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  1. Today's the day! Eight years ago I woke up extra early, got ready and jumped in the car in Portland OR to make the 7 hour drive to the Canadian border town of Blaine WA. There to meet up with Jennie (jenners) and Deb and John (djsgreys) to accept delivery of two very special greyhounds! It had been a hard year for us. We'd lost two dogs within a week of each other - Dorie to PLE after we hadn't had her a year, and Dude our very special heart dog to osteo. Yes, we still had three dogs at home, but it was too quiet for us and the energy wasn't quite right. So, after days of searching the internet, I found this guy on the website of Northern Greyhound Adoptions. whiskey 3 by Chris Harper, on Flickr KTs Phys Ed - called Whiskey in the kennel. And our precious Dude's half brother. He wasn't doing well in the kennel anmd didn't "show" well to prosepctive adopters, so he'd languished there for several months. Another GTer, Donna (chilidog), was on their Board and she negotiated a way for them to adopt this dog all the way across the country to us. Since I didn't have a Passport I couldn't go to Canada to pick him up! Deb and John, who have tons of experience flying with dogs, agreed to transport him for us, as they were coming to BC with dogs anyway. YEAH!!!! All worked out, tickets bought, plans made - awesome!! Then I get an email from Deb. "I can bring two as easily as one!" IMG_0311 by Chris Harper, on Flickr We'd wanted a puppy for while, but were resigned to never having access to one. This was a litter Deb was helping to home from an oops breeding of two greyhounds being used as coyote hunters on a big farm in Alberta, Canada. There were 15 puppies in the litter! And these were the last four unadopted. Well, after about 20 minutes of frantic calling between DH and I, we said YES!! We picked out one little female, and named her Lilly (she's the one on the right here) 2 girls by Chris Harper, on Flickr So the day came. They drive was long, but I didn't mind. I got there in time to say Hello! to Jennie, and jump in her car to meet up with Deb and John who's plane had just landed in Vancouver BC, right across the border 5 minutes away! Here's Jennie in front of the Peace Arch border crossing, with Deb and John in the back. Yes, they just walked across the border with two dogs and some bags. We expected the border patrol to show up at any minute to put the kabosh on the whole thing!!! Peace Arch by Chris Harper, on Flickr Meeting Lilly for the first time! Peace Arch 4 by Chris Harper, on Flickr Greeting Whiskey. Peace Arch 8 by Chris Harper, on Flickr Family picture Peace Arch 9 by Chris Harper, on Flickr Then we jumped back in Jennie's car and went back to her house (Deb and John finished their mission in BC!) She was so kind to open her home to two newly adopted dogs - including a puppy!!! - and one tired human!! And further, stayed up all night monitoring the new charges so I could get some sleep for the drive back to Portland the next day! During that first night Whiskey really showed his true nature. He bacame Lilly's Nanny, and I really don't know how we would have done the whole puppy raisiing thing without him! He was so patient! And they would play and play together for hours, relieving us and the other adult dogs in our house of some puppy energy!! Whiskey and Miss Jenn 1 by Chris Harper, on Flickr L&W with Miss Jenn 1 by Chris Harper, on Flickr L&W 1 by Chris Harper, on Flickr L&W 2 by Chris Harper, on Flickr The next morning we loaded up and headed home. Trip Home Whiskey by Chris Harper, on Flickr Trip Home Lilly by Chris Harper, on Flickr The view from Jennie's deck! You can see Canada from there! Panoramic View from Deck by Chris Harper, on Flickr It was a grand adventure and I had so much fun!! I will never be able to thank every one involved enough from allowing us this opportunity!! It really is one of the best things I've ever been a part of!
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