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Found 34 results

  1. Oh look, another post about poop.... (Sorry.) Our new guy, Mika, has had various levels of soft stools since we adopted him in December. His foster mom said that she never noticed a problem, but she also has 5 other dogs and just turns them out in the yard, so I'm not sure she would have noticed. They've always been yellow and soft - sometimes partially formed, but usually more like a milkshake in consistency. He's always had control over the bowel movements - they're just soft. He did have tapeworms when we got him, so we treated those. Negative for other worms in two tests. His foster mom had him on Purina One Lamb & Rice, so we started with that, and after a few weeks, things had not improved, so I tried transitioning him slowly to our other grey's food - Iams Lamb & Rice (red bag). He basically just had more and more diarrhea on that, so we transitioned to a different protein and tried Nutro's Chicken & Brown rice. We occasionally got slightly better, but it was still very soft and yellow. So I figured I'd try a novel protein and grain free, and we went to Nutro Natural Venison & Potato. He'd been on that about a month and was gradually showing a little improvement, though 2/4 poops a day were still runny and always yellow. He had a dental about 3 weeks ago and was on a course of antibiotics, but that didn't seem to affect things one way or another. Then last Tuesday, he woke us up barking and carrying on in his crate. Got him out just in time, and he had explosive diarrhea in the yard. Poor guy. It went on most of the day, and so I took him to the vet. Stool sample was free of parasites, though a smear showed one organism that may have been a giardia cyst. Certainly not a big infection, though. Vitals were all OK, and we put him on Flagyl and Panacur (just in case). No real improvement last week with continued runny stools, so took him in again Saturday, and they did a blood draw to look at his intestinal & pancreatic functions, and also B12 and Foliate levels. Those results are pending. Saturday night I started him on a bland diet - rice and boiled hamburger. Sunday I added some beef baby food, and today started adding a little cottage cheese. The diarrhea stopped right away! Which makes me wonder if it's been his diet all along. This morning, he has the first brown poop I've ever seen! The vet is recommending Purina's hydrolyzed protein food - supposed to be hypoallergenic. It's CRAZY expensive stuff, though. $62 for a 16lb bag. If we end up having to do that, we can, but yipes! I'd also prefer something that was a little more widely available. Anybody have any suggestions for a food for a sensitive system? Clearly he's doing OK on rice and beef. Anybody tried the new Iams Simple & Natural? Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. Guest


    Hi everyone, my name is Jincxerific, and I have a farting greyhound. I've had Jincx now for almost a year (!) He's had the typical room clearing farts, to a greater or lesser extent, since he came to live here. I started him on Acana Pacifica, which he did not tolerate at all (loose stools), though the gas was not so bad. I switched to Acana Chicken and Burbank Potato, which he did better on, though after several months worth his stools were still not optimal and neither was his coat. IOW, I felt there was room for improvement. Plus he was still gassy. Thinking maybe an excess of chicken was the culprit, I tried TOTW High Prairie Formula next. Well, he did great on it. Beautiful shiny coat, nice poops, good energy etc. Except.......his flatulence was out of control. Since his bed is in the living room, where we spend 90% of our time, it got to be pretty unbearable. I even invested in beeswax candles, hoping they would miraculously de-stinkify the room. Nope. (Those things are expensive, BTW!) After reading through all the food posts here, I bit the bullet and bought Iams in the green bag. Sigh His poops are immense and a little loose. I understand this might improve. However, his coat is already dull and flaky and his energy is low. On the other hand his farts have diminished greatly and when he does let one rip, it's not nearly as awful. He's got a clean bill of health. He just had a dental, no issues there. He doesn't tolerate yogurt or probiotic powders. (immediate diarrhea) I'm sort of at a loss on what to do. I am planning on finishing out the bag of Iams hoping things will even out. I guess I'm looking for different perspectives/ideas from the knowledgeable folks here. Maybe I'm obsessing too much? Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone! Already searched the forums and didn't find anything on this subject, so hopefully no one minds the new topic. Here's my issue: I'm picking up my first grey in a week or so, as soon as she gets spayed, and as far as I know, the adoption kennel does not use a grain-free food. However, I have EXTREMELY severe and sensitive celiac disease, which means if I so much as bring a food with gluten into my home, I'll get sick - I already know this from my cat's food, and no matter if I wash my hands, wear a face mask when opening the food, whatever, I still get sick if the pet food contains gluten. This means that the only possible pet food I can have in my house is grain-free, which means that she's going to have to start eating it as soon as I get her home. I know this isn't going to be good for her, and I care about her health just as much as mine, but I know that if I end up in the emergency room for a half-day because of gluten contamination it's going to affect her settling in a lot more than the inconvenience of bad elimination or gas on her part. So! If anyone has any recommendations on how to ease an abrupt change in food, I'd really appreciate it - I already know pumpkin's supposed to help with constipation, if I remember correctly? And rice to firm up, and I'm going to start off with a food that is at least from the same protein source (chicken, game, fowl, whatever) as the non-grain-free food she's getting at the kennel. I also thought of adding a dollop of organic/hormone-free pro-biotic yoghurt. But, like I said, if anyone has any other recommendations, I'd super appreciate it
  4. Sheldon is my third Greyhound. My first two boys came from New England tracks and were in much better shape when they came to me than my poor Sheldon. He I a wonderful dog but if really pushy in regards to human food. He actually brings counter surfing to a new level. I am concerned that he is going to burn his nose due to the fact that he really would like to be able to pull food out of the pan that is cooking on the stove top. I am afraid to move away from the spot if he is in the kitchen for fear of him actually ending up trying to get what is in the pan and burning himself. He also will pull food off of the table as my husband, two children and myself are eating a meal. So that would be issue #1. Issue #2 is that Sheldon is becoming aggressive/pushy while he is on the couch. My 9 year old son gently bumped into him while sitting down next to Sheldon and my son got growled at. My husband is also starting to have an issue with Sheldon not wanting to come off of the couch at all if he does not see the need to do so. I would like to start correcting these behaviors as quickly as possible so we don't have them turn into very serious problems in the long run. I am at a loss a to what to do with Sheldon in these aspects. My first two Greyhound boys were slugs. Dashiel would counter surf but would be much more sneaky about it definitely not as pushy or a brazen as Sheldon. Gates really did not care. I could use some advice on how to handle Sheldon's behaviors.
  5. Our 9-year-old boy, Gus (Gustafson) has recently started gassing up our house...and it's b-a-d. He was on Science Diet Active Longevity, and had occasional gas that was tolerable. When it started to become worse, we began adding plain yogurt to his meals in the morning and evening, about three tablespoonfuls. When that didn't help, we switched him to Science Diet Lamb & Rice (still with yogurt). He's been on the new food for a couple weeks, but it doesn't seem to be helping. I should also add that all throughout this adventure, his poop has been consistently firm-ish, like mashed potatoes and holds its shape. We'd really like to not resort to an expensive prescription diet, so any recommendations are appreciated. Also, I should add that we're new greyhound owners. We brought Gus home at the end of April 2012 after he had been returned again by an unprepared family. He's our first greyhound, but most definitely not our last.
  6. I have had my wonderful 4 year old boy for almost 6 weeks. I switched him from Blue Buffalo Wilderness to Natural Balance lamb & rice because it's a little cheaper ... but now it seems like his poops are even worse than they were on the Blue Buffalo. Some are normal, but more diarrhea. Maybe half and half. I've tried giving him some brown rice with his food which doesn't help consistently. My question is - should I just try another food, or does he need to be seen by a vet? He doesn't seem sick but surely it's not normal?
  7. Upon returning from the gym, I discovered Jack had located and eaten my jar of home-made body scrub (it's all-natural, fruit-based, and nothing in it is harmful to greyhounds). The reason that I'm not sure whether or not I'm proud of my little raider instead of upset is this: Locating the jar was no small thing. It involved him climbing up on the rim of my tub (leaving behind an incriminating pawprint in the soap dish!), nabbing the sealed jar, and returning to his corner, which he knows is the place where he is supposed to eat his (authorised) snacks. Now here's the impressive bit-- it was a sealed glass jam jar, and Jack unscrewed the lid. At first I thought maybe I'd forgotten to put the lid on earlier but nope, I found the toothmark evidence. Here's the culprit himself, chilling shame-free on the bed.
  8. Hello Everyone! I'm looking for a BPA free storage bin for Poe's food. Anyone have a recommendation? I'm cool with metal or BPA free plastic. Needs to be 20 pounds or bigger. Thank you!!
  9. We've had Rocky for about 5 months, and when we first got him his foster told us that he would do fine on Purina or Pedigree. We started noticing that he had nasty diarrhea with Purina so after about 3 weeks, we tried Pedigree for about 3 or 4 weeks and saw no difference. So after about 2 months of this we sucked it up and started buying a more expensive and more natural dog food (Nature's Recipe) because my father in law switched his dogs over to it and saw a really good change in allergies, poop, energy, ect. The Nature's Recipe variety we are buying is about $45 and would like to keep it around that range. While on this dog food he has normal poop like 30-40% of the time and then the rest is all diarrhea. So we've kept him on this for the past 3 months mainly because we've been confused on what to do, and we were afraid that we were switching dog foods too much and wanted to make sure that wasn't the cause either. Anyone else have this problem with their pup when they first got them? Anyone have suggestions on what I should do to see if maybe its more than just the food? (We did go see the vet about his SA, and during that time she did a physical exam and said he was healthy). Any suggestions on moderately priced food that might make a difference? Any input or suggestions are appreciated!
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