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Found 3 results

  1. Weve had our boy for about four months. Earlier this week we gave him his quarterly dose of Sentinel. It was his second dose with us and he was receiving it at the adoption group. First time we didnt notice any side effects and had not experienced any with our previous pooch. This time our boy didnt eat for about 24 hrs and has had diarrhea for going on two days. He slept most of the weekend as well. Was very worried but hes improved today quite a bit. Was curious if others have experienced this and suggestions about alternatives to sentinel. As always thanks in advance.
  2. Bowie finished her chemo for osteo in August and has been on Piroxicam since Sept. 10mg 1x per day. I've been giving it to her in her evening meal along with 10mg of Pepcid. She also was getting 10mg of Pepcid with breakfast. She started throwing up yellow bile along with small bits of undigested food hours after her meals. At first I thought it was because she had stayed at my friend's house one weekend when I was out of town - she only feeds one meal a day and I thought maybe that had thrown her off. I got her back on her 2 meal a day routine, but the bile vomiting continued to happen intermittently. I increased her Pepcid to 20mg before each meal, added a Probiotic and whole mile Greek yogurt to her food, which seemed to help for a couple of weeks, but she's back to vomiting a small amount of bile with a little bit of undigested food. This is happening about every other day. I called the oncologist and they stop the Piroxicam beginning today through Monday and see if she still brings up bile. If she does, they want her to come in for an examination. If not, they may add another OTC stomach med in addition to the Pepcid and/or have her take the Piroxicam every other day. Has anyone dealt with this? If so, what did you do? What worked/what didn't work? My understanding is that Piroxicam is the best NSAID with anti-cancer properties, so I hate to switch her to another one that doesn't work as well. On the other hand, I don't want her to be miserable. As an aside, they said most dogs tolerate Piroxicam well, but very recently they have had 3 dogs who are having a tough time with it.
  3. Missy tends to think anything left on the floor is a free-for-all. Yesterday we had a spill on the table so bowls and plates went on the floor while we cleaned it up. Before we knew it, Missy was flying in from the other room and got two big mouth fulls of avocado before we could drag her away. Now she's sick. She woke up at 6am and started walking around, asking to be let out. Her tummy is making audible bubbling noises and she won't drink or eat. She went to the park and had no problem jogging, peeing and pooping, but it's the first morning since we've had her that she hasn't eaten her breakfast. And the grass hasn't made her vomit yet. Does anyone have any experience with avocado? Is this a serious thing I need to talk to the vet about or will it pass?
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