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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I am new to this forum but hoping for some advice. We recently adopted a 3 year old greyhound (2 weeks ago). The rescue centre didn't know much of his background apart from that he did not seem to be a racing greyhound and that they was possibly a stray before. He had only been in the kennels for 1 month before we took him home. He seemed to settle in right away and the first week he was good as gold and didn't have one single accident, however this week things seem to have changed. He has pee'd twice in a row during the night/in the morning (we have even tried setting our alarm earlier in the morning to let him out and he has still pee'd so he must be doing it in the middle of the night) So then we tried taking his water away 1 hour before bed, which worked as he didnt pee in the night but then the day after he was left for 4 hours and he has pee'd TWICE! He does not have any accidents while we are in, and sometimes we actually have to force him outside to pee because he is just so lazy lying on the sofa he does not want to move he can lay there for hours . & As I say, for the first week he did not pee at all while we were out so he can definitely hold it in. I thought it could be separation anxiety but we have only had him for 2 weeks of which we left him for the exact same time each week so its not as if we have been in constantly apart from weekends. Also, we have a doggy cam and when we check it during the day he is just sleeping, he does not seem to be anxious/waiting for us. Could it just be the dog adjusting after being in kennels? Is there anything we can do to help prevent this? How do you go about teaching him it is wrong as we are not in when he is doing this? Thanks in Advance ps. This is our first rescue dog, I have always had dogs from puppies (and never a grey) so I have no idea how to go about house training an older dog, Any tips will help so much!
  2. Hello - first time posting here! The issue: Our 3 year old greyhound has been having frequent accidents. We have had him for almost a year and did not have many accidents for the first 6 months. He has gradually been having more and more accidents while we are at work. Unfortunately he is home alone for 8 hours a day while we're at work. With the success we had at the beginning, we thought he was getting the hang of it. Our attempt: We will typically come home to an accident, 3-4 days a week. He is usually okay on the weekends when we're home, and we keep him on a similar schedule to be consistent. We are also continuing to treat and praise him when he goes outside. We've even purchased a new washable rug to make sure we can remove the odor, and always use Nature's Miracle to clean up. We are definitely planning to take him to the vet to have him checked out. Question: Does anyone have experience with this? We were putting off the vet because we thought it was that he was smelling the odor. Is there better training we can do? I am starting to feel horrible for leaving him home, but I know a lot of people do it successfully. Any advice is appreciated.
  3. We've been having some potty training issues lately, so we're working on many strategies to hopefully help with that. However, there's one thing I'm hoping people here can weigh in on. When our guy does have his accidents (pee and poop) they are usually happening in one particular room in our house. We have a tri-level house, so this level/room is not 1)where our/his bedroom is 2)where the going outside door is 3)nor is it where he spends his time alone - by his own choice. When we first brought him home it was one of the later rooms we introduced and gave him free reign in, because it is carpeted and most of the others are not. However, now we (and he) spend a lot of time down there in the evenings, and there is even a couch he is allowed to be on down there. I'm assuming the accidents are happening in this room because it seems the least like his "home" but I'm conflicted as to how best deal with that. Do we move his food/water bowls to this room? A sort of "don't sh!t where you eat" strategy? Do we move his main daytime bed to this room? Sort of all but force him to hang out in this room so that it becomes part of what he thinks of as his home? Or do we lock him out of this room unless we are home? We clean up with an enzyme cleaner every time, and he's not a big pee marker, but we also aren't professional carpet cleaners (and I hesitate to pay for one until these issues are resolved). Do we lock him out until we can really clean out the smells of his handy work? Any tips or tricks for untraining this area would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hi GT'ers, Since my last post and all your reassurance, I've stopped worrying so much about my boy when I'm at work. On the camera, I see he sleeps in a few different places and occasionally runs a few zoomies. He's doing greyt! But -- we do have one issue that has cropped up -- he sometimes poops by the door to the yard (not the one I leave from) when I'm at work. I can't see that door on the camera so I don't know the timing but I suspect it's an afternoon thing. I hired a dog walker for my first week back at work (I'm a college prof) and he was super, no potty issues. I'm trying to get him to adjust to all day alone if possible and so went to every other day with walker last week. He was fine on days she came and pooped on the two days she didn't. No pee accidents inside ever. Some notes about his #2s: he's gotten nice and firm now on Kirkland salmon with a little beet pulp added (I'm a horse person so I've got it around). Is the BP making him go more? His by-the-door poops are also firm and one neat pile, so it doesn't seem to me like SA. My last dog with entrenched SA had runs all over the house and/or crate if alone... We're still fighting the hookworm battle though -- can that be messing up his frequency? Here's his normal schedule: 6 - up, PP in yard, then breakfast (2c kibble + scant 1/4c BP; he's 72lbs) 7 - walk, PP 745 - I leave for work 430-445 - home, out to yard for PP 6 - dinner (same as breakfast) 630 - walk or yard to PP 8 - yard or walk to PP (either 630 or 8 is a walk depending on weather, but not both, though he PPs both times regardless) 830 - brush teeth, milk bone, bed So he's normally going 4x with me and the occasional 5th poo in the house when I'm gone... Lots of poo but pretty firm, big improvement from when I first got him last month. He's gated into the first floor of the house and wears a muzzle when I'm out. On weekends he often gets a midday poo because we're on some outdoor adventure or other, so no weekend problems but I realize I'm also messing with his schedule in a potentially-unhelpful way. I know the obvious solution is to hire the dog walker for every day but that's really prohibitively expensive for me as a very long-term solution. I'll figure that out one way or another if there's no other solution but I'm hoping your experience and creativity will spawn a few ideas :-)
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