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Found 10 results

  1. Hello! We have 2 separate issues. Firstly, our 6 year old ex-racer we've had for 2 years will pee on our bed if given the chance. This is various times of day (except at night) and also even if she has just been outside. She goes for 2 good walks per day, goes out in the garden/yard loads. We have a dog walker every day when we're at work and Pickle also physically and vocally knows how to tell us she needs to pee. We keep the bedroom door closed but if she gets in there...boom. Pee. I've read about dogs peeing in beds to hide it as our scent is strong in the bed clothes. Her latest party trick? Peeing on the sofa (not spray marking, jumps up and pees like she would on grass). Also, she now cocks her leg like a boy and tries to pee as high as she can on gates, telephone poles, trees, walls. This last part isn't a problem, just wondering if it's part of the bigger picture. Any ideas? Secondly, since the day we got her she has to go outside at 2am. Every. Single. Night. She gets up and stretches, yawns loudly then starts crying to go out. Is it possible it's so ingrained from her racing/kenneling days? I don't even know if they had a 2am potty break. I won't restrict her access to water but even then she doesn't drink much after dinner at 5pm. Can this habit be broken? Thank you in advance!
  2. Uri, age 13, has started leaking urine - not full accidents, just leakage when he sleeps. We're trying to manage it with Leaks No More drops and going outdoors every 3 hours for a pee, but overnights or longer stints, he still leaks. So we got a belly band and tried it yesterday and overnight for the first time. Sadly -- and he's mortified of course that I'm sharing this publicly -- it seems that Uri's penis is not long enough to stay inside the band! I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or if I'm not putting it on him properly. When I wrap it around his waist, sliding it as far back towards his rear as his legs will allow, the tip of his penis is barely enclosed, and after a bit of moving around, it pops right out. This happens no matter how I adjust the snugness on the band. Basically I feel like the band can't be slid any further backwards on him, yet it just can't hold the tip in. Anyone else have this problem?
  3. Help! Our 5.5 y.o. has started peeing in the house after being housebroken for a year and a half. He has been checked out by the vet w/no medical issues. He doesn't ever lift his leg when we're with him, but he seems to do it the minute we leave the house (even if we're just in the garage or yard). We know that the problem must be separation anxiety and we are working on that... but I find it so odd that he is lifting his leg after a year and a half of being totally housebroken. We have not had any lifestyle changes. Has this happened to anyone else? Any thoughts?
  4. I just adopted my perfect *little* brindle girl. She is five years old and basically house broken. I've had her just about a month. However, occasionally, she will pee the MOMENT we leave the apartment door, right in the hallway. I tell her no, get her outside, where she often goes number two, but then an hour later she will pee again in the house. These are the only 3 instances where she has peed in the house. Any suggestions on getting her to stop peeing in the hallway? We live on the 3rd floor. She is 98% of the time fine (she has done this about 3 times now,) and makes it outside, but what causes her to pee in the hallway when she knows she is on her way out? She gets walked 3-5 times per day. Any advice would be wonderful!
  5. so, all has been well with Jonny and we've finalised the adoption by ending the trial period early. It's as though we've had him with us for years! Oddly, though, today specifically, every time Jonny falls asleep he does a wee. regardless of where he is. he did it last night (which i realised this morning) and I thought it might be just because he was obviously busting to go. I took him for a walk when I got up at 6:30 immediately and he did a huge wee. So he must have had a lot stored up. Poor dude. (we will remove the water bowl at night) but he has just done it again while sleeping on the outside couch.... not sure if anyone has any insight. My partner thinks it's because he has been missing me. We are trialling him upstairs with my partner while he is home from work for the next couple of days instead of in the office with me as per all of the last week. I'm just not sure about that, despite reading up on separation anxiety because: 1 - my partner is with him 2 - he did it while sleeping as opposed to consciously awake In saying that, he did accidentally go in the dining room last night because we were late taking him outside so he could go. Blamed ourselves for that one, but has that maybe started something?
  6. So.... I think it's cute that our new retired racer Mercury squats instead of lifting his leg but... he has a tendency to pee on one of his front paws. Ick! (although I didn't know if this belonged under behavior or "cute and funny things") He's very tall and squats very far to pee "cleanly". He tends to hit his front leg when he's close to done and has risen up a bit. The issue is a bigger problem now that he hurt a paw pad at the dog park yesterday and has a small bandage on a front paw. I'm trying to keep everything clean and dry. What's a grey mom to do? (if anything)
  7. Hello, I am new to this forum but my husband and I are desperate for advice from a Greyhound Community who I know has loads more experience than us. We adopted Charlie the blue greyhound in June of this year from a family who could not keep him any longer. We are his third family after retiring from racing 3 years ago. Charlie Boy will turn 6 in January and he is our precious regal boy. The family who had him before us said he never had trouble with peeing indoors, and would only when left alone for an entire day (over eight hours). He was a dream the first week we had him but has been peeing in the house about once every three days since then. It is always at night when we cannot catch him in the act and charlie never fusses or barks to let us know anything. The previous owners suggested we lay down a child's potty training mat down (one that doesn't attract him to pee). He would pee on that at first, and he even pooed on it once, but now he pees anywhere and everywhere in the house even if the mat is down. I thought maybe he was sick but he has pooed in the house about 4 times in the past 5 months. We let him out at 10:30 every night and watch him every time to make sure he goes wee. He doesn't usually mark when he pees, he merely stretches/pees as though he is mad at us or just can't hold it. I am 95% certain this is behavioral. I know we should always give him access to water but he gets at least two pints of water in his food during the day and will still occasionally drink throughout the day. We took away access to the water at night only and he still does it. Charlie gets three 20-minute walks per day and is let out to wee at 7 am and 10:30 pm every day in the garden. We have tried everything short of crate training but as my husband is currently scrubbing our one and only area rug as I write... We are going to break out the crate (which Charlie has certainly peed ON before). The other thing I think worth noting is that Charlie would tell his old owners when he had to go out by stretching and doing the yoga "downward facing dog" pose. He would do this when he wanted something like dinner or a walk. Since we have adopted him he doesn't tell us any of that because we just keep a schedule as someone is home with him all day. Also, Charlie never poos in the back garden/yard where he is let out. Can someone help us? We have cleaned up pee about 30 times in 5 months and are tired of fearing what waits for us downstairs when we wake up in the morning! We want to get a Christmas tree but would like to keep the presents dry... Hannah
  8. We adopted 3 year old Pixie at Easter this year. She tried one pee indoors and we told her no, and after that she was entirely brilliant in the toilet training department, never soiling indoors at all. However, about six weeks ago she did a pee on the bed in the (carpeted ) hallway on the bed she eats her biscuits on. This has been followed by several pees and poos in the same area. I have tried my best to clean it all up using enzymatic cleaners and all, and once caught her in the act of peeing and told her no, took her outside, complimented her on going outside, all that. At that stage I thought we had overcome, but no, she often pees and poos indoors now Practical solutions are in progress: we are going to have vinyl laid in the hallway as the carpet has pretty much had it. One of the problems is that she hardly ever vocalises. Have only really heard her bark a couple of times in six months. It has been suggested that we confine her in the lounge where there is no carpet, using a stairgate, but then all 3 dogs would be confined and one of the others is blind and would be very confused (and whine his head off!) if he couldn't go where he wanted in the night. Both the other dogs know to whine or bark and let us know they need to go out in the night, which is better than finding a pile of poo in the morning! I think if she was confined she would not tell us she wanted to go out, she would just "go" in the lounge where she was. We are in the UK and we don't generally use crates here, we don't have one and if we put her in one I'm sure she would be even more confused. She would probably go nuts to be let out of the crate, but it would not teach her any toilet training I think. Pixie just seems to have lost the plot and doesn't know it is wrong to do her stuff indoors anymore. Any suggestions?
  9. Hi, I'm fairly new, read lots of posts, and now have one for you. Edge is my new 4 year old grey who is now retired from racing. He is a wonderful dog, very loving and fits in with my other grey Sophie, also 4, and lastly Leo my Lowchen 13 years. The issue is that I beleive Edge was crated at the track and may have had to "hold it" for up to 12 hours. I know this because he has had only one accident in the two weeks I've had him. Figured he hadn't gone for about that long, and we were greeted with a large 12 hour's puddle worth of pee on the carpet. Can't get him to go to the bathroom on a different schedule (poop is ok). Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. I caught Jack marking the couch. He has usually been clean in the house, with some exceptions when I first got him (and he was afraid of the neighbours, long story) and an instance of fear-peeing himself. No idea what to make of this or how to stop him-- he showed guilt upon being scolded in the act, but not much.
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