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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I recently got two beautiful greyhounds (about 4 weeks ago) called Lexie and Luther. I've never owned greyhounds before or any dogs for that matter so I'm very new to it all. Lexie is 3 and Luther is 5 and up till now everything has been great- they are well behaved and have been settling in well. However, recently Lexie was spayed and since then she has had the most awful dandruff. It's not all over- just around her legs and the base of her tail. She scratches a lot (when she's not sleeping!) but is otherwise in good health; shiny eyes, wet sniffy nose, waggy tail and curious. I've no idea what may be causing the dandruff- after some rooting about online it may be diet, it may be because she's just been spayed...? Both dogs have 2 weetabix and 2 slices of wholemeal bread with milk and water in the morning. They'll have a treat in the middle of the day just to keep them going and at night they are getting two cupfuls of Harrington's adult dog complete topped with either tuna in sunflower oil or Pedigree dog food or leftover bits from our dinner. I have read online that retired greyhounds enjoyed weetabix for breakfast and that they enjoyed bread when living in kennels but somewhere else online suggested that greyhounds with dandruff may suffer grain/wheat allergies. I am confused!! I'm looking for experienced greyhound owners to point me in the right direction with regards to food and how much food is enough food- mine are always looking for titbits! Also, today I spotted two large tapeworms in Lexie's poop. Again, I searched online for some answers and came up with worms can be caused by fleas. Maybe this ties everything together- the itching, the dandruff and the worms...? Having a look at both dogs, there are no signs of fleas skipping about, but last week Lexie did have a tick which had fallen off by the time I was getting tweezers to pull it out. Where it came off I have no idea! Luther has recently started scratching and seems to be shedding large clumps of fur. Lexie had this when she first came to us and her coat is now sleek and shiny whereas Luther's is quite thick and fluffy still. Do tapeworms mean fleas? And what treatments are greyhounds not allowed to treat fleas? So many concerns and I don't want to get things wrong! I want my hounds to be happy and I am willing to spend money to achieve that. They do seem content but the scratching is frustrating me, I can't imagine what it must be like for them! Any advice on these topics and any other amazing gems of info would be much appreciated.
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