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Found 10 results

  1. I adopted my greyhound, Alexa, almost 3 weeks ago now and her weight has been on my mind as I think she has lost weight since getting her. I don't know what she weighs and have no way of finding out because of lockdown. Information online is quite conflicting so I'm looking to get a second opinion from a few greyhound owners. She is 3 years old.
  2. Hi all! I adopted my 3 year old girl Jill 2 weeks ago, she was 7 months off the race track and 26.7kg when she came home with me. She's been settling in amazingly, no stress and picking up commands (no luck with learning her name, though). She's also fully up to date with worming and vaccinations etc. I was wondering if I'm feeding her a good enough diet so that she can put on a bit of weight since all her ribs, hips, and backbone are very prominent at the moment. In the morning when I wake up at 8:30am I give her about 1/2 cup of kibble and a chicken neck. In the afternoon, around 3pm, she gets 1/2 cup raw beef mince, a chicken neck, a few pieces of tripe, and 1tbsp olive oil. Before bed at about 9:30pm she gets a chicken neck, about 1/4 kibble, mixed with some canned beef+pasta wet food. In between she gets treats for training and occasionally a chicken heart or a marrow bone to chew on. I fear that I may be overfeeding her (I'm a first time grey owner!). Thanks in advance!
  3. My 11 year old girl raced at 51 pounds until she retired at age 2 1/2. Since then, she's been as "heavy" as 53 and as low as 42. Lately, she's about 47 lbs. My vet is not thrilled about this. She eats well (about half raw, half cooked), and is on twice daily .4mg of thyroid (yes, I know, she probably doesn't need it, but that has been addressed with my vet). She doesn't have as much of her racing muscle mass of course and is really not thinner than many I've seen. She's as active as any other grey zzzzzz. I'm giving her 1600 calories a day. Any thoughts out there? Thx!
  4. Just adopted a 7 year old greyhound from NGAP in Philadelphia. She has done beautifully over the past 4+ weeks. Prior to getting her, she was spayed and had 3 teeth removed. My wife and I have noticed that she is getting thinner, although she is very healthy. Loves to play with her toy, going outside and meeting people. She has a great appetite and we have been feeding her Purina Smartblend Chicken. Her stools are formed but loose and goes 3 times per day. We just started adding Alewa carrots to her food. I know that she is still adjusting to her new life and had the above surgeries but we are concerned about her weight and soft stools. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!
  5. Hi all, I feed the pup (raced at 71 lbs and now hovers around 72-74lbs) 3 times daily, 1 cup per feeding + a Kong once daily packed with 1/3 cup kibble and a bed time snack of 1/3 cup kibble. Stanley approaches every meal as his last and his internal clock is spot on for every meal. I take him out at 11pm and administer the bed time snack right after.....he is up at 5am crying to be fed. Sometimes earlier. Here is my dillema.... I don't want to feed him too much but I'm wondering if the only way to get him to sleep later than 5am and to have his finger generally satiated is to feed more. The problem with that theory is that after I feed him at 5am, he will lay on his couch roaching for literally 7+ hours without a peep. This leads me to believe that he just knows he gets fed when we wake up and has learned to anticipate his morning meal to the point of anxiety, which causes whining until he gets fed. I'm at a loss, but certainly want him to A. Not be starved and B. I'd prefer to sleep past 5am once in a while. Has anyone experienced this?
  6. Claymore is happy, healthy, and on two even cups of grain free duck kibble a day (1 cup am and 1 cup pm). The rescue sent me home with directions to feed him SIX cups a day, and I soon trimmed that down and he's eating and happy and energetic. However, I know that we want to keep them as trim as possible for the sake of their pointy frames. His racing weight is stated at 71 lbs, and when I got him he was 79 (probably the 6 cups a day???). We go on regular brisk walks and like I mentioned he's now on 2 cups daily, and he looks fabulous and pointy as ever... but I can't seem to get him down below 76-77lbs. No matter how much activity we do he's always around that weight. I read somewhere that about 5 or so lbs over racing weight is ok as pet weight, but I'd like to get your opinions - here's a pic I just snapped. To me he looks trim, you can see his little backbone bumps, and you can see his side muscles (his muscles stick out more than his ribs). Do you think he's lookin' good? (Sorry for the bad quality-cell phone and post-walk panting)
  7. It just dawned on me how much high protein no grain dog food I'm feeding these two grey's...two cups in the morning and two for supper (each) and then our activity is lower than when we can go to the dog park for a nice run when it's not sub-zero...and these guy look GREYT! If our Golden Retriever would have eaten 4 cups a day of this high protein food he would have weighed 100 lbs...we kept him in shape and loved it when he was the same as these two grey's...70 lbs. Do Greyhounds get fat? I'm new to these guys and it dawned on me....I've never seen a fat greyhound....EVER!
  8. I've noticed many of you supplement with Fresh Factors and I was wondering if any of your greys experienced weight gain from the product. I know that bee pollen can contribute to weight gain and is one of the ingredients. Also after visiting Springtime's web site, looking at the testimonial pictures, most of the dogs look to be very overweight. I'm guessing this has not been an issue since most of you have experienced great results. I am considering trying it with my boy but I am very happy with his weight and was curious if any of you needed to adjust food amounts due to Fresh Factors. Thanks!
  9. Help please! I have been feeding only raw food to my Riley since August 20 and he is doing fantastic with it!! When I brought him home last September he weighed 73 pounds, which was his racing weight, but now he is up to 81 pounds. Is that too much of a gain for him? Should I try to get him back around 73-75 pounds? He had a lot of problems with food sensitivities and never showed much excitement for his food. Since he has been on raw his health is much better, he is more active, and he seems to feel much better. He also LOVES his food now! He eats each meal in minutes and always acts like he is still hungry. He will go back to his bowl a few times to lick and sniff it. I have been using a raw food calculator to figure out how much to feed him. It showed 24 ounces a day to get him to around 75 pounds, so I have been giving him 24-28 ounces a day. Is that enough or should I feed him more? Does he look like he is at a good weight? I don't want him to be overweight but I don't want him to be hungry all the time either. Thank you!! Michelle
  10. Hi all. I'm new to the greyhound world and wondering about my dog's weight. He's a big boy. Was 80 pounds at race weight and has put on 7 pounds in the 3 months we have had him. The rescue org said to feed him 4 cups of food a day, but I am wondering if that's too much? He usually gets a few small treats during the day and one milk bone when I leave the house in the morning. No people food. My vet said he looked fine, but "Daniel" is a bit food obsessed and I am concerned with how quickly he seems to have gained. Advice? Is he gaining more because it's summer and he is much less active now? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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