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Found 12 results

  1. 2011 was a very active year for us. Particularly the last 6 months. My DH retired after working for the local City government for 32 years. He also lost his mother after a mercifully quick descent into dementia. Our heart greyhound Dude was diagnosed with osteo in January of that year and underwent an amp and chemo. We lost him in October, a week after we lost another of our greyhounds to PLE. But by the first of November, we were already understanding our house was too quiet after losing two of our pack. And we needed something positive to focus on and help us through our grief. I began haunting local adoption group sites, and the sites of people we knew from GT, including Northern Greyhound Adoptions. It was there that I found this boy: whiskey 3 by Chris Harper, on Flickr KTs Phys Ed had been with the group for quite a while, and he was the half brother to our Dude. I was smitten. DH was more smitten. And we began to figure out how to get a full grown dog from Vermont to Oregon in November. Through the help of wonderful friends Donna (chilidog) and Deb (djsgreys), we got it worked out! Kts Phys Ed, named Whiskey, was coming home! Then a couple weeks later, Deb sent me an email. There was a picture and one word: Interested? IMG_0311 by Chris Harper, on Flickr The follow up emails went fast and furious, and in the space of a day, we were also getting a puppy! The little girl in the upper right, who we named Lilly. OMG!! The scheme that we worked out was intricate and relied on split second timing! Whiskey would spend the night at Donna's place, where Deb would pick him up the next day. Then the two of them would fly to Vancouver BC. In the meantime, Deb's husband John would pick up Lilly, and fly with her to Vancouver BC. (It must be noted that Deb and John were also moving dogs from their own adoption group to BC, so it wasn't just for US!) Then Deb and John would bring Whiskey and Lilly over the border to meet me in Blaine, Washington, where Jennie (jenners) lives. Jennie had graciously said I could invite myself to stay at her house for this! The day finally came and I loaded up the car and drove the 7 hours from Portland to the border of Oh!Canada. I arrived just in time for Jennie to say "They're here!", jump in her car, and head to the Peace Arch Border Crossing. Jennie and I parked, and began to walk towards the border. *I* couldn't go across because my passport had expired, so Deb and John were crossing to meet us. Literally. They just walked across the border with two dogs and no one stopped them! The entire time we weree exchanging dogs and talking pictures we expected the border patrol to show up and ask us what was going on, or at least check for papers for the dogs, or SOMEthing!!! But they never did! We will never be able to thank Donna and Deb and John and Jennie enough for helping out with this caper! Here's Jennie! With Deb and John in the background, along with the border crossing. Peace Arch by Chris Harper, on Flickr Meeting Lilly for the first time! Peace Arch 4 by Chris Harper, on Flickr Me, Jennie, Deb, Whiskey, and Lilly Peace Arch 10 by Chris Harper, on Flickr Whiskey and Lilly hadn't seen each other before that meeting, but they bonded together rather quickly. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing with them, and taking them outside. Jennie gallantly volunteered to stay up and monitor them all night so that I could get enough sleep for the long drive back to Portland the next day. I think the three of them had way too much fun whilst I was sleeping! Whiskey and Miss Jenn 3 by Chris Harper, on Flickr Lilly 7 by Chris Harper, on Flickr L&W with Miss Jenn 1 by Chris Harper, on Flickr Lilly 3 by Chris Harper, on Flickr L&W 1 by Chris Harper, on Flickr We had an uneventful drive home, Trip Home Lilly by Chris Harper, on Flickr Trip Home Whiskey by Chris Harper, on Flickr and met the greyhound brother and sisters and new Daddyman! And we all live happily ever after!
  2. Don't even think about it, would-be burglars! (She might lean on you to death.) Mom gets busted. And another couple just because she's cute, and it's her fourth gotcha day today!
  3. I forget how to put up pictures here! If this doesn't work i will be back! We adore this pup! XO He is doing Greyt a year after heart surgery :-)
  4. I forget how to put up pictures here! If this doesn't work i will be back! We adore this pup! XO He is doing Greyt a year after heart surgery :-)
  5. So today mark the 1 year anniversary of meeting Jack! It was a cold December day, we got a call the week before that the houndies had arrived and that they would be available soon. As soon as we could, we drove the 4 hours that separated us from our new houndie! We already had our favorite, my husband liked a cow-doggie brindle while I liked the cow-doggie. As soon as we got to the kennel, they let the cow-doggie out and he immediately leaned on me. My husband was the next. Then he proceeded to zoomies and a poop. He had chosen us Of course we didn't know yet if HE was the one for us, so we decided to put him back in his crate and look at other houndies. Boy that was an error! He barked barked barked and howled until we let him out again! That poor thing just didn't want to pass on his chance to get home with us! Because he wanted us so much, we decided to let him out of the crate, where he proceeded to some more leans. And we adopted him. His racing name was Check my Spots, his name was Cap'n Jack. Perfect! I had always wanted an animal named Jack! We were expecting to only CHOOSE our hound, but Jack was already neutered, so we could leave with him already. Boy weren't we ready! We only had one dog bed and a crate! (Who has only one dog bed really?) The heater of the car broke down so we drove the 4 hours back home with only blankets and our warm hearts! And thus started our journey into greyhound ownership. Little did we know that we had step right into a cult In one year so much has happened! We got through his SA, he learned many many tricks, he got us wrapped around his paw, whether it is to go for a walk or have a cookie. He is the sweetest, funniest, quirkiest and most patient friend. He is always there, always following me around like a little shadow. I would not exchange this fellow for the world! It was tough at first, not really knowing what we were getting into, but I am glad we went through this together and would do it again He likes to follow us in all our activities and will NEVER rest somewhere hard, thus he has gotten the habit of taking me as a nice sitting spot when a bed isn't available! Also since his birthday is on the 29th, I figure I might as well celebrate it at the same time! He will be turning 4, but he is so well-mannered, you would think he was turning 7! See how much white around his face he got in only 1 year? 1 year ago Today Happy gotcha day and happy birthday to my best friend! You will have broccolili on your kibble today! (his favorite treat!)
  6. Today is one year that we have had Padfoot! We had to stay late at work so he didn't get a special treat but this weekend he will have something nice. He did get a new split antler yesterday so that's something. It's been a fun year and I wanted to post some pictures on here to commemorate. I can't believe it's only been a year that we've had him...it feels like he has been with our family forever! From the first day... to the first hike/camping trip (5 days later)... to the first Christmas season... first cross-country car trip (22 hours)... dealing with coats & snow... having fun with the lure pole... playing with toys... and having to put up with a new brother... Padfoot has been such a great addition to our family and we couldn't imagine life without him. We are so lucky to have the chance to share our lives with him
  7. Hi ebberybody. Mai REAL gotcha day was yesterday but mai hoomans were sick an doing lots of 'paperwork' (which is anudder way to say not petting me!) an forgetted to post. So dis is mai story. I wuz born in Ireland an trained to race an I wuz a good sprinter but den I got bought by sumwun who made me run mid-distance an I wasn't so good at dat. So I got 'retired' an sent to Scotland with a mean man who treated me bad. When he bringed me to the nice people at the greyhound rescue I was very skinny an didn't have much fur an I was scared of everything. DEN...I saw a special hooman! I was so excited the rescue people said my Favourite Hooman could take me home rightawayquick. Even though the world was super scary I knowed my hooman would keep me safe. Slowly I learned that most hoomans are nice an dere is no reason to be scared. Last year mai hooman saw I was not getting enough cuddles, so dey picked out a second hooman to come take care of me. She definitely taked good care of me, so she and my Favourite Hooman getted 'engaged' which means we all live together in a new home. An just to make sure I gets enough cuddles my hooman helped me become a Therapy Dog so I can make new friends with people in hospitals. I think this is a good life, even if sometimes my hoomans eat curry and don't share.
  8. Guest

    Yopon Alan Wag

    November 21, 2000 was a very special day. I adopted Alan - he got his forever home. It's been 4 1/2 yrs since he left us but I couldn't help but post here on GT a little remembrance of him. He is always in my heart and soul. I miss him so. Happy Gotcha Day my boy. One sweet day...
  9. This is a couple days early but I will be busy the next few days and didn't want to miss her May 20th Gotcha Day!!! Many of you remember Rita, she is a sweet little shy girl who was returned for "liking a cat" a little too much. I saw the post here on GT saying that she was looking for a home......that post was only a few days after I lost Toby. Rita's story also included a broken hock, which she had repair surgery for and was well on her way to being fully healed. I had myself just had surgery a month prior and had hardware installed in my neck. I felt a connection to this little girl before even meeting her. I contacted Roxy and the adoption was in motion..... Our first year has been wonderful, uneventful until 3 weeks ago when she decided that a stuffed monster should be swallowed whole and she had surgery to clear the blockage....but she is recovered well from that We have attended many functions, Mountain Hounds, Beach Bound Hounds and many others!! Rita has come out of her shell in the last 12 months and now has no problems walking up the sidewalk around people....recently I found out that she is weary of the local baseball team mascot, but then again I am too!!! lol. Rita has a nickname given to her by my daughter Bella, ReeRee! And that is pretty much all she is called anymore Adopting Rita was the best thing for both of our lives! I love this little spotted party girl soooo much!!! And as many of you already know, we are waiting on the retirement of her brother Chucky, who will become the newest member of our family very soon This is Rita on the day we got her Miss Rita at Mountain Hounds 2012 Rita at Beach Bound Hounds 2012 with her skin sister Bella Rita was afraid of Bella when she first came....now they are buddies <3 I take my dogs everywhere with me, here is Rita on vacation in the NC mountains with me, at the Banner Elk, NC dog park I love my cuddle bug!!! This is how she is looking at me nearly every morning who wouldn't melt with those eyes looking at you!!!
  10. Lehto's birthday post made me think of this! One year ago today Lucas started his journey to his new life. After spending 10 months at the FBM shelter in Spain he was loaded up into a van with a number of other Galgos and began his journey to Holland. He was met there by Donna whom we had asked to look after him until we arrived in Holland for a holiday a few days later. Donna brought Lucas to a kennel- well really heaven on earth for any dog! Would you not love this? We visited him there the day after we arrived in Holland to get to know him and then the day before we returned home we went to pick him up and brought him to our hotel. He was a bit confused to say the least! After a long flight we arrived at the airport where Lucas did the biggest poop to ever come out of a dog At least he held it up! At home he got to know his new brothers and sister and well, he loves them, especially Ambi. He is a real little character. Happy almost Gotcha Day Lucas! Mama, Daddiman, Tosca, Diego, Master, Ambi and Marco
  11. If you spend much time in H&M, you might know my Kebo. This month is a big month for our sweet boy. February 4 is his 7th gotcha day - hip hip hooray! He has moved with us three times, been through two cancers (fibrosarcoma and hemangioperiocytoma), and has added one brother (Lucas) since then. February 5 he gets bloodwork and chest x-rays in preparation for his upcoming dental. Prayers for good values and no mets please. February 11 is his 11th birthday! Yes, there will be cake February 20 he has a trip to the veterinary dentist to have his lower canines removed. We will miss his "tusks" but they hurt and he isn't eating well so it is time for them to go. I'm worried about anesthesia this time because the last time he had anesthesia he had some bradycardia (slow heart beat) which he hasn't had before. It is an experienced dentist who is familiar with greyhounds but I worry just the same. So many of you have kept him in your prayers before that I hate to ask again but if you can spare a good word or some white light it would be gratefully appreciated.
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