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  1. It's time to start another thread as we come near to 50 pages on the previous thread. Below is information to help you make choices for yourself and your family, originally posted and collected by NeylasMom. This is the fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth in a series of threads. The original was started by a few people whose pups were diagnosed around the same time in July of 2010, but it appears it has grown into an ongoing thread that will provide both information and emotional support for anyone who has dealt with losing a pup to osteo, is currently caring for a pup diagnosed with oste
  2. Our retired racer, Puma, has always been a very happy and healthy greyhound. Recently, while walking down some stairs, she froze up and yelped. After carrying her down the stairs, it became noticeable that she was limping pretty severely. Luckily we had pain meds on hand. We took good care of her with pain meds and a heating pad, and although the limp definitely improved, we ended up taking her to the vet about a week later just to be safe. On Friday, after taking X-Rays, our vet informed us that Puma has Osteosarcoma in her right front shoulder. Fortunately, we did catch it quickly and
  3. This is an update from my first post here. River (10) had her broken toe amputated. She just had her stitches and bandaid removed last weekend and she did excellent! She has been her normal happy self but we noticed she is rather stiff, usually whenever she gets up from a relaxed position or after a long nap. I feel like she wasn't always the best at balance because of how old she is and I'm sure at her age after racing until she was 8 she has stiff and sore aches in her joints, and now she has a missing toe on top of that after 10 years of life. What are some things we could
  4. What is your experience with walks after front leg amputation? How long did it take for your dog to adjust? Did you use a boot, wrist support or a front wheel cart? I have a 9 year old female that gets stir-crazy without long walks (~1h). She had surgery 4 weeks ago, healed and started chemo 10 days later. Now that she is off pain meds, she wants to walk but we have been keeping her walks short (10-15 min) because she is having trouble walking, especially on uneven surfaces or downhill. I have been taking her on car rides instead. The oncologist is not letting us see the physiotherapist until
  5. I'm a very new hound owner and I adopted my 2 year old greyhound on Saturday... i've had some settling in issues which id love some advice for. When he arrived home on Saturday he was super chilled out from the get go wasn't needy or whiney and slept the whole night with no disturbance. (He gets crated at night.) I'm currently keeping him confined to the living room using a baby gate as I have two cats and i'm trying to get them all used to each other. So far so good. On Saturday evening I noticed that the end of his tail looked black and rotten with blood coming out the tip, so i planned on t
  6. I posted here recently about complications from a bone plate. The surgery failed, and the stress from the plate refractured the leg. The plate was removed and the bone has withered to the point that amputation is now unfortunately our best recourse. Any words of advice would be very appreciated.
  7. As some of you may be aware, we are going through a very personal osteosarcoma episode right now: one of our greyhounds was diagnosed with it last Wednesday. I'm going to be making a series of posts documenting how everything has unfolded to date and then I'll keep making updates as things continue to evolve. My hope is that it gives those of you who haven't been through this yet a better perspective on how devastating osteo can be. I also hope that it will help set some expectations for someone going through this in the future who just got the diagnosis and has no idea what they're in for. I
  8. Recently, I read a newspaper article that referenced a link to the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management. I was unaware of the organization, so visited their site. I am not a DVM or other animal healthcare professional, but found their site has good resources for the public to be able to assess pain in their companion animals. Naturally, I cannot speak to the accuracy or quality of the information, but hope it might be a good resource. One thing I hope someone can speak to is an observation I have made in my greyhounds. I thought that panting can be a sign of pain, but do
  9. Last week, Uri's tail got caught in the door. He skinned nearly 2 inches of it, on both sides, right down to the tendons. He has seen two vets about it, one who suggested leaving the hair for cushion and to lesson trauma/prickles and using homeopathic creams with twice-daily bandage changes and ointments, and one who recommended giving it a good cleaning and shaving, and reducing bandage changes to every 1-2 days. Both vets had very valid points. In the end, we had it shaved down and are down to once-a-day bandage changes, partially because we are having trouble getting a bandage to stay i
  10. We have not gotten chest x-rays yet but want to be prepared if Pogo is a good candidate for leg amputation. We need to find a grey savvy surgeon. We live near Marshfield. Has anyone used the vets in Appleton? Green Bay? Madison? Does anyone recommend the vet school in Madison? Thanks
  11. Our lovely 7 year old boy Santos had to have his outside toe on his left front foot amputated. He was running around in the yard and came up limping and upon examination his outside toe was loose. The vet x-rayed it and found that he had fractured the first bone in at least three places. She was not optimistic that she could splint it and we decided to move forward with amputation. It has now been five weeks and his wound is finally healing, he did pop a sutre in his second week of recovery which required an additional one. He also developed two pressure sores which are now closing. He i
  12. Hello, I just found out Friday that my beloved greyhound Tommy has osteosarcoma (shoulder - left front leg). Tommy is 10 1/2 years old and we've had him for 4 1/2 years. He is our only pet. We want to make the decision that is the best and the kindest for Tommy. One of our options is removal of his left front leg and then chemo. Does anyone have any information about how greyhounds tolerate chemo? Also how often they would need it? How is their mobility after amputation? Can they climb up/down steps? Tommy loves to get on the sofa - would he still be able to do that? We are having his alkaline
  13. I'll try to make this as succinct as possible A year ago, my four year old Greyhound broke his toe (right front paw, "ring" toe) while running. My vet recommended a partial amputation. The break was at the closest joint to the claw. Surgery went smoothly, "Keith" recovered nicely. However, beginning a month or so ago, Keith began limping badly when walking on rough surfaces. He's fine on grass, carpet and other soft surfaces. He's even OK on smooth-ish concrete. In the back yard, he has no problem reaching full-speed. At first I thought it might be a corn, as these are classi
  14. Hi. This is the first time I've posted here, so here is a brief introduction to our Greyhound: Dash is a 7 year old female greyhound. We adopted Dash in February of 2011; She was 4 years old at the time and had raced for about 2 years in West Virginia. We live on the second floor of a building in Brooklyn, NY. Three weeks ago we got a diagnosis of Osteosercoma in her right rear leg after some xrays were taken. (She had been limping on and off since March, but that is another story). Two weeks ago we had the leg amputated. Chemotherapy began this week. So, two weeks post surgery,
  15. Our dog is facing weight-bearing toe amputation now. As we prepare for this surgery (in about 3 weeks), any other stories and advice are very much appreciated!!! Thank you so much for starting this thread and to everyone who has shared their stories - it's been so helpful, as I've been worried sick over the idea of amputating a rear weigh-bearing toe on Chego our 4.5 year-old, 75 lb grey (2nd toe from inside). However, he has become increasingly bothered by the toe and his activity level is decreasing. After 13 months of trouble shooting, amputation of the digit appears to be the only
  16. Some of you may have read my last post http://forum.greytalk.com/index.php/topic/294571-saving-daisy/?hl=%2Bsaving+%2Bdaisy about Daisy being diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma. She is 16 days post amp and 3 days after her first chemo treatment. She is doing great. No vomiting or soft poo. She seems to be feeling great, but we are prepared that it may not always be this way. Daisy had her staples out on the 15th and this morning we noticed that a spot on her wound was starting to 'open' I called our vet and took her right in. Fortunately they did not have to give her anymore stiches, just s
  17. I haven't posted on here a lot. I have only had Daisy less than a month, but we have been through more with her than we probably will with a lifetime of dogs. We got her on Saturday December 29, 2012. On Jan 2, we learned that she had a tumor and had her front left leg and shoulder blade amputated. We were told that it was osteosarcoma. I learned of "Charlie's Cancer diet" through Charlies Dad, and have been doing everything in my power to get Daisy well. This morning I took her in for her first oncology visit and to get her staples removed, and we are told that it is Hermangiosarcoma (cancer
  18. Several weeks ago, I was called away for a family emergency when my grandpa became gravely ill in Texas. Unfortunately, DW badly sprained her ankle the night before my flight when Brooks tugged at his leash and pulled her into a dip in the front yard. They say bad things come in threes. Sadly, two days, later, this old maxim held up once again. With DW laid up on the couch and me still out of town, my mom volunteered to come walk Brooks. The walk was uneventful, but upon returning to the house, she wasn't vigilant about his tail. The storm door, with the glass already installed for the win
  19. Hi Everyone! I used to be a member of this board quite a while ago, but haven't posted in ages. I had trouble logging in so ended up making a new account. Here's my handsome fellow: My greyhound Tristan is 9 years and 4 months old, and about a week and a half ago he started limping on his front right leg. He's had a shoulder injury before so I thought it was just that, but since he hadn't healed up we took him to the vet. Of course I'm really scared for osteo. The vet took x-rays and has sent them to a radiologist for diagnosis, but we won't hear back until tomorrow. I was wond
  20. Hi all, Just posting in as first-time to say thanks for everyone who's posted in the past here about your hounds' toe amputation experiences...I have really appreciated and benefited from reading all of that over the past couple of days. My Mandy (OL's Baby Face) is 9.5 yrs old and have had her for six yrs. She is an insulin-dependent diabetic (shots 2 x day) whose had lots of health scares off-on since we've had her but she has prevailed as a fairly hearty and loving girl. Her left rear outside toe has been 2 x normal size for the past couple months and it did not respond to course of
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