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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone! I posted a question here sometime ago, asking about what could be done to get rid of saliva stains on white hounds. Winnie's stains almost disappeared by just keeping her mouth clean and dry at all times. However, the staining came back with a vengeance overnight a few days ago, and I am at a loss understanding why, and how the discoloration could become this bad in just a couple of hours. At this point, I am wondering it clipping the discolored hair would help. It would certainly spare Winnie some of the annoying daily grooming and help keeping the area clean and dry. I am, however, worried that her hair may not grow back that easily on her face? She's had her fur clipped several times at the vet, on her legs and thighs, and it grew back just fine, but I am hesitant to try it on her face. Any advice or suggestion? Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, I know there are a few threads on this topic, including one I started myself, but I wanted to reach out and ask people if they have any new suggestion as to what to do with this issue. Winnie has been having reddish saliva staining/crusting issues on and off for the past three years, and I'm still not entirely sure what the culprit is. This new bout of staining has been lasting for about two months, though I haven't recently changed anything in her diet. I understand there are several theories on what causes saliva staining -like a red yeast overgrowth, bacterial infections, porphyrin oxidation, etc- but it all seems to boil down to a pH unbalance in the dog's saliva. However, I'm unsure if, if this is actually the case, I should work on making Winnie's saliva more alkaline or more acidic and if there is a safe way to do it. My gut feeling is that this is not just a cosmetic issue, and that it points at a systemic unbalance that may not be serious but should be addressed all the same. There's been a lot written on how adding low doses of supplements containing tylosin (such as Angel's Eyes) quickly fixes tear and saliva staining. Using an antibiotic long-term for cosmetic reasons seems to me like a very stupid and irresponsible thing to do, but might be confirming the idea that using other means to tweak the dog's saliva pH is the way to go. I've also read that stress can sometimes make the staining worse, which people attribute to the dog licking his/her mouth more out of anxiety, but I was wondering if the real cause might be that stress actually acidifies saliva. I was wondering if anyone had worked on using supplements to alkalize their dog's saliva, which I understand can have beneficial effects on oral health, bad breath, etc. I think I read somewhere that adding wheatgrass to the dog's food could help for that. As a side note, Winnie does have IBD, and is a quite anxious dog. We also just went through a major relocation, which she's apparently handling quite well, but who knows what's going on in her tummy... Also, gently rubbing her face with a little baking soda does help a lot with the crusting and staining, but I feel I can't really do that on her everyday without risking to damage her skin... Any thoughts? Thanks everyone!
  3. Hi everyone, Saliva stains on Winnie's face are driving me nuts. As much as I try to keep her cheeks reasonably clean, those brown, sticky stains will just not go away. I understand this is due to some kind of red yeast growth related to the particular chemistry of some dogs' saliva, and hence must be connected to the dog's diet. I feed Winnie Blue Buffalo grain free dry food (Freedom or Wilderness), which is supposed to be one of the best (and pricey) dog food out there, but I was wondering if the heavy yeast growth might be in some way connected to that food. Sometimes Winnie also starts scratching and biting herself like crazy, but I'm not sure if this is just behavioral or allergic (and maybe yeast related?). Apart from that, she eats very well, always begs for more, gets 1 capsule of wild salmon oil and 3mg of melatonin a day, hoping it will eventually help with her very bald butt, tummy and throat. Also, any new advice on how to get rid of those annoying stains? I've had some moderate success with a mix of peroxide, baking soda and corn starch, but I'd need to torture her with that every other day to keep her reasonably clean. Apple cider vinegar in her water does not seem to make any difference. I'm unwilling to give her any antibiotic to fix this problem. I know this is (apparently) only a cosmetic issue, but I'm uncomfortable with the idea of yeast growing on my girl's face!
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