the bathroom. He mostly just slept a lot. He had zero interest in play or toys, but we knew this might happen so we were very patient. Then, after about a month, he really started opening up. Playing a lot with toys, being super goofy and energetic in the morning and when we came home, and loving w
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