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  1. I know I don't post much about my dogs, nor share many pictures. I've been very lucky that they haven't had any real medical problems or behavioral issues. They also don't madly attack Secret Santa packages. In the fall of 2004 I was checking out Petfinder and saw a GH at the Monadnock Humane Society in Keene. Not knowing much about the facility and worried that a GH won't do well there, I contacted them about adopting him. That Sat. I went to meet him. I didn't really need to be worried about him. He was more like a lab than a GH. That's what the gals at my vets called him "A lab in a GH's body" I came home with him that day, Halloween day. That night he greeted every trick or treater that knocked on the door. He never paid any attention to the cats and got along with Willow and Austin like they were old friends. He was very easy to work with, never seem to mind whatever we were up to. He was a champion roacher ... it makes putting on dog booties a lot easier when they are upside down. Here he is (in the background) with Austin. It recently dawned on me that I haven't seen him roach in a while. Matt wasn't the most photogenic of dogs. He hated being posed for pictures and trying to calmly get his attention for a decent picture would get him excited and out would come the tongue. Like this. He used to play catch, but eventually lost interest. He would start to bring it back, but he was easily distracted by an interesting smell and that would be the end of fetch. It took a while, but I did get a decent picture of him...once. He was a very patient foster brother to many GH's passing through. There were a couple that I'm sure he was happy when they moved on. I think Marta was his favorite though. From what I was told she was in heat when she was spayed and had the 'kavorka'. Once I was walking back from the barn and Marta was watching me out the window... and Matt was behind her having (or thinking he was ) his way with her. She was oblivious to whatever he was doing. Here is his girlfriend, Marta. He was a champ M&G'er for a long time. He was always happy and loved meeting new people and dogs, until last year. After a while he would shut down and want to hide behind the chair. When I knew we would be outside, I would bring the xpen so he could hang out with us and take a nap. A few years back he developed a mild case of LP. He was scoped and at that time it was felt is wasn't severe enough for surgery. Last year was bad and I knew he wouldn't be able to make it thru another summer. Even this winter, if he got excited or even a little hot (in the van with heat) he would pant and you could hear him roaring. Lately even our short walks (@200') would tire him out. He would stop to rest once or twice. He was dragging his hind feet. He was having problems with the stairs. His appetite was waning and was losing weight. In a perfect world he could spend all his time on his dog bed, I would be home 24/7 to take him out and he would have a fenced yard to attend to his needs and not have to go for walks. Now he is with Willow, Austin, Buddy ( to name a few), healthy and happy. Meeting old friends and making new ones. Here are the original 3..
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