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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone! I'm thinking of putting my gals onto pet insurance. I was on one that was specifically for the vet surgery I use - which was very useful as Charlie managed to rip the webbing between her toes last year and had to be put under and stitched up), however because she is the clumsiest poop in the known universe, I figure it is probably worthwhile getting her insured by one of the big players, as the local insurance didn't cover emergencies etc. However, all I am seeing is $$$ and 2 star reviews for everything, or suspiciously happy 5 star reviews that look paid for, and now I am confused and annoyed. Does anyone have any recommendations for insurers? Those that will pay something out for big events is more important to me than small, frequent payouts such as cuts and grazes I am happy to cover smaller visits/surgeries as/if they happen, I am more concerned about any big emergencies happening that costs megabucks. I don't mind if they take their time paying out, only that they do eventually. I think I would like to go for 80% payouts with a larger deductible and lower monthly payments. My one concern is that they really seem to try and play on preexisting conditions. Charlie has had very bad stomach problems when she was younger (empty stomach syndrome) and of course cut her webbing. Does this mean if she suddenly has unrelated stomach problems, or gets cut again, they are less likely to pay out? Help, opinions and experience would be very much appreciated!
  2. So I have records and claims to submit for Violet's recent post dental incident, but with the holidays and various other factors I haven't had the time or ability to get claim forms faxed to the various vets and back, collect records, etc. and submit it all to Healthy Paws. I had in my head that the deadline was 2 weeks (which I've exceeded) so I emailed them to request that they still reimburse me when I can finally get everything submitted next week and mentioned (since I was writing anyway) that the one thing I liked about VPI was that they did away with the vet signature requirement and any sort of deadline. Hours later I got this response: Thank you for your recent email. We hope you are having a wonderful day. To answer your question you are able to submit a claim 90 days after the incident, it's totally fine if it's even over the 90 days. We have also done away with the veterinarian signature on our claim forms. I have attached the new claim forms to this email. I also wanted to let you know we have also added an online claim submission to your online account. When you submit your claim through your online account, you don't even need a claim form. Your welcome to view all these new additions in your online account at www.gohealthypaws.com. One, I love them. Two, I wanted to share in case there are any other HP users out there who weren't aware of the changes to make submitting claims easier. Online submission, yes please!
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