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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, as the title said I am curious on how long alone training took before you and your grey were comfortable with them being left alone. I was also wondering if even without training it would naturally get better as they simply get accustomed to it and you returning every time. For some background I have recently adopted a lovely ex racer. He suffers from SA despite trying to begin alone training immediately three weeks ago. He becomes very stressed, although thankfully not destructive and whines and barks loudly. I have gone right back to the beginning using Patricia o'Connells great
  2. Help! My girlfriend and I adopted our greyhound last August. We didnt have any separation or anxiety issues until a few weeks ago when we returned from a 5 day vacation. We had a dog sitter stay in our house and he seemed normal but a few days after we returned he started having somewhat serious anxiety issues. Hes had issues at night after we go through our normal nighttime routine and are sleeping he demonstrates signs of stress mostly standing by our bed and panting. Hes also developed separation anxiety: scratching doors, accidents in the house (for the first time) etc. We took him to the
  3. As many of you know, I have my 2 year old girl Trace who I adopted a month ago. She has come a LONG LONG way since I got her, from barely walking to now playing and running like a champ. There is only ONE problem left...her seperation anxiety is beyond severe. I go to work from 8-12 than come home from 12-1 for a walk/lunch for the both of us, than back to work from 1-4. She is a Angel when I'm home with her, and as soon as I crate her and leave, she turns into a monster. Her seperation anxiety is insane- she ripped metal hinges off of the crate and I don't know what to do next. We
  4. Hi everyone! This forum has been so helpful all the other times I've asked questions that I thought I would come to you all again! (By the way, Jax is completely over his statueing outside now -- took him basically 24 hours after I posted about it to completely get over it! Go figure) So here is the current issue: We started alone training with Jax immediately after we got him (it's been about 5 weeks now) and he's never shown any signs of SA. We transitioned him to being out of the crate when he's home alone and have had no problems. The other day we were coming home after being
  5. I know there are several topics about separation anxiety, but our situation is a little different so I figured it's worth a new thread. We've had our Amber for a bit over a month now and things have been going well. Every 3rd day that falls on a weekday Amber is crated during the day time with a dog walker who comes and takes her out for a bit during the day. This takes place after being woken up, fed, and taken for a walk to eliminate, and then a short jog around the yard (Amber doesn't seem to love jogging). Until a few days ago Amber has had no issue with this arrangement. She would gla
  6. Hello! 4 Days ago my lady and I became the parents of the sweetest greyhound in the world named Amber. Amber is just under two years old and came to us from a rescue agency after not being competitive enough to race at the track. We met several greyhounds at the agency a few weeks ago and she definitely picked us. She came up to us and snuggled and stayed by our side the entire time we met other dogs so we knew she was the one. Since she's come to our home, she has been incredibly sweet, laid back, calm and friendly. She is still hesitant with stairs and needs help coming down (we have two
  7. I have spent endless hours reading the great advice on this forum. I have tried just about all of it. I should start from the beginning. I have had Moonie since the end of Oct. 2014. Before that he had been off the track for 6 months. One month of that was with a foster. He will be 3 in July. He never raced. The foster said he was fine all day in the kennel while she and her husband worked. He was fine all night in the kennel and didn't make a sound. However they had 5 other dogs and many animals in their house. As the first month went on I noticed a lot of anxiety. I tried melatonin,
  8. Hello All!
 New poster here, been reading a lot of good information here for quite some time, and I thank everyone's helpful posts as they have answered a lot of questions I have had along the process of adopting these wonderful dogs!
 Let me apologize for the length of this post to begin with. I want to provide as much information as possible and see what y'all think.
 Our situation is a little different than many others I talk to, as this will be our only dog. Seems almost everyone with greyhounds has more than 1! Especially all the fosters, who always have several dogs in the
  9. We adopted Echo (see thread in the "Cute and Funny" under the hedgehog topic. On saturday. We worked with her Sunday with alone training as we both work full time jobs and she'd have to spend some time home alone while at work. Luckily my wife works within 5 minutes of the house and runs home during lunch to let her out and play for an hour. Thanks to other threads (Thanks Luna the Greyt) on Separation Anxiety we felt pretty well prepared and did our best to train her. I even set up my Echo cam to watch her while at work. She seems to be doing pretty ok. Maybe once every two hours (
  10. Hello, I recently adopted my first greyhound from an adoption agency and was informed that he was cat safe and low prey drive. He has always seemed interested in my cat who does not have the temperment to swat at him but instead prefers to maintain distance and slowly retreat. When she jumps over the baby gate that creates a safe room for her, he would initially get up and chase her back into the bedroom. Lately he has gotten better with their interactions but I always keep him on a leash when allowing him in the cat safe room for meetings. I recently went to a local dog park during of
  11. My sweet greyhound, Fiona is 5 years old.... I've had her for 2.5 years, she is my baby... BUT... She has gotten out of control pooping in the house!! If I leave for 10-15 min, she will poop 3 or 4 piles in the house. When my mom's dog stays with me, she doesn't do it as much.... She has gotten MUCH worse about this in the last month or so. I work 12 hour shifts and my mom lets her out twice while I am away, I don't want to crate her b\c I am gone for so long, so I leave her in the kitchen/laundry room. She ALWAYS has at least one or two accidents when I'm working that my poor mom has to clea
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