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Found 3 results

  1. Quick Context: Sammy is a (nearly) 11-year-old tripod who adopted us about 2 months ago. He has adjusted wonderfully to our household and has had zero issues EXCEPT FOR his problems with food. He is an old man whose mobility is fairly limited at this point and who no longer goes on walks. His "big excursions" are exploring our property during potty time. He is always supervised during this time because of his mobility issues- thus he doesn't eat mysterious/unknown things. Past Food History: 1) Sammy raced until he was five and then was adopted by an elderly couple who pretty much fed him whatever he wanted. Pretty much nothing was off limits so we have no clue how he ate during this time. 2) Sammy was with his foster family for 6 months and during that time, he was a very very picky eater. (Probably because they were actually trying to get him to eat kibble...) He went on 4-day hunger strikes fairly regularly. Vet visits yielded nothing wrong with him. The fosters started giving him a bunch of melted butter aaaaall over his breakfast and tons of wet food mixed in with his dinner. When he didn't feel like eating that, they would add pasta sauce to his food. (YIKES.) He was eating Taste of the Wild kibble and Taste of the Wild wet food (random flavors each time). After hunger striking on that, they switched him to whatever food he felt like eating. This ended up being Purina Pro Plan's Lamb Formula. (Still TOTW wet food.) When We Got Him: -We pretty much quit giving him aaaaall human junk food (no more melted butter, no more pasta sauce, etc. etc). He tried to hunger strike for awhile but we were patient and fiiiinally we had him eating the Purina kibble and TOTW wet food ONLY. -And then he started hunger striking again. -And then he started having diarrhea. (No blood, no mucus. However, we're talking straight up PASTE diarrhea.) -And then he wanted to eat grass and vomit. -And then he started to have gas the likes of which we have never seen (smelled?) before. Enough to make everybody gag and run out of the room...ALL THE TIME. -And then we started to HEAR his stomach making all kinds of interesting noises. Vet Visit: -Vet suspects food intolerance issues and NOT food allergies since he has zero problems of any other sort. He suggests only one source of protein for him because a mix of things does not seem to be working with him. We will have to do some detective work and figure out what exactly bugs his stomach. -Vet states intestinal cramping galore has been going on. -Loperamide + Metronidazole given. -Diet changes: Forced fasting on our part ---> bland diet (rice + ground turkey) that he absolutely devoured ---> Canidae Limited Ingredient Chicken Formula + Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Chicken & Sweet Potato wet food. -Turkey was bad news. He loved it. It did not love him. The gas was unbelievable. O______O -Meds made him feel great! -Ate the most recent diet with no issues! -Stool no longer diarrhea paste but very very soft. Current Issues: -Hunger striking happened again. -Stomach noises back. -Did a forced fasting. -Back on bland diet. This time rice and ground chicken. -He loves it. -It appears to love him? Zero gas problems. -Stool still extremely soft. (We have almost never seen normal stool the entire 2 months we have had him pretty much.) Questions: Chicken probably isn't helping. Go with salmon? Try lamb? Do a different brand entirely? Maybe quit the whole thing? I am seriously starting to think that homemade is the way to go with this guy. Unless there is a secret food that we do not know about? Does anyone have any suggestions for what we should do after the bland diet is over with? What should we transition to that MIGHT be successful? Our concern is honestly not nutrition/best food ever because honestly, he has eaten absolutely terribly for 11 years and unfortunately, we are not going to magically undo the effects of that with the time that we have with him. But we ARE concerned with food that gives him cramping pain and makes him not want to eat over and over again. Tips, suggestions, recipes, are ALL appreciated!
  2. I have been stalking the forum lately, racking my brain as to what to do with my 11.5 year old big boy. Ralph is my beautiful boy in which age is starting to creep up on him, a little faster than not lately. He still tries to jump, do figure 8's, all the stuff he could do when he was younger but walks are starting to go from 1-2 miles to 1/4 and 1/8 of a mile. His hind is getting shaky and seems to have a harder time getting comfortable. But this is all beside the point. He has become quite the problem pup as of late when it comes to meals. He eats his treats just fine, but goes on hunger strikes for breakfast and dinner. After some experimentation, we have come across a few meals that he seems to tolerate...for now. My two concerns are that he has pills that must be taken within 12 hours of each other and must be with food. I have been able to slip a few pills into some whipped cream cheese and sprinkle some meat shavings around it (whatever meat I have on hand basically). As for his meals, I have been able to concoct a few scrambles so to speak of egg, mixed veggies, meats, cauliflower and sweet potatoes (riced from Green Giant). I tried many different slops before. He hates pasta, doesn't care for rice (and neither does my lawn...thought he had worms one time-rice looked like maggots-gross I know). He did okay with gizzards, hearts, livers and whatnot, but he got bored of it and will knock his bowl over in protest. It's hard to be mad a dog when that happens He has also mastered the art of fake swallowing his pills. The smart little boy he is forced me to pry his mouth open. Stood with him while he was trying not to take it. He swallowed several times, showed me an empty mouth and not even 5 seconds after I left his side, he coughed them up and grinned...little punk. As for cooking his food, he is 83lbs and is just starting to lose his muscle mass due to not being able to walk farther and without the playtime with his brother Lou (he misses him greatly). How much should he get when I cook him food? I don't want to do too much protein as that is not good, but I also don't want to short him either. I am able to throw in 1/4 cup of dry and he won't flip it, but too much and I am out of luck with a hungry hound. Stubborn might as well be his middle name...Ralph Stubborn Breeden Any suggestions?
  3. Hi, Sorry, I know we have discussed this topic of picky eaters a lot and I've tried everything, but I guess I'm hoping for a good advice. Let me explain the case, I have a greyhound who eats everything so I have never had such a problem, so now I'm fostering a Greyhound mix. She is from Korea, so she was probably a stray dog, that's maybe why she is very picky and more familiar with junkfood. She is in foster because of her weight, now she is currently with 57lbs, but for her size and being a mix she is really underweight, we can see all her ribs, back and bum bones, so she is basically bones. So my homework is fatten her up, but it's so hard, she doesn't like dog food at all. She came with a kibble (that she didn't eat) and some treats, which she just like those one and doesn't accept any new ones. That's what I've tried: Changed the kibble and brands, tried meat, chicken, pork, finally it seems she accepts more fish kibble. Tried all sorts of wet foods and brands, the cheap ones, the expensive ones... also canned tuna and salmon, a little bit of success. Home made food, tried chicken, brown rice, fish, red meat, even a delicious chicken soup. Olewo carrots and beets, she didn't even touched them! High calorie gel for dogs who need get fat, didn't even touched it. Peanut butter in a Kong, she sometimes eat, sometimes doesn't. Cheese, fresh white cheese, she likes, but I've heard a lot of cheese it's not good for dogs. Last try, I bought Freshpet, it is that fresh food for dogs that comes in big rolls and are refrigerate, I had some success with this one! Very little! So she seems to go better with fish meals, but every time she eats a whole meal for 2 days, the next 2 days she doesn't eat at all! So it's and ups and downs, when I finally get happy because she ate 3 meals in a day, next day she won't. It's scary for me to see a dog that doesn't eat at all for 2 days and her belly does very disturbing loud sounds. There was one day that I was so desperate to make her eating that I gave her a donuts, because it seems to be the only thing that she wants to eat when we eat. She had a Vet check last week, so we ruled out any sort of illness. The Vet knows how hard she is to eat and told me just to keep trying. I don't know if is because she was a stray and was used to eating trash from the streets it might had affected her taste for dog food. It seems she wants to eat only the things she can't like our junk food that is not healthy. What should I do? She is supposed to eat 4 cups of kibble/day and I am not able to feed her even 2 cups/day. I never saw a dog refusing a treat, even a piece of bacon! I've reached the point that I cooked pieces of bacon to her and she totally refused. Help meeee!!!
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