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Found 5 results

  1. Long time reader, but this is my first post. Grateful to have such a robust and knowledgeable Greyhound community to follow and learn from. GT has helped us through many questions. Such as cuts, scrapes, our recent dental - and will he ever stop staring at my food plate (um noooooooo!) Raj has been with me for 6 years (hes almost 8 & on the big side of greys) and is my first retired racer. Ive spent the last 6 years falling in LOVE with Raj and the breed. Hes such a sweet angel and such a good boy. Just maybe a teencey bit spoiled. ;-) Once I figure out how to post pics, Ill add some of him of course!
  2. Guest

    Hi Greytalk!

    Hello GreyTalk! Its great to be here! Our family has had Sage for over a year now. He just turned 3 last week and its been fun getting to learn more about his past and be connected to this community. Thanks and see you around! Here are some pictures of Sage:
  3. Hello fellow members, I have found this forum very comforting for me after loosing both of our two girls this year; one in February and one in July. We are looking to adopt another at some point when ready but wanted to share our family with the rest of you all. We have fostered several dogs, owned several more. Not all ex racers but the Italian greyhounds as well. I will be posting some pics when I get some more uploaded. I just wanted to say hi and hope to join in the talk. Thanks!
  4. Well life does seem to fly by doesn't it? Hello to all my old friends. I just referred a new adopter to this forum and had to search for the link . I will try to come in more often.
  5. Greetings from Southern Nevada! I've been lurking on the site for a while now in preparation for adopting a grey, and I figured I'd sign up and say a huge THANK YOU to all who contribute on this board, especially those with plenty of experience with retired racing greys. I had so many questions and had stumbled upon this site and have learned a lot. My significant other and I have been wanting to rescue for a years now. The new guy will be our first dog "together" and my first dog as a "grown-up." The past two weeks have been a little hectic because, of course, I'm frantically attempting to be as prepared as possible. Between ordering dog food to beds to toothpaste to reading books, it feels like I've been preparing for forever when in reality...it is all happening so fast! The placement rep of our adoption agency contacted my boyfriend last night and informed us our application was approved by the board. Just a day earlier she and another member of the rescue group did a home check, brought over our potential greyhound, and talked to us for well over an hour. Anyways, I had been a nervous, anxious wreck all day, and now the excitement is starting to hit and I can't even sleep. I'll be thinking about "my" grey all day at work up until we go pick him up later. Okay, done rambling, sorry. Again, hello...and I welcome any and all advice on these wonderful dogs. Thanks again!
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